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The Best Rappers from Baltimore

Baltimore, a city known for its vibrant culture and resilient spirit, has increasingly become a hotspot for hip hop talents such as Bossman that’s pushing boundaries and making waves far beyond its borders. Today, the Baltimore rap scene is rich with artists showcasing diverse styles, from gritty street tales and introspective verses to catchy hooks and innovative beats. These artists, fueled by the city’s unique atmosphere and challenges, have carved out their own space in the East Coast and DMV hip-hop scenes, contributing significantly to the genre’s evolution and richness.

So let’s get into the top 10 of the best rappers from Baltimore, showcasing the city’s best talents, from emerging voices to established legends. We’ll kick it off in reverse order, highlighting each artist’s unique contributions to the game in this list of rappers.

Shordie Shordie


A true innovator whose melodic versatility and rapid rise have made him a major figure in the East Coast rap scene. His journey from Peso Da Mafia to solo success exemplifies the new generation of Baltimore hip-hop, blending catchy hooks with poignant narratives in King Los style to create a sound that’s all his own.

YBS Skola


From “Shining” to “I Be Trippin,” YBS Skola’s evolution reflects his growing artistry and the dynamic nature of the Baltimore hip-hop scene. His tracks are a testament to the city’s influence and his unique rap style talent.

Bandhunta Izzy


A steady force since the late 2010s, Bandhunta Izzy’s “How to Rob” which showcases his bold approach and lyrical skills. His consistency and knack for storytelling keep him at the top tier of the best Baltimore rappers. 



As one of the top rising female hip-hop artists, Deetranada’s fierce lyricism and undeniable flow have placed her at the forefront of the Baltimore rap scene, breaking barriers and setting new standards.

Young Moose


Despite numerous obstacles, Young Moose’s perseverance has made him a local legend making hime one of the untouchable rappers of all time. His raw, unfiltered look at life in Baltimore has endeared him to fans and solidified his legacy in the list of the best Baltimore rappers with a solidified foot in the club music scene.

YG Teck


YG Teck has made waves in the rap music industry with his collaborations with national artists, showcasing Baltimore’s talent on a larger stage. His gritty narratives and compelling flow exemplify the city’s resilience and creativity.

Roddy Rackzz


Roddy Rackzz’s music captures the essence of Baltimore’s streets with realism and grit. His storytelling ability and authentic sound have quickly made him a name to watch in the hip-hop community as he’ll likely make into more lists like this of the top rappers from Baltimore in the near future.

OTR Chaz


With a name beginning to buzz, OTR Chaz has quickly made a mark with his dynamic delivery and lyrical prowess. His tracks offer a glimpse into the city’s heart, making him a standout figure amongst the best Baltimore’s rappers.

Blue Benjamin Sleepy


Known for his melodic rhyme flow and emotional depth, Blue Benjamin Sleepy brings a distinct vibe to Baltimore’s rap scene. His ability to blend catchy melodies with real-life stories has earned him a spot among the city’s promising talents, with his style on show in the mixtape “When Smoke Clears”.



Stepping outside the box and into the avant-garde, JpegMafia stands as a bold innovative rapper in the East Baltimore hip hop scene with several studio albums. Whilst he wasn’t born in Baltimore, it was there that his music took off, after a wild blend of experimental beats and politically charged lyrics, that challenged the norms of the genre. With his DIY ethic and fearless approach to tackling social issues, JpegMafia doesn’t just rap; he creates sonic revolutions.

Baltimore’s hip-hop scene, home to artists like Tate Kobang and Jpegmafia, is a reflection of the city itself: resilient, diverse, and endlessly creative in terms of rhyme and rhythm. These artists, through their unique voices and undeniable talent, are not just shaping the local music industry landscape but are also contributing to the broader narrative of hip-hop culture. As they continue to push boundaries and share their stories, the influence of Baltimore’s rap scene is sure to grow, leaving an indelible mark on the genre.

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