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Ranking the Top 10 Best A$AP Rocky Guest Verses of All Time

As one of the best rappers to emerge from the 2010s , A$AP Rocky might be one of the most underrated MCs when it comes to his technical talents and ability to switch up the flows.

Now I know it might be crazy to say one of the most popular rappers in the game and someone who is dating Rihanna to be underrated, but I feel like Rocky gets more credit for his non-music ventures, than his impressive talents on the mic. Out of all the rappers in his generation, Rocky arguably has the smoothest and most effortless flow. He’s a Harlem dude, cut from the cloth of Cam’ron.

Just take a look at his best features over the past decade to see what I’m talking about. From Playboi Carti “New Choppa” to Chief Keef’s “Superheroes” and Schoolboy Q’s “Hands on the Wheel,” here are the top 10 best A$AP Rocky guest verses of all time.

10. 2 Chainz ft. A$AP Rocky & Rick Ross – “Crib in My Closet”

Top 10 Best Asap Rocky Guest Verses Of All Time 2 Chainz

Released: May 5, 2014

Album: FreeBase

Producer: Southside, TM88 & Metro Boomin

Since rappin' turn to fashion, I don't know what happen
Or mishappens, matching turned to swagging
He exposed the world to trappin'
Picture posin' tactics
Hold this that click click, finna' blow this backwards
Money, hoes and fabrics
Scrolling past like ''fuck yo photo caption''
If ye ain't got it then you bragging, that's automatic
I see no need for me to Tweet, these bitches know my status
I'm the shit, all designer shit, got all kinds of shit
Got Prada around from 1999 and shit, bet you won't find the shit
I’m on my Anna shit, that’s Wintour
It’s dressed like it’s Met Ball
I’m in Vogue, this winter, the runway, no in store
Got a crib in my closet, Spanish chick in my casa
So much space in my closet, fit your crib in my closet

9. Justin Timberlake ft. J. Cole, Pusha T & A$AP Rocky – “TKO (Black Friday Remix)”

Top 10 Best Asap Rocky Guest Verses Of All Time Tko

Released: December 16, 2013

Album: N/A

Producer: Timbaland

All hail Pretty Flacko, bitch, celebrate it
Had the game on lock, streets serenaded
Now you lame mothafuckas lookin' devastated
Bet you niggas wish you never hated, that's the devil ain't it
Fuck that shit, he rich, fuck that shit, he this, fuck that shit, he that
He black, he don't like blacks, fuck that shit, he wack
Fuck that shit he raps, fuck that shit he spits, fuck that bitch
Fuck that bitch he with, finished talking shit? Get up off my dick
The nonsense is synonymous with comments from the blogs about
Menages with the gossips and the bosses, fuck surprises
I'm monogamous and not to mention, in my closet
Is a model chick, grimey gothic fits, trapped inside of it
Besides it I'd deny the shit shit, y'all should stop the shit
I'm the shit, not just kinda sick, the doc prescribed my shit
Cock it, click-click, opposite, stop and droppin' shit
'fore poppin' shit, from popular to poppin' picks to poppin' tits
She pop her pussy, pop a Xanny, popular for compliments
Make it rain, she pop that shit, it boosts her confidence
Was supposed to stop this shit but spit like I forgot some shit
Forgot the topic, I hope God forgive you, peep my common sense

8. Nas ft. A$AP Rocky & DJ Premier – “Wave Gods”

Nas Magic

Released: December 24, 2021

Album: Magic

Producer: Hit-Boy

Wake up out the bed scruffy, sparkin' my J
Shine my nickel-plated then I'm startin' my day
My old lady call me baby, told her, "Pardon my age"
Twelve shells in the gauge like a carton of eggs
We goin' home like Eric Cartman, chromosomes on my conscience
Hear some niggas talkin' nonsense, call up Nasty Nastradamus
Rock the pearls and diamonds, break the promise, break her wallets
Break her heart and break her pockets, takin' notes like guidance counselors
Aristocrat like a chancellor, the answer to the, uh, panhandlers
The corners with the mans is up, the jig is up, the scams is up
Yeah, they hands is up, lookin' in the crowd, yeah
Tryna fuck the world, but my pants still up
Tryna invest, to all my Gs, before we rest in peace
'Cause we sure to rest in peace
The rest is set, the record set as soon as I release
The room is streets, I roam the streets with no security
They know a nigga overseas (Uh)
Kind of swag that's passed from your mom and dad
Prada bags and we cheesin' on them Calvin ads (Yeah, yeah)
Might've peeped the billboards fifty feet when out in traffic
Starin' at them naked pictures, shit, you bound to crash it

7. Tyler, the Creator ft. A$AP Rocky – “Who Dat Boy”

Top 10 Best Asap Rocky Guest Verses Of All Time Who Dat

Released: June 29, 2017

Album: Flower Boy

Producer: Tyler, the Creator

Who dem is? Nigga, who dem is?
Who else step in this bitch this jig?
Who else your bitch say got a bick this big?
Who else came through with a wrist this flick?
Nigga, Guess my pants, do my dance
Spin around, bitch, you could kiss my ass
Never seen a nigga in this much Raf
Still doin' math when I miss my class
Was it Summertime '06, had the Number (N)ine
Nigga, never mind, was another time before Vince
Had the Gucci gold tips with the letterman
Nigga, dollar sign was my favorite number at the time
Fresh freshmen 'til they skipped my ass
Senior citizen, don't forget my pass
Been that nigga and you knew that there
Make the dick disappear, how she do that there?

6. Playboi Carti ft. A$AP Rocky – “New Choppa”

Ranking Playboi Carti First Week Album Sales

Released: April 14, 2017

Album: Playboi Carti

Producer: Ricci Riera

I roll up an L in the lobby
My partner's got wops and it's probably a Glock or a Tommy
From H to the E double hockey sticks
Keep a choppa, chop you if you try me, bitch
Let's see who next on my homi' list
Carti like, "Rocky, you bodied this"
That's my prerogative
Shit on them, that's on my potty list
Accused of being bougie by a snobby bitch
Cops want to ID us
Hope they as fast as my Adidas
She say I'm special, that's obvious
Rich 'cause my ideas
Run up the racks
"For the most part I rap," when they ask what my hobby is
Run it up, not one of them
Rich as fuck, I'm a hundred up
Swipe, swipe, like I'm on a bus
It's A$AP and I ain't one to rush

5. A$AP Mob ft. A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, A$AP NA$t & A$AP Twelvyy – “Hella Hoes”

Top 10 Best Asap Rocky Guest Verses Of All Time Hella

Released: June 6, 2014

Album: Hoodfellas

Producer: Nyrell

Uh, pretty mothafucka, pull up in this bitch like
Uh, jiggy mothafucka, hella hoes on my dick like
Uh, really with the shit, if a nigga trip, loadin' up the clip
Never slip, tight, never sleep, finna let it rip in this bitch like
Pistols poppin', pussies droppin'
Niggas coppin', bottles poppin'
Roxies choppin', Oxycontin, word to A$AP Lotto
Live down Collins mobbin' slow
Syrup got me throwed, mouth is full of gold
If I overdose, just let 'em know
Alright, I got hella hoes

4. A$AP Ferg ft. A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Trinidad James & Schoolboy Q – “Work (Remix)”

Top 15 Best Schoolboy Q Guest Verses Of All Time Asap Ferg

Released: May 13, 2013

Album: Trap Lord

Producer: Chinza//Fly

A lot of homies cried, due to crimes, homicide
Drivin' by, poppin' nines, Pakistan, Columbine
Outta line, pistols barkin' (argh argh), ride or die
Write a script, design a line, all I see is dollar signs
You want that pretty Flacko? Ratchets, designer jackets
The same niggas who jack it
Be the first who claim we faggots
My bitch is a movie actress
Side bitch won a beauty pageant
Got a chick that worked at Magic
But I'm so damn fine make a bitch look average
See, my daddy in Heaven, right next to Ferg's
You know what's up I'm throwin' bucks
Loaded Lux; put in work

3. Chief Keef ft. A$AP Rocky – “Superheroes”

Top 10 Best Asap Rocky Guest Verses Of All Time Chief Keef

Released: August 3, 2015

Album: Bang 3

Producer: Slam

Flacko order quarter coke straight from Sosa man
That's that soda, eyes the color of Coca-Cola cans
Green like Cloverland, everyday I'm blowin' grams
Everything is purple, guess I am the Joker then
Life's a game of poker, tell that nigga "show your hand"
I'm pullin' cards, I think it's time you niggas fold again
Told you soldiers with the scope I show attack
Told you, blow you, John Doe you then
Now nobody know the man, damn
From rippin' the Benz
Flippin' the rims, flippin' a fifth to a gram
Now I get in advance, I'm rich again
Switchin' more bitches in France
We ain't rapin' hoes, but we we out here cookie stealin'
You Captain Save-A-Hoe, nigga I'm the pussy villain
Spiderman, Peter Parker, I'm like Peter Pan
Treat my ops like Cyclops if I see the man
Wolverine in skinny jeans, diamonds Billy Jean
They tap dance, the Batman is a black man

2. Schoolboy Q ft. A$AP Rocky – “Hands on the Wheel”

Top 10 Best Asap Rocky Guest Verses Of All Time Schoolboy Q

Released: January 14, 2012

Album: Habits & Contradictions

Producer: Best Kept Secret

Wait hold up, back in this mothafuckin' bitch once again
It's the pretty mothafucka with a 40 ounce of brew
My nigga Q and we drunker than a bitch
We getting millis mothafucka, yeah, uh
Nigga, weed and brews, unbelievable
Got a freak or two, in my vehicle
Got the purple drink, got the yellow drink
Then we mix it up, call it Pikachu
With a little bit of crack, little bit of dope
Little bit of smoke, little coke, little weed, when they on them (pills)
Little bit of E, little bit of shrooms
Little bit of deuce, what it do, hands on the (wheels)
And I keep the illest, trillest bitches while I'm swagging it
(Crush a bit, little bit) that's my pursuit of happiness

1. A$AP Ferg ft. A$AP Rocky – “Shabba”

Top 10 Best Asap Rocky Guest Verses Of All Time Shabba

Released: July 16, 2013

Album: Trap Lord

Producer: Snugsworth

Skinny nigga but my dick long (Pause!)
Stank puss make my dick soft
Probably bumping R. Kelly sipping Cristal
So you know the whole world getting pissed on
I don't really give a fuck if you pissed off
I just bought a Mac-11 from the thrift store
Traded for my gold chain and my pistol
Shoot a rocket make a mothafucka lift off
(Let's go)
Flacko be mobbing all day
With niggas that's chopping that yay
They chopping them choppas they handle my problems
Cause niggas be plotting these days
But the 'Rari kinda fast though, she told me pump my brakes
You stuck with a fat ho, and she wanna stuff her face
To all of my Dominican girls dem, all of my Caribbean girls dem
All my West Indian girls dem, I done fucked a million girls, damn
With a little ting a ling ling school bell a ring
Hit her with my ding-a-ling-a-ling, maybe run a train
And tell her that my niggas wanna bang and a little brain
And she wanna hang with the gang with a nigga named (Shabba!)
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