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Top 35 Best ‘E-Dubble’ Songs, a profound voice from Philladelphia

He passed way too soon; E-Dubble was one of the most profound voices from Philly to grace the sphere of Hip Hop. He offered a distinct flare, churning out tunes that played with the eardrums of listeners and lingered in their minds long after. His musical prowess shone brightly through the depth and richness of his numerous works; his tracks never failed to serve up a generous helping of soulful beats coupled with lyricism that ranged from reflective and introspective to jam-packed with sheer vibrancy and life-affirming messages.

Notable among these were anthems like “Two Tone Rebel,” that had the power to invigorate hearts, and gems like “Alive Til’ I Die,” “Drinking with My Headphones On,” and “Plan A”, that demonstrated his incomparable knack to fuse potent storytelling with an infectious rhythm. Then there were profound narratives such as “The Grey”, and “War of Attrition”, that resonated with listeners on a deep personal level, showcasing his ability to delve into the depths of the human psyche while still keeping it 100.

E-Dubble crafted a robust body of work that remains right at the nerve center of Hip Hop’s matrix. His tracks are a testament to his unique blend of audacity and authenticity, and a triumph of his raw talent and unapologetic expression. So let’s get into it. From “Over Here” to “What It Do”, here are the top 25 tracks by E-Dubble.

35. Metabars – Original – E-Dubble


As he raps over a heavy-hitting beat, his bars stand as a testament to his lyrical prowess and the intricate world within his mind. This ain’t his magnum opus, but Metabars – Original still showcases the audacity and potency E-Dub’s known for. It’s a perfect example of how he could construct profound stories from his lived experiences, building a densely woven tapestry of urban life, strife, and survival.

34. Running With Blades – E-Dubble


It’s like a high-speed chase down lyrical backstreets, filled with sharp turns of metaphors and quick sprints of flows that make your neck snap. It’s an adrenaline-fueled track, a testament to e-dubbles’s ability to transform his personal struggles into auditory catharsis. He had the knack for making the mic feel like his therapist’s couch, and we were all invited to the session. Even when e-dubble came armed with blades, he wasn’t there to cut and stab, but rather to dissect the complexities of life. The track isn’t his best, but it’s a real example of his “punk-rap” ethos.

33. Klitschko – e-dubble, 27Lights

Surrounded By Giants

Named after the Ukrainian heavyweight boxing champ, Klitschko lays down punchy metaphors that go toe-to-toe with the thumping drums, allowing the rhymes to land with heavyweight gravity. The meticulous wordplay and insightful commentary, typical of e-dubble, thrives here. As much as it’s a striking auditory uppercut, it leaves a lasting intellectual imprint too, taking you on a wild lyrical ride that’s half introspective journey, half social observation. Although it doesn’t pack the knockout punch of his later masterpieces, it’s a fine exhibition of his lyrical dexterity.

32. Code Words – E-Dubble


This joint right here, it ain’t just the mic that e-dubble’s spitting fire on, it’s the entire English language. Tearing up syllables and rhymes, flipping them into coded messages for the ones who’ve been sleeping on the culture. He’s painting a vivid narrative, using our collective hip hop lexicon as his palette. And the beat? Straight undiluted boom-bap, with the not-so-subtle punctuation of bassline that got your head nodding. It’s not just a track, it’s a cipher within a cipher, a testament to a time when bars were held in higher regard than bling. Respect!

31. Jailbreak – E-Dubble

Jailbreak - Single

He’s not just rapping about a physical jailbreak, but the liberation of his creative mind from the constraints imposed by societal norms. The bars he spits are like a sledgehammer against the conventions of life, pulling you into a vortex where the impossible is provoked into existence. The slow build-up of the track, peppered with these transparent revelations, carries your thoughts on a journey. It’s a journey of breaking free, it’s an echo of e-dubble’s mental revolution – resounding with listeners who desire to shake off their chains. Among his discography, ‘Jailbreak’ hits hard but doesn’t quite top the pile.

30. Party With Wookies – e-dubble, 27Lights

Surrounded By Giants

This joint knocks, bringing the intergalactic funk that keeps your head bobbing and feet tapping. Blessed with a psychedelic vibe and a catchy hook that invites a rebellious celebration, it’s more than just a futuristic space jam – it’s a declaration of e-dubble’s commitment to remain true to his artistry, even if it means going against the mainstream flow. So, while it may not hold the same weight as his more introspective works, this is one Hip Hop odyssey you don’t want to miss. It’s e-dubble in a loose, carefree mode, showing us that even in the dopest of galaxies, parties with Wookies are the real deal.

29. No Time – E-Dubble

hip-hop is good

The hyphy-infused beat drives home the urgency of the title, while E-Dubble spews an unfiltered commentary on the struggles of making it in the rap game. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s riddled with layers of meaning that resonate with every hip hop head who ever dreamed of picking up a mic. Ain’t got time for the fake, that’s the message here. Hearty beats, cutthroat lyricism, and a no-nonsense flow… “No Time” is the embodiment of E-Dubble’s street cred. Now, that’s how you drop some truth bombs!

28. Reset – E-Dubble


E-Dubble’s raw honesty hits you like a freight train, his lyrics embracing the struggles and pushing through without a shred of sugar-coating. With a beat that’s as relentless as E-Dubble’s resolve, ‘Reset’ underscores not just the need but the innate human capacity to start anew. The melodic interludes provide a much-needed breather, akin to the brief moments of calm we snatch from the storm that’s life. On the ranked list of his tracks, ‘Reset’ sits comfortably in the upper echelon, offering a powerful dose of reality wrapped up in a blistering cadence.

27. Safe Travels – E-Dubble

Safe Travels

Noted for its profound lyrics and a beat that hits you in the chest with the intensity of a freight train, E-Dubble flexes his storytelling muscle, revealing glimpses of vulnerability, ambition, and life’s imperfections. The layers of synthesizers, mixed with raw hip hop beats, create a sonic landscape that gives this track its distinct sound. It’s a travel narrative punched with reflective wisdom, though it doesn’t top the list of his tracks, it comfortably nestles among E-Dubble’s impactful discography. The sheer boldness of his lyrical poignancy reaffirms his genius and makes ‘Safe Travels’ a piece worth coming back to.

26. Two Steps from Disaster – E-Dubble

Two Steps from Disaster - Single

Don’t let the title scare you off, it’s packed with raw power, and man, he’s spraying lyrical bullets like a well-oiled AK. It’s about walking that tightrope, crossing the chasm of life where every step could plunge you into chaos. E-Dubble’s intricate verses and hard-hitting bars encapsulate this struggle perfectly – it’s masterful. He wrestles with the precarious balance of life, his words weaving a tapestry of triumph, disaster and gritty determination. ‘Two Steps from Disaster’ is grand, compelling and potent, but we still got some more dimes in his discography.

25. Robots, Pop Songs – E-Dubble

hip-hop is good

The result? A lyrical onslaught delivered at breakneck speed, where robot metaphors meld with his signature raw energy, invading every crevice of the beat. It’s like the dude is sparring with the future, doling out punchlines in a flurry that become critical commentary on the mechanization of Hip Hop. The track definitely flexes E-Dubble’s ability to blend genres, but it doesn’t sit in the highest echelon of his catalog. Its experimental nature stands out, but can’t outshine the rawer, more introspective offerings from the Baltimore MC.

24. Rebuild – E-Dubble


This ain’t a simple head-banger; it’s about taking the rubble from his past, the lessons learned and disappointment faced, and using it as a foundation for a fresh start. The raw emotion E-dubble vents into the mic seeps out like a battle cry; the melancholic beat his canvas. But despite the salience and depth of E-dubble’s rhymes, ‘Rebuild’ is not a pitiful lament or a cry for help. Instead, it’s a beautifully crafted testament to the resilience and indefatigable spirit of an artist who refuses to be broken. This track, though majestic, is just shy of being a crown holder.

23. Down – E-Dubble


Homie went deep on this one, laying bare his soul and offering an introspective look into his struggles. The beat, soaked in raw emotion, serves as a backdrop for the storytelling, showing his adeptness at riding the crests and troughs of life. His delivery is as potent as ever, his voice resonating with the weight of experience like the bass notes on a vintage boom box. He holds nothing back, and it’s this vulnerable honesty that prompts repeated listens. The balance between personal confession and communal connection is exquisitely executed in “Down”, with E-Dubble’s ability to generate shared feelings of perseverance in the struggle against life’s hardships being a central tenet. This track offers a slice of the artist’s life, minus the sugar-coating, it digs deep but doesn’t quite reach the zenith of his illustrious catalogue.

22. Cycle of Nightmares (Let It Go) – E-Dubble


It dives into the abyss of mental struggles, of chasing dreams entangled in webs of self-doubt. The emcee’s lyrical prowess, the raw tenacity he exhibits in expressing his depression, anxiety, and the futility of life, makes your heart tremble. It’s a turbulent river of emotions presented as a symphony of jarring keys and potent rhymes. This ain’t just your regular radio hip-hop; it peels layers of the soul as smooth as butter. However, the crown eludes this piece, despite being an honest exploration of E-Dubble’s noir psyche. There are other tracks that better capture his magic and musical dynamism.

21. Wait – E-Dubble

Two Tone Rebel

This joint man, it’s all about the struggle to understand and navigate the labyrinth we call existence. He questions the uncertainty of time, the ambiguity of waiting for answers that may never come. The beat stomps backs and slaps faces like it’s trying to wake you from a deep sleep. He’s got a wordsmith’s touch, his rhymes ricocheting off your thoughts, stirring a storm of deep introspection. The song is one of e-dubble’s masterpieces, an intimate dive into the sea of existential thought, yet it doesn’t take the golden crown in the titan’s discography.

20. Big Ships – E-Dubble

Big Ships

The beats on this track are more monumental than the titanic, but far from sinking, they cultivate a buoyancy that carries e-dubble’s bars to unexplored heights. Layered metaphors about personal growth and overcoming obstacles litter the lines, woven within the rhythm so smooth it can glide over glaciers. Yet, despite its robust structure and inspired wordplay, “Big Ships” is not the ultimate beacon in e-dubble’s discography. It harbors a charm that often gets overlooked, sailing underdog in a sea filled with hoards of more popular tracks.

19. Dogface Go – E-Dubble

hip-hop is good

Merging his Baltimore roots with an unorthodox approach to the genre, E-Dubble doesn’t just rap, he paints scenes with words. This track is an experience – one where you can feel the asphalt of the city beneath your sneakers and taste the bite of the cold beer between verses. That said, the song’s real power lies in E-Dubble’s ability to navigate the terrain of the human psyche, putting the hard-earned lessons of the street to his advantage. ‘Dogface Go’ is certainly a beacon in his discography, but falls midway through when it comes to its relative standing. The song is solid, but this Hip-Hop heavyweight has more potent punches in his arsenal.

18. War of Attrition – E-Dubble

Two Tone Rebel

E-dubble hits us with a barrage of rhymes that mirror the relentless grind of his music journey. His lyrical intensity and thoughtful wordplay echo the on-going battles faced daily. The raw emotion threads through the track, manifesting the tenacity and resilience artists need to thrive amidst competition and criticism. One of e-dubble’s more introspective joints, “War of Attrition” represents the crux of his struggles, yet its reach doesn’t quite outstretch some of the other definitive tracks in his catalogue.

17. Getting By (I’m Good) – E-Dubble

Two Tone Rebel

The chorus is catchy, hooking you in like a left jab, and the verses play out like a boxer dancing around the ring. It’s a thunderous affirmation from e-dubble, reinforcing the necessity of standing tall, despite life’s challenges. There’s a relatable struggle embedded within the beats and rhymes, where the journey from despair to confidence is expressed with palpable intensity. “Getting By (I’m Good)” makes you bob your head, but moreover, it plants a seed of self-belief that defines the soul of hip hop music, making it a strong contender in e-dubble’s oeuvre.

16. Coming of Age – E-Dubble


This joint is riddled with introspection, every bar drips with life lessons bottled from raw experiences, displaying E-Dubble’s knack for spinning autobiographical verses into universal truths. Here, he’s the ghetto griot, sharing wisdoms wrapped in tight lyricism. He fuses his old school influences with millennial swag, and the result is a track busting with sonic thrills and profound insights. ‘Coming of Age’ is a dazzling exhibit of E-Dubble’s intellectual depth and swagger as an MC – an audial Bildungsroman that shows he’s far from a Hip Hop neophyte. Top-tier, no doubt, but in E-Dubble’s catalog? It’s top-shelf, yet slightly outclassed by a few other joints.

15. Backseat – E-Dubble


The track, which is drenched in introspection and melancholy, conveys the frustrations of being a passenger in one’s own life. It’s a reflective ride around the inner cityscape of the mind, a journey through self-doubt and a quest to regain control. E-dubble’s delivery is impeccable here – his flow is so casually ferocious that it feels like an informal chat but hits like a sledgehammer of truth. The beat, a blend of melancholic undertones and slow-paced rhythm, is the perfect backdrop to his introspective bars. Yet, it can’t claim the top spot on the list as it tends to be overshadowed by his more bombastic tracks.

14. The Grey – E-Dubble

The Grey - Single

‘The Grey’ is a symphony of lyrical serenity meets hard-hitting reality, each line cutting deeper into the under-card of exuberance. The versatility in E-Dubble’s flow is noticeably nuanced and exceptionally delivered, forming a nitty-gritty resonance that bellows within the realm of Hip Hop artistry. Instrumentally, it’s a platform for his immersing narrative, eliciting the struggle between grappling with life’s complexities and bouncing off the ropes with resilience. However, the ‘The Grey’ still falls behind some of his other masterpieces, but the crevices of its nuances embed a distinct flavor within E-Dubble’s expansive spectrum.

13. Alive Til’ I Die – E-Dubble

hip-hop is good

‘Alive Til’ I Die’ is a testament to e-dubble’s resilience in the face of adversity. The track conveys a determination, a promise to ourselves that we won’t surrender to the world’s perils until the last beat drops. Lyrically, it’s an exquisite blend of existential musings and raw emotion, making it a mesmerizing listen. Amidst e-dubble’s profound discography, ‘Alive Til’ I Die’ stands tall. It doesn’t reach the zenith, but it certainly rides high, reminding us all that there’s still a lot of life left in our mental speakers.

12. Drinking with My Headphones On – E-Dubble

hip-hop is good

The way E-Dubble uses his words hits like a Raiden prime on a Saturn night, delivering knock-out punches of introspective lyrics. His storytelling ability in this joint connects on a visceral level, bridging the gap between artist and listener. But it ain’t all serious – he still pours out shot after shot of humor and wit, ensuring the trip ain’t too heavy. This song ain’t just a track, it’s a testament to E-Dubble’s skill – a reminder that his artistry extends beyond just spit bars and catchy hooks. “Drinking with My Headphones On” is a classic among classics, a straight e-dub banger. Get ready to press repeat.

11. Miracle – E-Dubble

hip-hop is good

But E-Dubble kept things real, and ‘Miracle’ is an embodiment of that approach. This track breathes authenticity. He’s not bragging about jewelry or money. Rather, he reflects on his survival in the game and the music industry’s hurdles. At its core, it’s a testament to his resilience. The lyricism is served raw, the production complements it well, providing a gritty atmosphere that fits the theme. As much as ‘Miracle’ impresses, it’s an underdog in E-Dubble’s catalog, showing glimmers of greatness but not quite reaching the top echelon. Hip hop heads, though, will recognize and respect the heart and hustle infused in its bars.

10. See Me When You See Me – e-dubble, 27Lights

Surrounded By Giants

The collaboration with 27Lights orchestrates a soundscape that’s both icy and torrid, carrying e-dubble’s robust bars like an urban symphony engineered for street poets. His verses intertwine personal glimpses and broader cultural commentaries, producing a narrative labyrinth that deepens with every listen. But while the lyrical prowess and beat construction are on point, the track lacks that final push to stand at the pinnacle of e-dubble’s discography. Yet, all said and done, when you hear this track? You see the truth of the world.

9. Olly Olly (Oxen Free) – E-Dubble

Two Tone Rebel

The Philly-bred emcee does a masterful job of taking the familiar hide and seek chant to create a pulsating, introspective anthem. The track’s bouncy rhythm serves as a backdrop to E-Dubble’s potent social commentary – unmasking the hide and seek charade often seen in life and the Hip Hop game. Powerful and significant, without the chokehold of preachiness, it’s an essential dose of E-Dubble. While it’s a certified banger, it lacks that elusive something to nudge it to the very top. Still, it’s raw, real, and eminently replayable. Truly, it’s a track where the message matches the medium, harmoniously.

8. One Question – E-Dubble

Two Tone Rebel

The track’s melancholic tone serves as the perfect canvas for E-Dubble to weave tales of tribulations and triumphs, his lyricism piercing through the foggy haze of uncertainty that life often throws at us. This jawn’s got the power to resonate in the hearts of listeners who have also wrestled with existential dilemmas. Though it’s a strong contender in his musical catalog, it ain’t quite the top titan of E-Dubble’s lyrical arsenal.

7. Plan A – E-Dubble

Plan A

His lyrical tenacity grapples with the endless grind and hustle, speaking to every homie out there hustling from dawn to dusk. The production slaps, with a menacing bassline setting the stage for E-Dubble’s straight-from-the-gut flows. ‘Plan A’ is that soundtrack for those who breathe fire in the face of obstacles, those who dare to dream big. But let’s keep it a buck, it doesn’t quite capture the creative pinnacle of E-Dubble’s career, holding solid ground mid-way through his dope discography.

6. Robot’s Can’t Drink – E-Dubble

Robots Can't Drink

A banger that feels like a culmination of his artistry, it reflects a journey mirrored in its thoughtful lyrics and punchy rhythm. The haunting piano riff intermingling with raw, kick-ass beats sets an eerily captivating stage. E-dubble’s words ooze the essence of a resilient artist standing up to life’s trials. It’s a toast to the relentless spirit, a nod to humanly imperfections, all layered beautifully within the song. Top-tier stuff in his catalogue, but there are a few tracks that edge past it in this ranking.

5. Be a King – E-Dubble

Be a King

This track right here? This is the magnum opus that sets the bar for independent rap artists. It’s laced with powerful lines that speak to the heart of the powerless, churning out a narrative of resilience and victory. No hood facades, no superficial bling – Dubble just goes in, wrestling words into raw images of his grind. It’s the essence of hip-hop; tracing back to the roots of the genre’s gritty, no-frills storytelling and fierce lyricism. Here’s a true king, y’all, unyielding in his pursuit of mastery, his kingdom built on beats and the throne majestically carved from rhymes. The only argument against its reigning supremacy? Quantity can’t rival the profound quality dished out in every single bar.

4. Changed My Mind – E-Dubble

Changed My Mind

E-Dubble constructs an audacious narrative about his confrontation with change, and trust, the bars he spits are nothing short of therapeutic. Packed with contemplative punchlines and resilient verbs, each lyric reflects the internal battlefield. The beats follow suit, oscillating between calm introspection and explosive catharsis – it’s like E-Dubble’s own Rorschach test. While the track doesn’t quite make the cut as e-dubble’s best song, it definitely puts up a solid contender, especially if you’re wrestling with the comfort of the familiar, and the thrill of change.

3. Two Tone Rebel – E-Dubble

Two Tone Rebel

E-dubble channels his Yin and Yang, delivering a flow that’s One-part introspective wordsmith, one-part rowdy battle rapper. The track’s got that raw energy, that realness that he scrubs off his throaty vocals, making it a spitfire anthem loaded with emotional heft. It’s a superb reflection of the same duality that pervades the streets – the fight for survival and the search for a better life. I gotta say, e-dubble did the damn thing on this track, yet it’s not his crowning achievement. Still, it’s a concrete testament that e-dubble’s artistry is no fleeting cloud, but rather an enduring storm brewing in the hip-hop heavens.

2. Hampden Parks (Freestyle Friday #7) – E-Dubble

Hampden Parks (Freestyle Friday #7)

Simply put, it’s the chef-d’oeuvre of his Freestyle Friday series. With a laid-back delivery over a playful beat infused with a sample of The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?”, E-Dubble drops a dynamite verse after dynamite verse. This joint showcases his creativity, his wit, and his uncanny ability to rhyme with an appeal that’s just mad infectious. It’s a monumental piece within his catalog, a true demonstration of e-dubble’s versatility and lyrical prowess. It’s like watching Jordan in ’92 with the flu – you can’t help but appreciate the greatness.

1. What It Do – E-Dubble

What It Do - Single

The Philadelphia native employs a bouncy production – we’re talking sonics that would get a party rocking in North Philly or the boogie down Bronx. In the midst of these beats, E-Dubble drops equally animated rhymes, flavoring his delivery with unapologetic bravado. It’s not his most lyrically intense, but it sure is a mood-lifter. The track’s feel-good vibe makes it perfect for cranking up loud on a sunny day, or for throwing down at a spontaneous freestyle cypher. While “What It Do” doesn’t top his catalog, it showcases E-Dubble’s ability to lighten the mood with his bars.

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