Top 10 Best Takeoff Guest Verses Of All Time
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Ranking the Top 10 Best Takeoff Guest Verses of All Time

As the most underrated Migos member with the dopest flow, Takeoff has been spitting hot bars for the better part of a decade now.

Cue up all the “Do it look like I’m left off ‘Bad and Boujee'” jokes you want, but there’s no denying that when it comes to consistently delivering outstanding verses in the pocket, Takeoff is the motherfucking man.

Whether it’s on Migos mixtapes like Rich Nigga Timeline , the trio’s breakout album Culture or on other rappers’ tracks, Takeoff often has the standout verse on any given song. Over the years he’s also built up an impressive catalogue of feature verses and we’re going to take a look at the dopest ones now.

From tracks with Travis Scott and Rae Sremmurd to features alongside Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne, here are the top 10 best Takeoff guest verses of all time.

10. Travis Scott ft. Migos & Peewee Longway – “Sloppy Toppy”

Ranking Top 10 Best Young Thug Travis Scott Collaborations Skyfall

Released: August 18, 2014

Album: Days Before Rodeo

Producer: FKi

She got the sloppy toppy (Ugh), bitches want my broccoli
She after my money, Monopoly (Huh?)
Them twitter bitches wanna follow me
I make 'em swallow me then kick 'em off of my property
Paparazzi keep on stalkin' me (Flash)
Feel like the Federali's keep on watchin' me (12)
Worth a hundred mill', niggas can't talk to me (Hundred mill')
Get sloppy toppy, but you givin' currency (Egh)
I make your bitch work for me, she at the DoubleTree (Bitch)
Chopping strong, OG gas bags of that Hercules (Bag)
Removing the top off the Audi, do surgery (Ayy, ayy)
Red on the bottom of my shoes, it's a murder scene
I don't want your bitch, she a nat-nat (Nat)
Pull up in the Audi, it's a hatchback (Hatchback)
Kickin', pimpin' and I'm luxury livin'
Makin' it disappear, I'm a magician (Yeah)

9. Rae Sremmurd ft. Migos – “Look Alive (Remix)”

Top 10 Best Takeoff Guest Verses Of All Time Rae

Released: July 30, 2016

Album: FYM 15

Producer: Louie Ji, WhatLilShoddySay & Mike WiLL Made-It

I smoke an onion then try not to cry (onion)
These bitches fuckin, recordin' it live (ay)
She thick in the booty, I slip and I slide
Dolce and Fendis, they cover my eyes
Breitling look bright, my diamonds, they hit like Mike Tyson
No wings on me, but I can fly
Dab before dabbin, I cap before cappin (cap)
Migos the reason you niggas alive (na for real)
I'm stackin the Benjamins a prize
If it ain't about money, my nigga I don't come outside (na)
These niggas working like cannibals, burgers and fries (fries)
Twenty-four-seven, I'm grindin and workin for mine (mine)
So many boogers in my Breitling, can't tell the time
Don't know the lingo, we call them boogers and you call them diamonds
Fucked 'em up on the dab, it's called perfect timing (dab)
Migos the alliance, I been with the work doin' science

8. A$AP Ferg ft. Migos – “Trap Anthem”

Top 10 Best Takeoff Guest Verses Of All Time Asap Ferg

Released: March 2, 2016

Album: N/A

Producer: Lord Prynce

I'm been in and out of the country
I've been chasing after the money
You know I came from nothing
And the bando still bunkin'
I keep the banana for monkeys
If I see 12 on the block then we runnin'
The trap is a jungle, no fumblin'
If I see fences, my nigga, I'm jumpin'
This the trap anthem
Migo, A$AP propaganda
You know that we handsome
Your pocket got cancer
Turn her wrist to a eggbeater
She a dirty dancerWe're fuckin' up that powder
Then fuck Mr. Arm & Hammer
Let's make a movie
My nigga pulling up with Uzi's
So don't pursue me
I got more gold than Shaka Zulu
You cannot sue me
I pay my lawyer, he a Jew-y
They try to chew me
That balling nigga tried to do me
Said I influence, the children listen to my music
I told 'em prove it
Told me some shit and I refuse it
I'm in the kitchen whippin'
You might think I'm barbecuin'
(whippin,' whippin')

7. HUNCHO JACK ft. Takeoff – “Eye 2 Eye”

Ranking Travis Scott First Week Album Sales Huncho Jack

Released: December 21, 2017

Album: Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho

Producer: Felix Leone & Murda Beatz

Real nigga, I (I), pop a perc' and fly (Brr)
Crack that seal and take a whiff and I come back alive (Die)
Niggas commit suicide when they don't got mob ties
Flip it like it's Five Guys, I'm 2Pac, get all eyes (All)
Look at the bitch, she a dime
So many watches, a nigga can't run out of time
They get out of line
The gang in your yard with the strap like the Uber driver with the sign (Brr)
I've been known to tell the truth in my raps but these other rapper tell lies (Lies)
Real niggas keep the trap alive
Ain't no fabrication on the vine (It's cap)

6. Gucci Mane ft. Migos – “Jackie Chan”

Top 10 Best Takeoff Guest Verses Of All Time Gucci Mane

Released: December 11, 2013

Album: The State vs Radric Davis 2: The Caged Bird Sings

Producer: Zaytoven

Call me Jackie, my diamonds kicking,
I Came a long way from that midget
To pullin' up in Honda Civics
To dropping that top on my Bentley
Them Rush Hour I'm gettin' them Benji
I’m smoking on Jackie, my eyes is chinky
My money is long like a slinky
I fuck with a bitch look like Pinky
I’m Jackie Chan in my city
Where ever I go, I’m good, I can kick it

5. Mike WiLL Made-It ft. Migos, YG & 21 Savage – “Gucci On My”

Top 10 Best Takeoff Guest Verses Of All Time Mike Will

Released: March 2, 2017

Album: Ransom 2

Producer: Resource & Mike WiLL Made-It

Broke my wrist off in the pot (Breakin' that)
Tryna make a bigger knot (Knot)
Jalapeño, block is hot (Hot)
Duckin', dodgin' from the cops (12)
Put a hunnid in the stock (Hunnid)
Put a four up in the pop (Act')
So much Gucci on me
Hoppin' out with double G, they thinkin' I was Wop (Wop)
Flooded wrist, I got the Breitling loaded (Ice)
Now I can't even see the clock (Nah)
Draco make his heart stop (Rah)
Split him like a Pop Tart (Split him)
Gucci golf suit, Tiger Woods
In the back, Gucci golf cart (Skrrt)
Heard you had to give the bread back
'Cause you couldn't get the sack off

4. Lil Yachty ft. Migos – “Peek a Boo”

Top 10 Best Takeoff Guest Verses Of All Time Lil Yachty

Released: April 14, 2017

Album: Teenage Emotions

Producer: Ricky Racks

Left wrist white, it's the Patek (Philippe)
Bad white bitch with a fatty (unique)
Smokin' on cookies from granny (trees)
Pocket rocket, go go gadget (go go)
I make a play, Madden (John)
I know it was some speculation 'bout who the one
But we invented the dabbin' (dab)
Fuck it, we just let 'em have it (have it)
Draco for niggas with static (brrt, static)
I can do magic and make me a rabbit
With usin' my karats (ice, woah)
Gelato package, I'm drinkin' on Actavis, expensive habits (Actavis, mud)
Yellow bitch, Pikachu (bitch)
Cameltoe peekin' at you (look at you)
Peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo

3. Lil Wayne ft. Takeoff – “I Don’t Sleep”

Ranking Lil Wayne First Week Album Sales Funeral

Released: January 31, 2020

Album: Funeral

Producer: The LoopHoles, Bobby Keyz, Stonii & Javar Rockamore

Told her I was sleep (Sleep)
Really, I was with my other bitch from Italy (I lied)
Text message from my Memphis bitch, she get 'em ten a key (Ten)
That stick shoot thirty minutes and it don't need anti-freeze
I believe niggas tryna get the goals that I achieve (Goals)
Me without the paper just like Tune without the lean (What?)
Or Phil without the rings, (Or what?) Snoop without the weed (Or what?)
A-I without the sleeve, (Or what?) IG without the memes (Nah)
I'm up, Adderral, these niggas, they drinkin' on Tylenol ('Nol)
I give her the X, she give me the neck, and no, we don't talk at all (At all)
Jaws, I'm breakin' 'em in, she gettin' the balls and all (Ball)
I cannot sleep and I cannot eat if it ain't codeine involved (Drank)

2. Gucci Mane ft. Migos – “I Get the Bag”

Ranking Gucci Mane First Week Album Sales Mr

Released: August 18, 2017

Album: Mr. Davis

Producer: Southside & Metro Boomin

Percocet pill on me (Percocet)
Ice on my neck, baby, chill with me (Ice)
Them niggas that post in the back don't say nothin'
Them niggas will kill for me
Back ends I count in my sleep, on fleek
Hundred K spent on a Patek Phillippe (Phillippe)
Bitch, I'm a dog, eat my treat (Hrr)
Hop out the frog and leap (Leap)
I put them bricks in the fender
My bitch, she walk around like she Kris Jenner (Kris Jenner)
I used to break in and enter
Then Takeoff runnin' like the game of temple (Whew)
It's simple, I play with her mental
Mama said she saw me on Jimmy Kimmel (Mama)
Count it up, 'cause I'm a money symbol
Walkin' with the racks, I'm lookin' crippled (Money)
Fuck on that bitch then I tip her (Tip her)
A nickel for me to take pictures (Nickel)
Not from L.A. but I clip her (Brr)
Double my cup, pour a triple (Actavis)
Fox on my body, no Vivica (Fox on my…)
I'm not your average or typical (I'm not your…)
Look at my wrist, and it's critical (Look at the…)
Hold it up, droppin' the temperature (Droppin' the…)
I get that bag on the regular (Bag)
I got a bag on my cellular (Brr)
Backin' up, baggin' up vegetables (Bag)
Bag of them cookies, it's medical (Cookies)
Cocaine, codeine, etcetera (White)
Cocaine and lean, it's federal (White)
I take off, landin' on Nebula
As of now twenty M's on my schedule (Takeoff)

1. Cardi B ft. Migos – “Drip”

Every Single Hip Hop Billboard Number One Album Since 1986 Cardi

Released: April 4, 2018

Album: Invasion of Privacy

Producer: Nonstop Da Hitman & Cassius Jay

Came through drippin' (Drippin')
I ain't never slippin', I'm a pimp (Pimp)
Fuckin' with a quarter million, nigga, what a feelin' (Feelin')
Abort the mission, nigga, they be tellin' off and squealin' (Squealin')
Splash, took a bitch to Piccadilly (Splash)
Water in my ear, gave a nigga wet willy (Wet willy)
Came through drippin', spillin'
Walkin' with the bag (Bag)
Tryna get my niggas all a milli, stack it to the ceilin' (Ceilin')
Shootin' at civilians ('villians)
I'm the one dealin', I could make a killin' (Killin')
Bags, can you smell it when I Vac-seal it? (Uh)
Flag, nigga, throw it up, don't care about your feelings (Fuck 'em)
Ooh, what is this? What you wearin'? I be drippin' (What)
Cal Ripken's hit a nigga, Ken Griffey (Home run)
The bitch got thick, so I guess she ate Jiffy
When she leave with me, I'ma fly her back to the city (For sure)
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