Top 10 Best Jid Guest Verses Of All Time
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Ranking the Top 10 Best JID Guest Verses of All Time

Fresh off dropping his highly anticipated third album, The Forever Story , JID is on a mission to prove to rap fans that he’s the best rapper alive in the game right now .

The Dreamville MC has been on his grind since the early 2010s, and has steadily made improvements with each release. From opening up for Ab-Soul on the These Days Tour to dropping The Never Story to his scene-stealing performances on Revenge of the Dreamers III , JID’s journey to become one of rap’s elite has been a long one but now he’s finally here and there’s no denying him.

In addition to his stellar solo albums, the Atlanta rapper has built up an enviable catalogue of dope feature appearances for a wide variety of artists, ranging from Imagine Dragons and Anderson Paak to Rapsody and Joey Bada$$. We’re going to take a look at the dopest ones here on this list.

So let’s get into it. From his incredible vocal performance on Conway’s “Scatter Brain” to tag-teaming with Denzel Curry on “SIRENS,” here are the top 10 best JID guest verses of all time.

10. Spillage Village ft. EarthGang, JID, J. Cole & Bas – “Can’t Call It”

Top 10 Best Jid Guest Verses Of All Time Spillage

Released: November 8, 2016

Album: Bears Like This Too Much

Producer: Hollywood JB

Uh, so far I done, uh, yeah, so far I done
Okay, so far I done managed to take advantage
I set a goal and of course it ain't take off like how I planned it
Granted, I want the globe and the planet where my hands is
Granted, I'm on my toes and I'm sick of standing
Sick of the bicker back and forth
The lifted pitch inside your voice
Cause I can't afford a picket fence and a porch
If I get in a pickle, I pull the pistol out my shorts
Payback on a pussy boy, so give me mines and give me yours
Give me time and let me finish to design the method
Enemy, the line, I stepped it
Point me in the wrong direction
Digging in the mind connecting
Everything I ever seen, ever done
Never was trying to set the gas to the fire
I prepped it, walking in shit that I stepped in

9. Michael Aristotle ft. JID – “Vices”

Top 10 Best Jid Guest Verses Of All Time Michael

Released: April 7, 2016

Album: The Michael Aristotle Collection

Producer: Wili Hendrixs

Yeah, uh-huh, oh my god, oh my god
Pull your card, I've got time I'll pull your broad
I know your type I know your thoughts she'll go hard but chill chill don’t go so hard
I Beauregard without no regard
I know the part, knee green like Bulbasaur
Feed the team with no reward
Four by one, no baton, fourth and one
I ain't really looking for a shoulder to lean on, got weed to lean on Bouldercrest
I swear the swag is like Morgan freeman call the weed man tell him go to detention
I cop and smoke the most expensive dope
Bitch I am a player and a coach
Swarm and swung I did a rope of dope and knocked them out the ropes all in one motion
L.A court side kickin' it with Kobe
Kicked out of college I couldn't fuck with Adobe
Tell a motherfucker for school I'ma make a graduation anyways watch everybody know me
Let me stop tooting my horn when she's blowin' me
Y'all ready to leave cause shits annoyin' me
Later, fuck, shit, okay

8. Rapsody ft. SiR & JID – “Iman”

50 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The 2010S Eve

Released: August 23, 2019

Album: Eve

Producer: 9th Wonder

Uh, yeah
My cherie amor this door awaits for you and I valet for you
I'll fry, barbecue, and fillet for you
Brown shea butter baby
Why you so unavailable to the bullshit?
It's your world, I'm a tourist, I'm foolish though
I know that since the days they treated us like property for trade
It was times where they could come inside and take your soul away
But I'm here for your protection, like a servant
Like an agent or a secret service, some CIA shit
See I ain't okay with the way they tryna portray over the media
Alexandria, Egypt in Africa
Nefertiti was probably black as Roberta Flack back with the 'fro
Checkin' all my facts 'cause I be wrong but I'm passionate though (Ebony)
When I go to X-Videos I'm always searchin' up the (Ebony) amateur
Look at me bein' managed
I'm from Atlanta where ghetto ballerina exotic dancers be so talented
Get that cash and shawty set up an establishment (Ebony)
You balancin', fuck it, you don't need no management
Behind every great man is a bad bitch, handlin' shit

7. Sy Ari da Kid ft. JID & EARTHGANG – “New Malcolm X”

Top 10 Best Jid Guest Verses Of All Time Sy

Released: January 25, 2018

Album: Better Safe Than Sy Ari

Producer: BuddahSPK

By any means, yaddadimean?
In the coupe, my Miss Coretta Scott thing
And I swear I had a dream, I had a dream
But it went out like Dr. King
I know that life is pie, I'm a tiger, I'm pissin' on you clowns
Swim in the piscine, drunk, pray to God I don't drown
I'm Mister One Dollar, ain't got a dollar in my pocket
Pick a coin out the rubble, long travel roads, I suppose
I expose myself through the music, talkin' execution
Moves I do, kick dumb flips, sommersault
Mastermind, winter killed spring then summer 'sault
Summer assault, mash words, mumble talk
I don't fumble y'all, look at me ramblin' as usual
You don't know what sixteen gunshots will do to you
Two handguns, shotgun user like
Blucka, blucka, blucka, wasn't none I could do
I was focused on the movement, wan' kill me then do it like
We can be the start and the spark of the revolution
Televised through some rebel eyes, hella uncivilized
Dangerous capable individuals and odds, uh
Man, just bring in the pallbearers
All y'all thought we stole from y'all eras
Love them people you call home, equip 'em with long feathers
And make sure they stalk my steps wherever I walk, yeah
I'm Malcolm X on the X pill
Dr. King on the jet going to Russia to go see Svetla
Hope they don't check us at the customs and the connectors
Or whatever, hope they don't check us at the customs

6. Bas ft. JID – “Fried Rice”

Top 10 Best Jid Guest Verses Of All Time Bas

Released: June 5, 2019

Album: Spilled Milk 1

Producer: KQuick

You got the gas, but it's not like mine
She got that ass, but she not that fine
Don't make a nigga laugh
I need the cash in the bag in advance
Before I grab any mic' and a stand
Don't make a nigga mad
Spazz the fuck out, all bad, I'm all Madden
I'm on a go route now, but I do all patterns
I'm with your ho right now, and she's a tall glass
I'm a can full of whoop-yo-ass
A little .40 in the booking bag
I put a bullet in your lookin' ass
Aw, baby, what is you doin'?
Been lookin', askin' for something you can work your ass off for
My nigga, grab it, go after it
I'm p-p-passionate, d-d-damagin' my anatomy
Don't get mad at me if I pass out while I'm ramblin'
I'm an animal, an anomaly
Mari-mari-marijuana, it's the God in me, gotta be
A better way just to get away, takin' the backstreet roads
A couple days, maybe, give or take (Yeah)
Baby, I'm gon' get home
Uh, when I'm in the zone I'm in, I'm ignoring your phone call again
The phone, off the dome talk, your phone block, block
You're on, switch off
The long lost lil' nigga gettin' it how he live, hol' up

5. Free Nationals ft. MIKNNA, Kadhja Bonet & JID – “On Sight”

Top 10 Best Jid Guest Verses Of All Time Free Nationals

Released: September 20, 2019

Album: Free Nationals

Producer: Free Nationals

Yeah, ah, look
Well, I get nervous every time I see you, baby
It really hurts me every time you go
I think you're perfect
But you won't believe me
If I said it to the world
Would you let everybody know?
Or would you get worried
That maybe you feel the way I do?
Maybe you don't, lately I’ve been on the move
And it feel like an episode from a show where
I don’t really know who's the leading role
But rolling with a leader isn’t easy, just believe me
On God, I can see it
Hope you send me your peace to exorcise my demon
Maybe a shrink will probably
Get a blink of what I'm thinking
I've been smoking, I've been drinking
And I’m hoping you can see me
If you saw me, tell me, have you seen her?
I really need her
I've only got a two seater
My car don't go in reverse
Don't wanna leave her
And never see her
If I don't, the heart's stinger
Steve Irwin, she hurt me, it hurt

4. Westside Boogie ft. JID – “Soho”

Top 10 Best Jid Guest Verses Of All Time Westside

Released: January 25, 2019

Album: Everything’s for Sale

Producer: Keyel, Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman & James Teej

Like the usual, no I ain't meeting at Nobu
Or going for Sushi at Roku
I motherfucking told you
I'm sick of these niggas
Who wanna be all in the videos, in the photos
I think I should sign to Death Row though, I'm
I'm loco, I'm Pac if I'm poppin' the pistol at po-po
I'm tr-tr-trying to be optimistic
But my options limited and I'm boxed in
You gotta stop me nigga, before they got me, get him
They go beyond infinity when you talk shit
Time, time is ticking you gotta watch it
But when you get popular they wanna be partners

3. Denzel Curry ft. JID – “SIRENS”

Top 10 Best Jid Guest Verses Of All Time Denzel

Released: July 26, 2018

Album: TA13OO

Producer: DJ Dahi

Uh, look, okay
Ba-aby, I’m a fool because I thought you would stay
Whether I win or I lose, they already think we dead
But they continue to shoot, I'm just gon' cover my head
I need to duck and not move (Yeah) I bust a move when I (Uh)
Find a way to get on and get up and get out the crib
I was just looking into the mirror
Tryna dislocate my fear 'cause you broke my heart
Let me dry my tears
So serious, I'm so neglected
In the wrong direction with a long erection
Got no protection but it's fuck the world
When she bend it over, being over-sensitive
But did I mention that my real intentions
Are on me really dealin' with the consequences
And I see your tone is very condescending
When I talk to you, but no you won't admit it
And I pity the fool
Been tryna vent, but you ain't tryna hear it
Like I'm not in here, but you gotta hear it
Just stop brushing me off to the side (Oh, shit)
Oh say, can you see a hundred dead bodies in the street
By the dawn's early light, double Sprite and a R.I.P. tee
So proudly, lights gleam, let the gun blaow in the night time
Of the slum house, little drum bump with the one thousand
Come-come, here they come

2. Conway the Machine ft. JID & Ludacris – “Scatter Brain”

Top 10 Best Jid Guest Verses Of All Time Conway

Released: April 14, 2021

Album: La Maquina

Producer: CuBeatz & Don Cannon

I got no resistance with a Colt .45 gold edition
I'm a dope magician
Niggas disappearin' if I hear 'em dissin'
Kill a engineer and kill a nigga mixin'
In the 6, niggas still flippin' Nixon
Second strike, they finna Billy Clint' 'em
Red and white, he got the blues
Turn him into food, everybody grip a biscuit
Runnin' lights inside of city limits
I'm excited, my lil' shawty, she the shit
And we inside of somethin' simple with suicidal—
Finish the sentence
Door close, chop the head off a chicken
Morse code, if I'm talkin', I'm clickin'
Lights flickin', tell 'em, "Hold your position"
Money-motivated, mind on a mission
Straps in the lap and the pack, got a lock
On the back of the cabinet doors
I lit a match for the torch in the game
For the real niggas only, the fake get exposed
Scrapin' the plate, breakin' the bowl
Makin' it shake, takin' it home
I'm in the A with a 'K, so come on if you crazy
Cold-ass world, goin' out, guns blazin'
Fuck is you niggas sayin'?

1. Rapsody ft. JID – “REDBLUE”

Top 10 Best Jid Guest Verses Of All Time Jamla

Released: November 9, 2018

Album: 9th Wonder Presents: Jamla is the Squad II

Producer: Khrysis

Uh, red blood, red blood drops
Red was a young light skin nigga from the block
Red blood he thug he was a product of his pops
Pop a lock pop a pop-pop-pop a nigga for some guap
Red blood drops, red blood drop
Red dropped right out of school he's a lefty with the Glock
Red got into the usual maneuvering the block
Red, white, green, blue, red, next steady watching
Red blood drops, finally got shot
But he didn't die it only made him wilder
And revenge is an easy way for him to gain power
Game over, gunpowder, women crying holding flowers for dead, Red, roses are red, violets are blue
Violence beget violence annihilate your crew
Silence among tyrants terrorising
Y'all niggas banging on your web browser, we can't allow ya
To infiltrate the shit that we been kickin' since the slaves
Still better than my demons tryna lock us in a cage ok, ok, ok
I see how we gon play lists
Said that they reserved a seat for who play for mayhem
D-d-dayum, in the nighttime, and the AM anybody red it's slay 'em
Fuck the red, the white, the blue, only areas are grey
Red never drop his flag and he banging to this day or to the day he D.O.A
Even if he pray he probably won't be ok but fuck it
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