Top 15 Best Schoolboy Q Guest Verses Of All Time
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Ranking the Top 15 Best Schoolboy Q Guest Verses of All Time

Schoolboy Q might very well be the low-key best feature killer to come out of TDE. Yes, of course, Kendrick has dropped some of the most iconic guest verses of the past decade, but Q is right up there with him.

Although he wrote his first rap verse when he was 16 years old, Q didn’t take music seriously until a few years later. He began working with TDE in 2006 and signed a deal with them in 2009, beginning a fruitful relationship with the label, as well as his label-mates, Kendrick, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul. Together the four MCs formed Black Hippy.

Q dropped his debut album, Setbacks , in 2011 but it was the follow-up, 2012’s Habits & Contradictions , that really put him on the rap map and led to a joint venture deal between TDE and Interscope Records. The Figg St rapper was officially a major player in the hip hop industry.

From that point on, he’s done nothing but drop great albums and body tracks with other rappers. We’re going to take a look at some of his best feature appearances and show you why Q was one of the best rappers of the 2010s .

From Isaiah Rashad’s “Shot You Down (Remix)” to his scene-stealing performance on Kendrick’s “The Spiteful Chant,” here are the top 15 Schoolboy Q guest verses of all time.

15. The Alchemist ft. Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q – “Flight Confirmation”

Top 15 Best Schoolboy Q Guest Verses Of All Time Alchemist

Released: June 11, 2012

Album: Russian Roulette

Producer: The Alchemist

Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yeah, shimmy Q
I guess it's time to kill this shit
Real as this, game fears, put in work
Determined I been the fierce, me getting it up is limitless
Before I started eating pussy, I was hitting licks
211's on bitch niggas, whipping with antennas
Didn't your momma tell your ass not to hang with them gang members?
Didn't listen, head missing, flatlining, Grooveline
Bad twins they too fine, dummy stay on my mind
More shots of Patron, six is my gat drive
Click-click, reload mine, green light, no stop signs
Hey Danny, let's shoot these fucking Xannies
And call that bitch from Kendrick's song, I bet it dub, we fuck on Tammy
Asthma pumper, hand prints all over her bumper
She love me long time, I'm forever that mothafucka

14. The Game ft. Jay Rock & Schoolboy Q – “Gang Bang Anyway”

Ranking The Game First Week Album Sales Documentary 2.5

Released: October 16, 2015

Album: The Documentary 2.5

Producer: Bongo

Um, yeah
Palms sweatin' guess it's time for the murder
My nigga my nerve, I swerve left you dead on the curb
Tell his family get them black clothes
Any witness gets a 9 cold, could do this with a blindfold
I'm that player on the corner lookin' dry when it rains
Pimp a dollar out a pussy, I ain't tryin' to change
Far from average, I'm smokin' this cabbage
Bottled teeth, joint Karats, say cheese, make the cops freeze
Big cribs, for bars, livin' by the dreams
You only gangsta through your bop screen
My set the reason for the Crime scene, fill up the city with madness
We the reason the hearses left your hood and holdin' up traffic
Let the riddles do the scrappin', keep the gun in my fabric
Better pistol than them badges, you get dealt with the maggots
Heard drive-bys everyday, seen homies die early age
Though we still gang bang anyway
Uh, yeah, Figg side

13. SiR ft. Schoolboy Q – “Something Foreign”

Top 15 Best Schoolboy Q Guest Verses Of All Time Sir

Released: November 29, 2017

Album: November

Producer: Saxon

I pulled this out for you, my newest coupe
Grip the horse, I'll take you 'round the loop
Close your eyes, your heart available
Land on earth, and cruise through Malibu
Gave you time, now give your drawers the boot
Rub the skins, I found that heaven's true
Melt the sun and keep the moon alive
Dry the winds, and moist behind the five
Can't pretend the greatest sin alive
Stroke, you come and go beyond the fake
Take you down, the frown go up your face
Arch your back and bend it back in place
Fuck you good, I'll fuck you good, I know
Snap your book to know where else to go
Foreign place, a foreign whip to drive
Failed at life, then failing you, now I'm

12. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Schoolboy Q & Hollis – “White Walls”

Top 15 Best Schoolboy Q Guest Verses Of All Time Macklemore

Released: October 8, 2013

Album: The Heist

Producer: Ryan Lewis

Yeah, uh
Backwoods and dope
White hoes in the backseat snortin' coke
She doing line after line like she's writing rhymes
I had her inhalin' my love, tryna blow her mind
Cadillac pimpin', my uncle was on
14, I stole his keys, me and my niggas was gone
Stealing portions of his liquor, water in his Patron
Drivin', smilin' like I won the fucking lottery homes
(Fuckin' lottery homes)
Tires with the spokes on it, and the Vogues too
Mustard and mayonnaise, keepin' the buns all on
My dogs hangin' out the window
Young as whoosh, fuckin' like we ball
Tryna fuck 'em all
Never park the whip, see what's poppin' at the mall
Meet a bad bitch, slap her booty with my paw
You can smoke the pussy, I was tearin' down the walls
I'm motherfuckin' awe-
-some, swear these sights tryna hypnotize
Grip the leather steerin' wheel while I grip the thighs
See the lust stuck up in her eyes
Maybe she like the ride or did she like the smoke?
Or does she want it low?
'Cause this shit a Coupe de Ville so you'll never know
So we cruise for minutes, my nigga fuck the limit
Got a window tinted, for sure a gangsta in it
Slide 'til the gas is finished

11. Mac Miller ft. Schoolboy Q – “Gees”

Ranking Mac Miller First Week Album Sales Watching

Released: June 18, 2013

Album: Watching Movies with the Sound Off

Producer: Chuck Inglish

(Ugh, Black James Bond and a white Shaft) (Yeah)
Turned my daughter to a queen, turned a dollar to a dream
Flashy as high-beams, smoking on good weed
Something from kush seeds, the only strand to smoke for us OGs
I'm rich, car service, no car keys (Yeah!)
First-class flight, 'bout to land to a new bitch (Yeah, yeah)
She fuck me and swallowed every homie I came with (Aww, aww)
MCM bag and, nigga, bet some weed in it
Two-hundred dollars worth of Backwoods, we all livin' (Yeah, yeah)
Brought the gangsters back the bucket hat, how real is that? (Ou)
I'm getting money, rub my tummy, that's my baller sack (Ugh)
Quarter million in a safe in case I get a case
Faggot-ass judge hatin' on me 'cause my money straight (Yeah)
Dropped ten racks in all fifty states (Bitch)
Gon' name my next tour "Million-Man March" (Aww, yeah)
Make a nun throw it back while I pull her scarf (Yeah)
She gave me head, my nuts touched her cross, boss

10. Ab-Soul ft. Schoolboy Q – “SOPA”

Ab Soul Control System

Released: May 11, 2012

Album: Control System

Producer: Nez & Rio

Oh, that's your bitch? Well, bruh, she on me
I made her lick my sack, then work the top, then fuck the homies
Got the block hot, cause I set it off
No I'm not Weezy, bitch, I'm wheezy from that chronic cough
Yeah, I'm smoking dope, you can smell it in my beard
Have no fear, saviour of the gangster rap is fucking here
Word around town, SOPA tryna shut it down
How that sound? I'm from the underground
They gon' make me slang a pound
Figg Row (Figg Row) Figg Row (Figg Row)
Bitch, what you know about Figg Row? (Figg Row)
This is original gangster, uh, uh, uh, yeah
Smoke it, shoot it, sniff it, smell it, inhale it, sip it, whatever
Just mix dope with your flavor uh, uh, uh, yeah
In interviews they always asking me about a list
Knowing damn well I'm looking like I'm slinging bricks
Ever see an ex-student get a half a ticket
Think I'm lying, just ask Jimmy
That check was mine as soon as we signed

9. Joey Bada$$ ft. Schoolboy Q – “Rockabye Baby”

50 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The 2010S Joey Badass

Released: March 31, 2017


Producer: Adam Pallin & Chuck Strangers

I'm part of the reason they still Crippin' out in Brooklyn
Before I was an artist I would book 'em, mm
Push ya shit back while on them front line, nigga, ya lunch time
I'm by them stop sign, you love that wi-fi
On mamas for them dirty dollars, brains on collars
Park the car around the corner, I'll be there in a second
The murder weapon on me, fuck if this bitch start flamin'
The cops patrollin', get that punk ass American flag ceremony
Aww, damn am I going too far?
Give you some flavor to borrow
Bitch yeah it came with the car
It's off-white, leveled the hard
You ball, might come with a charge
Your kids don't know you no more
Your girl's draws stay on the floor
No phone call accepted in weeks
Your son picked up on your beef, real shit
From gettin' lynched in field into ownin' buildings
Getting millions, influencin' white children
And oddly we still ain't even
Still a small percentage of blacks that's eating
Same routines, the same dope fiends
Them nightmare dreams, forever murder season
Bad intentions to them picket fences
They gave us guns but won't hire us, nigga?
So we killin' senseless
Homies murked on the bus benches
Retaliation 'cause his mama cryin'
Kept it gangsta 'til I modify 'em
Rockabye, rockabye

8. Kendrick Lamar ft. Schoolboy Q – “Michael Jordan”

Top 15 Best Schoolboy Q Guest Verses Of All Time Kendrick Lamar

Released: September 14, 2010

Album: O(verly) D(edicated)

Producer: Sounwave

I remember tripping, walking through the set
Like my Glock don’t think
Grandma in the kitchen, neck bones in the sink
I don’t know why your bitch want to fuck me
And I don’t know why you sucker niggas can’t see
I’m from Hoover man, high as Superman, shit you Lois Lane
You pussy man with the pussy game, shit, we off the chain
We popping the fortune, not the fame, shit, you backwards, man
You chasing hoes, we replacing those, bag and pass them hoes
Your broad done chose, guess she moving on, yep, we do it wrong
We fucked her homes, fucked and sent her home, marijuana strong
You know I’m gon' turn my swagger on, am I swagged enough?
My paper long, yep, you left alone, y-y-you gets no fucks
Leaning off the Actavis, passing blunts round and round
Told me Mary was a go so we passed her round and round
Your bitch texted me, wants it now so I had to knock her down
Hurt her bouncing off my balls, slinging dick up from the mouth
You let it slide, I hit home-runs, clean her dugout till I’m done
I can be her number two and you can be her number one
Her pussy’ crazy, her pussy crazy
You fuck niggas!

7. E-40 ft. Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q – “All My Niggaz”

Top 15 Best Schoolboy Q Guest Verses Of All Time E 40

Released: December 10, 2013

Album: The Block Brochure: Welcome To the Soil, Pt. 4, 5, & 6

Producer: DecadeZ

Pockets will advance, clear the room
If the bitch ain't with the shit, then your boy don't approve, see
Hennessy, Bacardi turns the party, aye
Backwoods pre-rolled, club get foggy, see
Niggas mean muggin', well leap then froggy
Though I see why you mad, her ass applauding
And that's your bitch, she flips like dolphins
See, we gon' work out and bounce the bed springs, ugh
No credit cards, just debit and large cash
Got a real big bag, smell like a forest, see
I used to sell weight 'til gastric bypass, ugh
Pass with a Mac that smack your car glass
Addicted to ballin', no Timbs, ate Wheaties
And learned from Dude Dawg, he taught be greedy
King East Bay, E-40, boss leany, ugh
Money all there, ugh, your money Houdini
Yeah, yeah, yeah

6. A$AP Rocky ft. Schoolboy Q – “Electric Body”

Greatest Sophomore Rap Albums Of All Time Asap Rocky

Released: May 26, 2015


Producer: Danger Mouse, Teddy Walton, THC & Hector Delgado

Yeah, ever seen a crib like this?
Diamonds in my ear like wrists
Pull off at the light like, "Wuh"
Lookin' like a mil' in that trunk
Two-seater got me lookin' all clumped
Hit a nigga wig on sight (Sight)
Serve a nigga mom off white (White)
I'ma get her so high, I'm Christ
Nigga, ball so hard like Mike
I could whip that bitch like Ike
I can fuck your bitch off hype
Pink ring, got bling all bright
How a hot nigga rock this ice?
14, almost got that strike
14, almost did that time
14, had a .905
Clip small, but the shit shoot fine
Shoot a spine, make a nigga recline
Start sparkin', a nigga go blind
G Rides, hoppin' out of Nissans
Do I got them hoes chirpin'? Yeah, uhh
Do I put the work in? Yeah
Do I got them hoes out workin'? Yeah
Do I make 'em put the work in the Birkin? Yeah

5. Isaiah Rashad ft. Jay Rock & Schoolboy Q – “Shot You Down (Remix)”

Isaiah Rashad Cilvia Demo

Released: January 28, 2014

Album: Cilvia Demo

Producer: The Antydote & Chris Calor

Not a dollar on me, this home invasion a payday
Two-time felon, they jerkin' me on my pay rate
Slavin' all these hours but couldn't shake that my rent late
Makin' eight a hour, I'm leanin' towards my AK
Moms thinks I'm vicious, don't want me 'round the kitchen
My livin' room, bathroom, my bedroom was evicted
Missin' from your homeroom, my good grades was crippin'
Before I even learned division, nigga, I learned the mission
See I'm from where fiends scratch that itch, won't hit the lotto
And I'm from where fiends fix that fix and not a bottle
And that little nigga that missed that bottle gon' catch a hollow
Or maybe even throw him pyro, pyro
See this set don't make too many niggas rich that I know
You either gang bang, sell dope, or bet on the four
Seen money on ground, my eyes glued to the floor
I double deuce by my toe, see Figg get it and go
I feel stuck in my ways, a nigga just tryna get paid
I'm tired of answerin' questions; "Why Oxymoron delayed?"
See I was thinkin' November, but January is sweet
It set my Setbacks free, my Habits won in my sleep
So January agree, get a taste of this gangsta
See, I'm just tryna eat, with the freak of the week
I just wanna hit 'em and leave 'em, dawg, they yours for the keep
But don't be kissin' them broads, my sperm on their teeth
Last night was nothin', this mornin' I'm a hero
No belief in me, dawg, they said I'd mount to zero
Cocaine, cocaine, rock-rock kilo
Fishscale, cut well, you won't find Nemo
Pull up to the block and they call me real nigga
See, I can be a real nigga, but my daughter see me bigger
See a body full of love and yours full of liquor
But you'll always be my nigga, said, you'll always be my nigga

4. A$AP Ferg ft. Schoolboy Q – “Let It Bang”

Top 15 Best Schoolboy Q Guest Verses Of All Time Let It Bang

Released: April 22, 2016

Album: Always Strive and Prosper

Producer: Lex Luger

Uhh, bruh, I miss my crackhead uncle
Sold him dope in by the bundles
Draw down on him, his own gun though
Fuck about family, where's my Hundo?
'Fore my clip go knock-knock zero
Fake nigga talkin' 'bout Q ain't real
18 slangin' that Coupe Deville
Young nigga, young nigga move that dope
Young nigga might get killed
Cuz ain't payin' my bills, heat make the beef get grilled
12 years clutchin' that steel
Pop a nigga more than them pills
Pistol under sheet when I sleep
Body niggas like I do beats
I ain't talkin' bout my uncle, this me
Made another million this week
Swagger make a Bentley look cheap
I'm the reason why your momma OD'd
I'm the reason why your homies ain't deep
Now you wanna talk about peace
Pimpin' bitches all in these streets
Wonderin' why you rubbin' her feet
If you got high off what I sold
How his teeth platinum when he on shit row?
Big belly ballin' like I'm still gettin' throwed
Leave a nigga flat 'til his body get towed
Sad that the curtain got closed
Leave him with a hole in his skull

3. Kendrick Lamar ft. Schoolboy Q – “The Spiteful Chant”

Ranking Kendrick Lamar First Week Album Sales Section 80

Released: July 2, 2011

Album: Section.80

Producer: Dave Free & Sounwave

I remember when I came out and shit
Man, it's been so long since they see my dick
Probably been five months since I seen my seed
Goddammit, K. Dot, when it come to this?
When I was sleeping on couches
Nigga couldn't get a call, just a Glock for my vouch
Nigga I was mothafuckin' out, yeah
With the flashing lights had me stuck like reindeer
When I should have been making bank, yeah
I was somewhere stuck where the flame is
Mothafucka, see how far that I came here
Went broke and I came up in the same year, can I get a hell yeah?
Drop my tear, hold my joy, show my pride
Music saved my fucking life, I'm doing right and you left behind
Feel my pain, now I'm styling, Hermès shit, I spent a thousand
Different homes, different islands
Dropped my mixtape and it sold like an album

2. A$AP Rocky ft. Schoolboy Q – “Brand New Guy”

100 Most Downloaded Hip Hop Mixtapes Of All Time Asap Rocky

Released: October 31, 2011


Producer: Don Cannon & Lyle Leduff

.345 be the big toy, now which nigga want it with the fat boy?
Uh, clipped-up like I'm paranoid, high as hell nigga, Fitzroy
Pull it off through the city like "errt"
Seen that ho nigga like "errr," hopped up on a nigga like murk
Put that pussy nigga in a purse
He wouldn't be the first, cover him with dirt (Yeah, uh, shit)
Put him in the ground, he was down to Earth
A napped up nigga, I been down since birth
Backpack full of random work
With two bad hoes, I'll teach you how to jerk
(Teach you how to jerk?) Swaggin' in my Js
Pop me a pill and throw that pussy a rave (Pussy a rave)
My prerogative ways
Nappy chin hairs with the brand new fade (Yeah)
Brand new nigga with the brand new venue
Sold that bitch out, shoulda made that ho bigger
Killing careers make these cupcakes remember
My objective is to serve your agenda
Biggie and Nas put they ass in a blender
Sprinkle some 50 and came out this nigga
Equipped with a gat and a dick in your mouth
Balls in my hands and your bitch in my house
Twisting up weed, I'm digging her out
Just filling her out
Do all that shit you be talking about
While you gone? Shit, Netflix on your couch
What this popcorn about?
Microwave oven while you out there cuffin'
You over there lovin'
That bitch be my stuffing, like, like we really be fucking

1. A$AP Ferg ft. French Montana, Trinidad James, A$AP Rocky & Schoolboy Q – “Work (Remix)”

Top 15 Best Schoolboy Q Guest Verses Of All Time Asap Ferg

Released: May 13, 2013

Album: Trap Lord

Producer: Chinza//Fly

A lot of niggas died, should've been from Hoover Street
No, I do not have a car, but I could buy one every week
Pimpin' like I'm 33, move keys like I'm 36
Ship O's like I'm 28
Tacoma know I'm pushin' weight
O-X-Y, I'm in your state
Eatin' off your dinner plate
My heart live where Santa stay
Super fly, I need a cape
Bitches throwin' pussy back and forth, they on my dick
Passion drippin' off her lip
She say she never had a Crip
Uh, put in work, all big booties make it twerk
All big titties lift your shirt
Show a player what you're worth
Yeah, put in work, spray his ass in front of the church
Deacon said I did my shit
The pastor said, "That nigga turnt"
Pop my collar on my shirt
Make these bitches go berserk
Shippin' units; Captain Kirk
Takin' xannies, poppin' percs
Might not last, I'll bomb you first
Turn your backseat to a hearse
Back to the lab with mother Earth
Had to give Young Ferg a verse
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