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Ranking the Top 10 Best Conway the Machine Guest Verses of All Time

There isn’t a rapper alive in the game right now who’s been putting in more work on crafting immaculate bars and weaving in vivid stories in their raps than Conway the Machine.

There’s no surprise really to find him in the top 10 of our list for the 50 best rappers in the game right now . Ever since the mid-2010s when Westside Gunn formed Griselda Records and the half-brothers began releasing music, putting on for their hometown of Buffalo, Conway has slowly but surely emerged as the most sincere MC in the game, never afraid of wearing his heart on sleeve or showing his true emotions in his raps.

In between his growing catalogue of solo albums and mixtapes, the underground rapper has also been jumping on features with other MCs, and for the most part bodying them on their own tracks. We’re going to take a look at his best ones.

From his feature on DMX’s “Hood Blues” to his unforgettable performance on “The Cow” with Westside, here are the top 10 best Conway the Machine guest verses of all time.

10. Benny The Butcher ft. Conway the Machine – “Tyson vs. Ali”

Tana Talk 4 Benny

Released: March 11, 2022

Album: Tana Talk 4

Producer: Daringer

Ayo, Benny, I remember what we used to do to the fiends (Remember that?)
That's why it feel so good to see you doin' your thing (I see you)
Don't get distracted by the noise, don't let it ruin your thing (Fuck them niggas)
They tried to pick you off, but that's really a movin' screen (Hold up, listen)
Uh, you and your team gon' see like two or three rings (Ah)
Win that MVP trophy, that's such a beautiful thing (Yeah)
My bitch don't do the Gucci bag, she usually do the Celine
Sold pills in the trenches, that's pharmaceutical cream, ah (Talk to 'em)
Yeah, now those deals worth a mil' or more
The DeLeon spill and pour (Uh-huh), I got this rap shit in a figure four
You figure for niggas
Westside, Daringer, me, and Benny, y'all lookin' at the illest four
Niggas that y'all seen in ten years or more (Woo)
I mean, you lookin' at the team with the winnin' score (Ah)
Fuck them niggas, kill 'em all
We was in the kitchen whippin' soft
A nigga life changed though when he got that brick of fentanyl (Talk your shit, king)
Yeah, it's been like five years of excellence
But it's like they don't respect this shit (They don't respect it)
Had Angie Martinez like, "Who the heck is this?"
With no album out, gave Mary J. a hundred thousand dollar necklace, so effortless (Hahaha)
I'm buyin' drip, the tailor takin' my measurements
Michelin star brunch, Machine been settin' precedents (I'm eatin' good, man)
Russian Cream, La Maquina, Butcher Breath in it (Uh-huh)
Tell B Dot I said, "F his list", Machine, nigga

9. Freddie Gibbs ft. Conway the Machine – “Babies & Fools”

Best Hip Hop Album Every Year Since 1986 Alfredo

Released: May 29, 2020

Album: Alfredo

Producer: The Alchemist

Look, my first love was writin' verses and rappin' bars (Yeah)
My second love was sittin' on bandos and trappin' hard (Huh?)
Hospital bed, bullet in my neck and a fractured jaw
Call it crazy, but I always knew I'd bounce back this hard (I always knew)
Who got the matte black MAC? That's to match the car (Uh-huh)
I got that 'cause I been clapped before
Uh, I'm on tour, I'm on the road just hustlin' and shit
My baby mama cut me off, she had enough of my shit (She sick of my shit)
I'll Cashapp stacks every now and then, like that's enough
She like, "At least FaceTime, your babies don't see your ass enough" (You right)
Plus my older son is failin' math, that shit ain't addin' up
I guess I ain't around bein' a dad enough, I owe my kids
Uh, for the mob, you know I give niggas the shirt off my back
Somethin' happen to one of my niggas, I'll be the first to attack
Air out your corner, if I miss, then we circlin' back (Brrt)
Funeral lines, Cadillacs with the hearses to match (Hearses to match)
Huh, I rep my niggas every verse that I rap
Violate, the shots disperse from this MAC (May Block, nigga)

8. Benny The Butcher ft. Westside Gunn & Conway the Machine – “War Paint”

Top 10 Best Freddie Gibbs Guest Verses Of All Time Benny

Released: October 16, 2020

Album: Burden of Proof

Producer: Hit-Boy

Uh, I seen street niggas speakin' blasphemy (Huh)
Like before rap, I wasn't movin' units out the trunk, bitch, I'm Master P (Ha)
Left wrist rockin' the masterpiece
Cuban bracelet weighin' a half a ki', niggas got some audacity (Talk to 'em, hahaha)
You niggas don't even equal to half of me
I earned my spot with hard work, nothing was passed to me (I was grindin', nigga)
But, actually, situations was bad for me
Before this shit you see as a triumph, was almost tragedy (I swear)
I'm at the Roc Nation party smellin' like chronic smoke (Hah)
HOV said, "You that boy", I get acknowledged by the GOAT (What up, HOV?)
Woo, even shook the hand of Beyoncé
That story brought tears to the eye of my fiancée
But I don't know if it's because my shorty such a fan
Or did she realize in that moment, I'm the motherfuckin' man (Talk to 'em)
I'm just rich, I sit my Richard on the dresser (Talk to 'em, hah)
The flow is just different, I'm just better (Ooh)
Only time I felt pressure when the doctor said
I'd be paralyzed neck down even after all his efforts (Hah)
That bullet tore my neck up and now my neck got VS'd up
I could still hit the connect up, I told you niggas I'm next up (I'm next)
Yeah, I drop the bag, I'm used to doin' business (Cap, hah)
Gave the shooter an extra ten, that's for future business (Big)
Bodies drop, I can't get too specific (Hah)
I sell the shit raw, I don't step on the crack like I'm superstitious (Hahahaha, ah)

7. DMX ft. Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine & Benny the Butcher – “Hood Blues”

Top 15 Best Benny The Butcher Guest Verses Dmx

Released: May 25, 2021

Album: Exodus

Producer: Avenue Beatz & Swizz Beatz

Ah, look, you throwin' shots? You better be precise (Uh-huh)
If I only squeeze it twice, that's me bein' polite (Okay, facts)
We was in the trenches, nigga, four chicken wings and rice (Yeah)
The shooter fourteen (Yeah), can't read or write, but he gon' squeeze his pipe (What?)
We was tryna sell a key a night
'Cause Nas said a G at night wasn't good enough, and he was right (Talk to 'em)
They mad I'm rich, the same niggas that wouldn't see my plight (Spit that shit)
The Nets playin', I'm ridin' to the game with KD tonight, yeah (What up, nigga? Rrr)
Machine bitch, every beat I body (Ah)
My nigga on his way home, he just beat a body (Beat a body)
Every time I leave the house, I got the steamer by me (I got it on me, uh, uh, uh)
My jacket a one of none, you never seen it probably (Woo, hah)
I took some cheddar out the vault to pay the lawyer for my man
Weapon possession and felony assault (You good, nigga? What?)
Whippin' up at Unc house, he keep the resi' off the fork (Keep that)
I'm Kyrie hittin' niggas with the hezy on the court, look (Woo)
I reached the point niggas never would've thought (Ah)
'Cause every time I drop somethin' I don't never get support, fuck 'em (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
FN MAC shots severin' your corpse
You never could extort me, my heart cold as February 4th (What? Talk to 'em)
They hate to see me win, I'm not surprised (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Nigga, I'm fuckin the bitches, them bum bitches you fucks idolize (Hahahaha)
I'm in Harlem at Lighthouse eatin' lobster fries (Rrr)
Vee & Shooter with me, I got mobster ties (Uh-huh)
Machine, bitch (What?)

6. Westside Gunn ft. Conway the Machine, Benny the Butcher & Armani Caesar – “98 Sabres”

Top 15 Best Benny The Butcher Guest Verses Westside

Released: October 2, 2020


Producer: Just Blaze

Standin' on the furniture, I told the bottle girl, "Bitch, pass the Ace" (Bring me that Ace, bitch)
I popped the cork, poured the whole bottle for homies passed away
Wrap the Wraith, Killa Bee yellow with the matchin' skates
And still got racks in the safe, a half a letter stashed away (Ha)
Wrapped a half a cake in saran wrap and some maskin' tape
Rappin' circles around rappers, I probably lapped them eight times
Keep the MAC on waist, I don't waste time
Boy, you get the drum work from the Griselda Records basket case (Brr)
They say they richer than Machine, that's like a slap in face
The problem is I'm gettin' more money and at a faster pace (Hahaha)
Look, I ain't human, I'm an alien, homie
I just came back from space, came to outrap the greats (Talk to 'em)
Trust me, I got the bread to get a nigga whacked today
They bring me back your head, don't matter how much cash it take
We used to traffic base, now the trap forty racks a day
It's safe to say we got a boomin' system, I'm Masta Ace (Ha)
The shooter sixteen, throttle in his VLONE hoodie
Nigga look at me wrong, then he uppin' this chrome for me (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
I got rich on my own, don't need a nigga to loan money (Uh uh)
Ain't signin' no more contracts unless it's Mahomes money (Woo)
Machine, bitch

5. Westside Gunn ft. Conway the Machine & Benny the Butcher – “Kool G”

Top 10 Best Conway The Machine Guest Verses Of All Time Kool G

Released: October 29, 2019

Album: Hitler Wears Hermes 7

Producer: Daringer & The Alchemist

Bust a four pound and that shit kick back
But you feel the impact, bucket KITH hat, VS where my wrist at
Fendi stockings over the face, now where your bricks at?
Bugatti truck, I need to get that, La Máquina get the big sack
Quarter block on the table, told that bitch to sniff that
Sent her to Texas, made her bring my shit back, gave her six stacks
For any mishaps, from New York to Dallas like Kristaps
Got a bag and flipped that, green beam sit on the big MAC
We the hardest niggas out, bitch, don't forget that (Uh)

4. Westside Gunn ft. Conway the Machine – “Dunks”

Flygod 1024X1024

Released: March 11, 2016


Producer: Daringer

Hold the torch to the wax pipe
I'm a torch, you a match strike
Before you talk, get your facts right
Nigga, I'll beat a fucking cop with his own flashlight, I ain't wrapped tight
Two hundred bars? Nigga, that's light
Riccardo Tisci black Nikes, the MAC-11, got it half-price
A glass of 'gnac, splash the ice
My life's a roll of the craps dice, blow the strap, plus I rap nice
Woo! Probably bring it to your doorstep
Had amigo wrappin' before Offset (Talk to 'em)
Hah, probably went over your head
I said, "I had Migo wrappin' 'em before Offset" (Hah)
Nigga, that's wrapping up a square
You rapping 'bout the trap when you actually wasn't there (Where was you?)
I swear, a lot of new rappers is weird
They wearing leggings and dyeing they fucking hair (Hahahaha)
I swear, gotta admit I'm that nigga
In the last two years, show me who did it bigger (Heh)
Rocking furs for the winter
I might put fox on like '96 Jigga (WOO!!)
Real niggas follow the codes
Lil' homie was fourteen, six bodies, nigga out of control
I'ma put the pot on the stove for a knot I can hold
Told the cops to suck a cock, nigga, I didn't fold
In V.I.P, twenty bitches, all the bottles is gold
Your WCW wanna swallow me whole
As do a lot of these hoes, Balenciaga with the croc on the toes
You niggas pussy, y'all finally got exposed (I see through y'all niggas)
I'm on my motherfucking job
These niggas wanna be king but what's a king to a God? (Hah)
I'm really 'bout that action homie, that ain't no facade
In the booth, I'm DeAndre Jordan catching the lob (Cap)

3. Westside Gunn ft. Conway the Machine & Benny the Butcher – “Brutus”

Greatest Rap Album Opening Lines Of All Time Supreme Blientele

Released: June 22, 2018

Album: Supreme Blientele

Producer: Pete Rock

It's the Machine, they act like they forgot (Hah)
I'm 'bout to hit 'em with that fatal shot, I leave him laying in a vacant lot
Try to take my chain, you just gon' take a shot (That's all you gon' get, nigga)
I take a block and whip the shit, I scrape the pot (With what?)
More shooters on my team than what the Lakers got (Hah)
Cee-lo gains, bank was stopped, I throw trips, take the pot (Hahahaha)
Ha, I'm on top, you ain't gon' take my spot (Never)
I bet all of this paper in this Maison box (You know them Margiela sticks)
You better have something to fire with you
I fire missiles, leave you bleeding like a lion bit you (Uh huh)
Fuck you and them niggas riding with you (Fuck all y'all niggas)
I'm here to terrorize the game, .45 on me, I'm Spider Mitchell (Hah hah)
I don't tuck my necklace, I'ma leave it out (I'm rocking my shit)
You say you better than me but you broke, that shit don't even out (You still broke though)
My young boys eating like they never seen a drought
In my trap, everybody weighing like it's Keenan house (Hahaha)
They say my shit is album of the year and it ain't even out
And yet I'm still the one you seem to doubt, uh (Talk to 'em)
Out in Cali, I brought the demon out (Vroom)
Riding through Calabasas, took the scenic route (Uh huh)
Bag on the back seat in case I need a house (Might want to buy a house)
With a bitch that keep tryna pull my penis out (Gotta chill, baby)
I live a hell of a life, I'm impaling a knife
Inside a competitor just to sever and slice (Woo!)
I'm Stephen from the stripe, I'm better than nice
I want your necklace or your life and I ain't telling you twice (Run that shit)
Look, I came a long way from measuring white
I got right, flooded the Sky Dweller bezel with ice
My man shot a nigga daughter by mistake, he took a quarter
Asked him why he copped out, he said that's better than life

2. Westside Gunn ft. Conway the Machine & Benny the Butcher – “George Bondo”

50 Greatest Third Albums In Hip Hop History Pray For Paris

Released: April 17, 2020

Album: Pray for Paris

Producer: Beat Butcha & Daringer

We was sellin' dog food and we was sellin' fish (Cap)
Feds was buildin' cases, they ain't never stick (Hahahaha)
Y'all had the triple beam dreams, we really measure bricks (We really sold that)
Shit was movin' fast as we cook it up, we sell it quick (Hah)
Any beat I'm on, I gotta get my shit off
Your watch ain't cost thirty and up? Take that shit off (Take that shit off, nigga)
I'm impactin' the culture like Eric Bischoff
Big biscuit of that Biscotti makin' my bitch cough (Cap)
They on Google, they wonder what I got rich off
They see me pullin' off in that Dawn, the top lift off (Hah)
The kid from May Street that used to whip soft (Whip)
And let his fif' off, now I'm the big boss, I drop the bag, I have you picked off (Boom, boom, boom, boom)
My shooter don't speak but you can tell that he dangerous (Cap)
He just aim steady the stainless (Hah)
Drive-bys out of minivans, Chevys and Ranges (Brr)
Rap nigga go to the club in my city, tuck every chain in (Hah)
Gettin' niggas clipped while I'm with celebrities hangin' (Uh-huh)
I got two felonies, now they tell me I'm famous (I'm famous now)
My life is definitely changin'
Roc Nation brunch, I'm with a R&B singer gettin' better acquainted (What up, baby?)
If thou steal from FLYGOD, that's a sin
It ain't another rapper that's alive that can match my pen
Back again, MAC clap your men, stacked a half an M
I was him before you ever heard me on a track with Em, it's The Machine, nigga (Yo)

1. Westside Gunn ft. Conway the Machine – “The Cow”

Top 10 Best Conway The Machine Guest Verses Of All Time Hitler Hermes

Released: October 31, 2016

Album: Hitler Wears Hermes 4

Producer: Daringer

Roll the Swisher, get high, free the homies behind the wall
Free my niggas inside, all them niggas that died
Rest in peace to my niggas, I hope they live in the sky
Pour out some liquor, load your fifth up for your niggas and ride
For your niggas that got hit bad and didn't survive
Sometimes I feel like, I'm the realest nigga alive
Since we was kicking doors, four niggas divvying pie
They ain't believe me when I told niggas the city was mines
Now look at me though, Buffalo nigga
But did records with Kool G though, necklace is two kilos
Remember when the Feds gave fifteen to cousin Tito
Me and Papp was right there, he took it like a G though
That's a real nigga, that's a fact
When I came home from doing two, he gave me a half ounce and a rack
And said, "You don't owe me shit, just put the city on the map"
That was eleven years ago and now I'm doing just that
Ask my baby momma how much I cried when Machine Gun died
When I pulled up and seen that yellow tape outside
Had me ready to grab the stick and go apes outside
I never found out who did it, that shit ate my pride, I swear
Heh, but maybe that was a sign
Maybe God ain't want me killing them niggas and doing time
Maybe God wanted me here to kill 'em with the rhyme
Maybe that was part of his plan and part of the design
I don't know, I'm not religious, all I know is I'm viciously gifted
When I script and then it's strictly for my niggas (woo!)
I might shed a tear listening to this shit
Pop the Spade cork like, "Machine Gun, we did it"
Damn, who would've known my crew would've blown?
Every verse is verse of the year, shit is proven and shown
I needed West and Daringer, I couldn't do it alone
'Member that fuck nigga pulled up using his chrome
Hit the back of my head and neck, I should've died, nigga
I feel like my nigga Dunce kept me alive, nigga
Slapping my face like, "Bruh, open your eyes, nigga"
Shaking my head like, "Fuck that, you can't die, nigga"
Only real shit what I provide, nigga
I wrote this shit with the tears in my eyes, nigga
Now they gotta consider me top five, nigga
You hearing my shit, is you surprised, nigga?
You know what's funny, I wanted to quit
After I got shot in my head, I seen my face like, "I'm done with this shit" (It's over)
Trying to spit my verses and mumbling and shit
Face twisted up looking ugly and shit
That Bell's Palsy had me looking like I had a stroke
But every bar raw like a slab of coke
And them same niggas that laugh and joke
Is doing bad and broke, and everything I drop is classic, dope
This the realest shit in my pad I wrote
This the realest shit that I wrote
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