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Top 30 ‘Busta Rhymes’ Collaborations: List of Artists & Songs

When we talk about the epitomy of hip-hop, there are some names that just ring off with heavyweight status, and trust, Busta Rhymes is one such moniker that stands tall in the landscape. Ever since he burst onto the scene with Leaders of the New School, Busta has been stacking verses, amassing hits, and, yo, collaborating with a wide spectrum of artists that would make any playlist jump. His discography? A sprawling canvas of lyrical madness, innovative production, and features that span from the heart of hip-hop streets to the glitzy echelons of pop superstardom.

Imagine a roll call where you got everyone from Janet Jackson to Q-Tip, T.I. to Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott to Kendrick Lamar. Busta didn’t just hop on tracks; he transformed them into explosive experiences. You throw Pharrell in the mix and you’ve got fire; add some spice with Rah Digga or turn up the heat with a DMX feature, and you’re not just listening to music no more—you’re witnessing the craft. His collaborations read like a who’s who of music royalty: there’s the indomitable flip mode vibe with Flipmode Squad, the international dancehall fusions with Vybz Kartel and Tory Lanez, or those moments where he matched bars with JAY-Z and Eminem, leaving us all awe-struck.

Busta’s not just about that raw energy though; the brother has range. You want soul-touching melodies, you got his works with Mary J. Blige. Looking for something with a bit more grit and street flair? Dial in on his tracks with M.O.P. or The Flipmode Squad. It’s these collaborations that have solidified his reputation as a versatile juggernaut, one who’s managed to stay relevant through the shifting sands of hip-hop culture for decades.

A complete list of artists that have collaborated with Busta Rhymes is nothing short of spectacular.

Ron Browz
Pharrell Williams
Mike Epps
Nikki Grier
Jamie Foxx
Mary J. Blige
John Legend
Rampage The Last Boy Scout
Minister Louis Farrakhan
Lloyd Banks
LaToiya Williams
Chris Rock
Pete Rock
A Tribe Called Quest
Anthony Hamilton
Chosen Generation
The Last Boy Scout
Milo of Leaders Of The New School
Charlie Brown
Leaders of the New School
Layzie Bone
Flipmode Squad
Conway the Machine
Lenny Kravitz
Lil Wayne
Ol’ Dirty Bastard
Kelly Rowland
Rick Ross
Keith Murray
Mariah Carey
Marsha of Floetry
Ghostface Killah
Roc Marciano
Missy Elliott
Rah Digga
Lord Have Mercy
Bell Biv DeVoe
Big Daddy Kane
Chris Brown
Cool & Dre
Young Thug
Burna Boy
Yung Bleu
Vybz Kartel
Janet Jackson
Chauncey Black
Erykah Badu
Spliff Starr
Stevie Wonder
Anderson .Paak
Swizz Beatz
Tory Lanez
The Notorious B.I.G.
Rick James
Linkin Park
Jim Carrey
Kanye West
Big Tigger
Sean Paul
Nicki Minaj
Ozzy Osbourne
Kodak Black
Kendrick Lamar
Coi Leray
List of artists that have collaborated with Busta Rhymes.

So let’s get into the songs list. From “Don’t Believe Em” to “I Know What You Want” with the Flipmode Squad, here are the Best of 108 Busta Rhymes Collaborations, Ranked from Worst to Best.

30. Arab Money – Dirty

Released: 2009 • Features: Ron Browz

Busta goes hard with the imagery of luxury, from oil well money to playing golf in the desert swathed in Louis V. This joint ain’t just about the Benjamins; it’s the full shebang with palatial living in Dubai and diamonds that got you coughing from the bling intensity.

29. I Love My Bitch

Released: 2006 • Features: will.i.am, Kelis

Partnered with will.i.am’s production finesse, Busta delivers each bar with his signature kinetic energy, detailing the unbreakable bond with his girl. This isn’t your average love song; it’s draped in hip-hop bravado and straight talk about loyalty. In this track, Busta breaks it down how his girl keeps it 100 whether they chillin’ at home or turning up in the club. She’s the one who stays holding him down without tripping when he’s roaming in the spotlight, a down-for-whatever partner who’s as much his accomplice as his lover.

28. We Made It

Released: 2008 • Features: Linkin Park

In this powerhouse track, Busta brings the heat with his signature rapid-fire delivery, painting a picture of a gritty come-up from the streets, hustling to make ends meet. He reflects on the struggles and the naysayers, juxtaposing his past hardships with his current success — a testament to the grind and tenacity that’s put bread on his table.

27. It’s a Party

Released: 1996 • Features: Zhané

“It’s a Party” is not just a track, it’s a statement of intent, a clear message to revelers that the night has shifted gears. The chemistry is mad undeniable — Busta’s brash and energetic flow dovetails with the melodic, vocal silk of Zhané, creating a banger that’ll have you wiggling to the left with your best moves.

26. Thank You

Released: 2013 • Features: Q-Tip, Kanye West, Lil Wayne

The track exudes gratitude, but flips it with that untouchable bravado that only veteran spitters of their caliber can deliver. It’s a lyrical exercise in recognizing their place at the top of the food chain, while giving a nod to the divine light that guided them there.


Released: 2023 • Features: Big Tigger

2,” finds Busta Rhymes in conversation with Big Tigger, the two hip-hop veterans chopping it up like old times. They dive into an introspective session, touching on Busta’s career trajectory, personal challenges, and his views on the evolving music industry. They discuss Busta’s health, which he asserts is blessed and healthy, addressing life’s dramas with an articulate brush-off. The lyrics serve as a candid reflection on karma, resilience, and the balance in the chaos of a rap star’s life.

24. Make It Clap

Released: 2002 • Features: Sean Paul, Spliff Starr

This joint is all about the energy we bring when we step into the spot—the kind that gets the crowd wildin’, with everybody’s hands in the air making it clap to the beat. Busta comes correct with his signature rapid-fire flow, painting pictures of a wild nightlife where the bass hits, the bodies move in sync, and the party don’t stop. Sean Paul brings that Dutty Cup vibe, lending his dancehall flavor to the mix, making it undeniable for all the shorties to shake it down.


Released: 2023 • Features: CIE, Trillian, RAI

The lyrics of the track are a testament to Busta’s evolution, not only as an artist but as a man—a father threading his journey into the tapestry of his offspring’s lives. It’s a reflection of personal growth, recognizing the role of his children in reshaping his universe.

22. #Twerkit

Released: 2013 • Features: Nicki Minaj

The track’s all about that dance floor heat, bodies in motion, and straight celebration. They ain’t playin’; it’s a heavyweight collaboration that comes with that signature Busta energy – rapid-fire lyrics over a dancehall-infused beat that demands you get up and shake what your mama gave ya. And Nicki? She’s in her element, fusing that Trini flavor with her New York swag, commanding respect, and establishing dominance in the game.

21. This Means War!!

Released: 1998 • Features: Ozzy Osbourne

This ain’t your regular rapper-meets-rocker scenario; it’s an explosive tapestry of aggressive rhymes and hard-hitting metal influence. Busta’s verses in this track are a testament to loyalty and the harsh consequences of betrayal. He makes it clear that any breach of trust is not just a personal affront but a call to arms, as he pledges to defend his honor and the code of the streets with an intensity that’s both fierce and unrelenting.

20. Calm Down

Released: 2014

This track finds the two hip-hop heavyweights in a lyrical sparring match, flexing their prowess over an explosive beat that samples House of Pain’s classic “Jump Around.” The song is a tour-de-force of rapid-fire verses delivered with ferocity and intricate wordplay as both MCs unleash a torrent of braggadocio, clever metaphors, and a blend of humor and aggression. In a display of linguistic gymnastics, Busta sets the stage with his signature fast-paced flow, commanding attention with each bar.


Released: 2023 • Features: Kodak Black

This track is all about acknowledgment and respect, with both emcees laying down their life stories like velvet on the track, stitching together their triumphs and tribulations with a flow smooth enough to slide on. Busta passes the torch with a nod to Kodak, tipping his hat to the young blood’s hustle and pattern of rise and fall, and rise again, in the rap game.


Released: 2023 • Features: Morray

This track exudes Busta Rhymes in his element, sitting on the throne of his own making, flanked by the soulful Morray. This track is a luxuriant victory lap around the lives and careers of two artists who have seen the dark and the light, spinning their narratives into gold. Busta’s swagger is undeniable as he reflects on overcoming obstacles with the poise of a heavyweight champ. We’re treated to a narrative of struggle transformed into triumph, with each verse a testament to both Busta’s and Morray’s hustle and determination.


Released: 2023 • Features: Swizz Beatz, Blackway

Busta Rhymes, known for his rapid-fire delivery and dynamic presence, taps into the legacy of the wealthy African emperor Mansa Musa, drawing a parallel to his own reign in the rap game. The track bounces with a braggadocious energy that’s amplified by busta’s unique flow and the masterful production of Swizz Beatz. Blackway jumps in on the action, adding an extra layer of lyrical prowess.


Released: 2023 • Features: JNR CHOI

This track is a flat-out rebuke of the fakes and the snitches, with an unapologetic celebration of authenticity and high living. Busta and JNR CHOI weave their lyrics around the concept of standing firm in the face of deceit and fraudulence. The joint is drenched in symbolism of opulence and success – think VVS diamonds and designer brands – but it ain’t just about flaunting wealth; it’s about being real in a game that’s too often filled with pretenders.


Released: 2023 • Features: Giggs

The collaboration is a transatlantic link-up where East Coast rap sensibilities meet the griminess of London streets, both emcees sizzling with a kind of energy that buzzes like a hive on a hot summer day. The wordplay is quick-witted, laying down braggadocious lines that play with themes of hustle, street credibility, and the intoxicating allure of success and power.

14. Look Over Your Shoulder

Released: 2020 • Features: Kendrick Lamar

This track isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a summit where two generational talents meet, draped in the nostalgia of soulful samples that harken back to hip-hop’s golden age. The song is an assurance, a promise of loyalty to the true culture of hip-hop and a reminder to look back not just in caution, but in respect to the roots that have sustained this art form.


Released: 2023 • Features: Coi Leray

This joint is a celebration of the finer things, the kind of top-tier lifestyle that comes with hard-earned wins and big moves in the industry. Coi Leray jumps in with that dynamic flow, bringing her own flavor to the table, detailing the triumph over her past relationships and asserting her status in the game.

12. Touch It

Released: 2005 • Features: Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, DMX, Rah Digga, Lloyd Banks, Papoose

Blige, Rah Digga, Missy Elliott, Lloyd Banks, Papoose, and DMX. This remix isn’t just a song; it’s an event. Busta sets the stage for a lyrical showcase where each artist brings their A-game over Swizz Beatz’s futuristic, club-rattling production. The hook is a call to action, a command to engage with the music that’s impossible to ignore.

11. What’s It Gonna Be?!

Released: 1998 • Features: Janet Jackson

Busta comes through with that raw energy, flexing his signature rapid-fire flow, while Janet’s sultry vocals glide on the track, ensuring this joint is multi-dimensional. The track’s a sensual invitation, a dance between flirtation and the sheer force of charisma both these legends got in spades.


Released: 2023 • Features: Blxst, Yung Bleu

Busta sets the stage, rapping about his relentless pursuit of success and wondering if his partner will stick by him even when he’s out of town chasing the bag. Blxst swoops in with the hook, posing questions of loyalty and trust—core ingredients of a real partnership.


Released: 2023 • Features: BIA

But don’t get it twisted; this ain’t just about the glitz. Busta and BIA trade bars about their high-flying lifestyles, hinting at their unstoppable climb and the game they’re running.

8. Pass The Courvoisier Part II

Released: 2001 • Features: Diddy, Pharrell Williams

Busta Rhymes, alongside Diddy and Pharrell, brought forth an anthem that had the whole block jumping and the clubs bouncing. This remix is where luxe life meets the street grind, with each bar oozing swag and celebration.


Released: 2023 • Features: Shenseea, Chris Brown

Busta, with his signature rapid-fire flow, sets the scene with sensuality and a luxury lifestyle, painting a picture of a power couple engaging in a private and intense romance. He expresses an all-consuming passion that transcends the physical, elevating their connection to the spiritual.

6. OK

Released: 2023 • Features: Cool & Dre, Young Thug

In this collaboration, Busta Rhymes, the veteran wordsmith, teams up with Young Thug, the Atlanta rap eccentric, for a joint that drips swagger from every bar. The track lays out a scenario of picking up serious cash, with a bravado about having so much paper it’s hard to fit in pockets. Amidst luxurious beats, the duo trade verses on their hustle mentality and the opulent life that comes with success in the game.


Released: 2023 • Features: Burna Boy

The track bangs with this raw, untamed energy that’s straight fierce, you feel me? Busta Rhymes, in his legendary, larger-than-life form, spits flames about his global footprint and the lavish life in threads dripping luxury — we’re talkin’ Dolce & Gabbana fresh. Meanwhile, Burna Boy ain’t playing either, his verse slaps with that gritty realness and the punch of the dancehall influence.


Released: 2023 • Features: Quavo

The track oozes bravado, with Busta Rhymes flexing his deep-rooted influence and Quavo complementing with his signature Migos-flavored drip. Here we find two generations of hip-hop’s finest exchanging verses that boast about their come-up from the trenches to the top echelons of rap royalty. It’s a declaration of success and resilience, highlighted by their lyrical finesse and wealth-flaunting wordplay.


Released: 2023 • Features: DaBaby, T-Pain

These lyrical heavyweights spit lines about thriving despite the odds, with each verse building upon a narrative of grinding from the bottom to reach the zenith of wealth and recognition. Busta’s signature rapid-fire delivery meshes with DaBaby’s assertive and braggadocious rhymes, both painting vivid pictures of their riches and the hard-earned path to obtaining them.

2. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See

Released: 1997 • Features: Jamal

It’s a track that captures Busta in full flex, dropping playful yet lethal bars that showcase his unmistakable flow and vibrant energy. The song, an ode to the party scene, beckons everyone to get loose and wild out as Busta navigates the mic with the agility of a prime-time prizefighter. Lyrically, it’s a potent mix of bravado, street wisdom, and that Flipmode Squad charisma, where Busta delivers a performance that’s both an invitation and a warning.

1. I Know What You Want

Released: 2002 • Features: Mariah Carey, Flipmode Squad

Busta comes through with that deep voice, laying down verses about loyalty, love, and the grind of life that keeps him from his shorty. He’s all about reassuring his lady that despite the cash, the fame, and the constant motion, she’s the queen holding the crown in his heart.

Then you got Mariah Carey gracing the hook with that honey-dipped vocal, flipping the script on what you expect from a rap collab—she brings the soul soundtrack feeling that had everybody vibin’. The message is clear: this duo is down for each other, ride or die. They’ve seen the struggle, they’ve weathered the storm, and at the end of the day, they’ve got each other’s back. That’s real love, no fronts, just that raw emotional connection, and Busta and Mariah delivered it with class. Trust, in hip-hop, it don’t get much smoother than this.

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