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Top 50 Best Lil Yachty Songs and featured Collaborations

Lil Yachty, a playfully surreal figure in the hip hop landscape, burst onto the scene with the left-field pop-trap anthem “One Night” and soon solidified his place in the rap game with his distinctive style. Known for his melodic flows, quirky lyrics, and an affinity for bright colors that give off a youthful, carefree vibe, Yachty has been a divisive figure in hip hop. Yet, his influence can’t be denied, from contributing to the rise of SoundCloud rap, to pushing boundaries with his audacious style, and brash dismissal of rap traditionalism.

Across his discography, from ‘Lil Boat’ to ‘Nuthin’ 2 Prove’, Yachty has staked his claim with a medley of tracks that showcase his unorthodox approach to music. His collaborations with artists like Ski Mask the Slump God in “How You Feel?” and Drake and DaBaby in “Oprah’s Bank Account” prove his versatility and adaptability, while tracks like “Pretender” highlight his knack for introspection. This is all underpinned with a latent raucous energy that fully emerges in vibrant tracks like “Go Krazy, Go Stupid Freestyle”.

Even on the more commercial-leaning tracks, such as “iSpy” with KYLE or “Broccoli” with DRAM, Yachty’s buoyant persona shines through. He has proven time and time again that he can hold his own, even when paired with dominant figures like Future and Mike WiLL Made-It on “Pardon Me.”

Whether he’s flexing on “NBAYOUNGBOAT,” or taking it slow on “66,” Yachty continues to navigate his own unique path in the music industry—unafraid to challenge conventions and break from the norm. So let’s get into it. From boundary-pushing numbers to underrated gems, here are the Top 50 Best Lil Yachty Songs of All Time.

50. Go Krazy, Go Stupid Freestyle

He flexes his lyrical dexterity, flipping between flow patterns with the ease of a seasoned emcee. What’s more, Yachty doubles down on his king-of-teens claim, acknowledging the haters but swiftly shrugging them off. There’s a rawness to this track that reminds you of those basement cyphers where the only thing that mattered was how sharp your bars were. This ain’t no Boat album cut, this is that mixtape Yachty reminding us he can spit. Under the bravado though, there’s a glimpse of vulnerability, a little peek into Yachty’s psyche that keeps us invested. Yeah, go stupid, go crazy indeed.

49. Pretender

Now, don’t get it twisted, this ain’t strictly a Yachty track – it’s a Steve Aoki jam with Yachty and AJR on feature duty. But even as a guest, Lil Boat stunts hard with his trademark eccentricity, weaving a narrative about pretentious folks in the industry who ain’t really ’bout that life. His verse is solid, but it doesn’t quite have that punch his best work packs. Aoki’s EDM production is slick, but it doesn’t gel with Yachty’s style as fluidly as, say, a Pierre Bourne beat would. It’s aight, but among a sea of Yachty hits, “Pretender” doesn’t quite stay afloat.

48. YAE ENERGY – Lil Yachty

The beat comes in hard, Yachty’s southern drawl navigating the choppy waters of the percussion with finesse. This track may not appeal to fans who prefer the artist’s more playful, ‘bubblegum trap’ style, but those who appreciate Lil Boat’s ability to switch lanes will value the experimentation demonstrated here. Lyrically, it’s not his strongest showing, and a closer inspection uncovers a lack of substance. But if we’re talking about whatever gives a track its replay power, then “YAE ENERGY” has just enough to justify its three-minute runtime. A testament to Yachty’s versatility, if not to his lyrical prowess.

47. Breathe Deeper

Yachty breathes new life into the song, taking the psychedelic pop masterpiece and giving it a hip hop facelift, sliding in his eccentric verses with a finesse that’s undeniable. Is it as earth-shattering as Tame’s original piece? Nah, but that’s not what Yachty’s aiming for here. He’s dipping his toes into unchartered territory, and for that, props are deserved. It’s a testament to Yachty’s versatility, breaking away from the straight-up trap beats to float on Tame’s surreal soundscapes. It’s intriguing, it’s funky, it’s Yachty in a whole new light. And yo, it’s worth cranking up on your speakers.

46. One Of Those Days

The alliance of Lil Yachty and 347aidan is like the tag team of hip hop you didn’t know you needed until you got it. On “One Of Those Days”, they link up with Zack Bia, and the result is an interesting cross-pollination of their respective musical landscapes. It’s not Yachty’s most incendiary performance, his rhymes are far more introspective than fiery, and his signature wordplay is somewhat muted. You get the sense he’s taking a bit of a backseat, allowing 347aidan’s emo-driven rap that resonates with the Gen-Z crowd to take the lead. It’s a laid-back, introspective track that plays to the strengths of its collaborators rather than pushing Yachty to the fore. A cool experiment, but not necessarily peak Lil Boat.

45. sHouLd i B? – Lil Yachty

Though Yachty tends to lean into his more playful, unconventional image, this track finds him in a more contemplative mood, exploring the pressures and expectations that come with fame. This joint ain’t your typical club banger or radio hit, but it’s got a certain vibe that can’t be replicated. Some may deem it too mellow for their taste, but for the true heads who know that hip hop ain’t always about the flashy and grand, “sHouLd i B?” is a real gem. It’s a reminder that Lil Yachty ain’t just a one-note wonder, he’s got depth, versatility. As he questions and self-reflects, we vibe along, nodding our heads with respect.

44. Number 9 (feat. Lil Yachty) – Miguel

Their styles might seem at odds on paper, but Yachty’s playful bars bounce off against Miguel’s velvety hooks and it’s like something just clicks, ya dig? There’s that classic Miguel R&B soul, but with Yachty adding his distinctively laid-back, off-kilter rhymes, the track takes on this hybridity that’s straight up intriguing. It’s not Yachty’s hardest verse, for sure – but that ain’t what this track is about. It’s a showcase of how versatile the Kid can be when he steps out of his comfort zone. Is it top-tier Yachty? Debatable. But it’s a testament to his potential as an artist who ain’t afraid to mix it up.

43. How You Feel?

Part of that potent DJ Scheme concoction, Lil Yachty and Ski Mask the Slump God on the same track? It’s like putting kerosene on a bonfire. Yachty and Ski Mask are two seasoned maestros of the mic, each flexing their unique styles with atomic punchlines and devastating flow switches that make your head spin. Yachty’s playful lyricism is the perfect complement to Ski Mask’s bullet train flow, creating a whirlwind aura that’s unforgettable. This song ain’t just a track, it’s a testament to how diverse and electrifying hip-hop can be when cats who truly understand the game come together.

42. Hit Bout It – Lil Yachty

This cut sees Lil Boat trading hardcore, streetwise bars with none other than Louisiana’s trap king, Kodak Black. It’s a certified banger, showcasing Yachty’s evolution from a mumble rap icon to a versatile emcee – dude can spit with the best of ’em. The production slaps, too, with menacing 808s and icy hi-hats creating a soundscape that’s as tough as the rhymes. One missing piece: a memorable hook, but when Yachty and Kodak spit pure heat, it’s hardly noticed. “Hit Bout It” is a raw, uncut piece of Yachty’s artistry, showing he can roll with the heavyweights in the rap game.

41. Mase in ’97 – Carnage

Yachty got raw on this one, throwing it back to Ma$e’s Harlem World momentum era. This joint dropped in an era where Yachty was still carving out his space in the game – an underdog with too much sauce. “Mase in ’97” demonstrated Yachty’s potential to bring that 90’s gritty rap vibe into the fizzy, candy-colored universe that he was creating. Yachty’s aggressive flow on the Carnage beat makes this a stand out in his discography – a straight switch up from his melodic bubblegum trap offerings. An underrated gem, it’s hip hop nostalgia with a new-age twist.

40. Speed Me Up (with Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Yachty & Sueco the Child) – Wiz Khalifa

Collaborating with heavy hitters like Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa, and Sueco the Child, Yachty puts his nimble flow to good use on this track. The song, featured on the ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ soundtrack, sees Boat and company trading verses over a zippy beat that mirrors the high-octane energy of the iconic video game. It’s not traditional hip hop by any stretch of the imagination, but it showcases Yachty’s ability to adapt to any sonic environment. Not his most celebrated joint but like a hidden gem, it’s a must listen for any fan of the self-anointed ‘King of the Youth’.

39. Marmalade (feat. Lil Yachty) – Macklemore

Boat’s flow is melodic, casual and fits the fun, light-hearted vibe of the track. He sprinkles the song with his playful bars, showcasing the signature Yachty charisma we all know and love. Macklemore, on the other hand, delivers an unexpectedly complementary performance, managing to match the youthful, carefree energy of Lil Boat. It’s a collaborative effort that feels fun and bouncy, like a summer day with the top down, cruising through the city. Though it might not be a classic, it certainly shows Yachty’s ability to blend into different styles and his dynamic skill set as a featured artist. A bright, sweet flavor in Yachty’s discography, this one is a charmer.

38. Rocc Climbing (feat. Lil Yachty) – Remble

Now, Yachty ain’t a new jack to the scene, but this joint shows he still packs heat. He applies his signature quirky flow over a structured beat, laying down lines that are pure gold. The buoyant melodic line accentuates Yachty’s unique approach to rhythm, making the track rise above standard trap cuts. It’s a testament to Yachty’s versatility; he’s not just about zany hooks and the oddball aesthetic. His lyrical game hits hard when he wants it to, and “Rocc Climbing” is proof. However, it still falls short of his most iconic tracks, holding down the fort somewhere in the middle of his extensive discography.

37. 66 – Lil Yachty

Featuring Trippie Redd, this cut off Lil Boat 2 is Yachty showin’ love to his day-ones, the ones who been ridin’ since the tide was low. Yachty’s and Redd’s cadences intertwine like the perfect audio form of finger trap, and their lyrics give us a raw insight into the trials they faced on their climb. But don’t get it twisted, this ain’t no sob story. The triumphant, chorus-drenched keys and the trap-happy drums make “66” a victory lap. It’s celebratory, but Yachty keeps it 100 about the struggles it took to get that W. It’s yacht season, and not just anyone can ride this wave.

36. Faking It (feat. Kehlani & Lil Yachty) – Calvin Harris

A prime example of Calvin Harris throwing an unexpected curveball with his collaborations. Proving once again that when the UK producer is in his zone, he can make anyone sound hot. This searing, synth-drenched bop sees rising R&B queen Kehlani pouring her heart out in the perfect balance of vulnerability and swagger. Then, right from the dugout, Lil Yachty steps up to spit some of the most coherent bars of his career– proving that even the king of mumble rap can score a home run when it counts. It’s a testament to Harris’ seasoned production prowess that the disparate styles of these two artists mesh in such a seamless, ear-catching way. With “Faking It,” Harris proves that he can bridge the gap between hip hop and electronic music with stylistic flair.

35. Split/Whole Time – Lil Yachty

This banger off his fourth studio album ‘Lil Boat 3′ is proof that the self-dubbed King of Youth can bounce between styles smoother than a DJ on the ones and twos. The joint starts with that classic Boat energy, all upbeat flow and playful metaphors. But halfway through, the track flips like a record on the platter. Suddenly, we’re swimming in a slower, introspective vibe where each lyric lands like it’s got somethin’ to prove. It’s a showcase of Yachty’s experimentation with sound and style, like mixing two paints to create a brand new color. Is it the best Yachty joint out there? Maybe not. But it’s evidence that this cat’s creativity is off the charts.

34. 1v1 (feat. Lil Yachty) – Rio Da Yung Og

This is where that Midwest flow meets Atlanta trap, creating a classic hip hop head-nodder. Yachty is no slouch here, as he goes toe-to-toe with Rio, both firing lyrical bullets back and forth. What’s dope about this track is Yachty stepping outside his usual comfort zone, spitting with a fervor that shows he can hang with the most aggressive spitters. But it ain’t all about aggression, as both artists flaunt their wordplay skills. Yeah, it might not carry that depth of some lyrical miracles, but “1v1″ serves as a testament that Yachty ain’t just about mumble rap. He got bars too, ya heard?”

33. the ride- – Lil Yachty

This track finds Boat drifting down memory lane, reminiscent of earlier times when the rap game was just a dream scribbled in his notebook. His flow is a bit more subdued than his usual bouncy cadence, giving his words gravity. Lyrically, Yachty shows growth, holding a mirror to his own triumphs and trials, meditating on his journey to stardom. The beat is a smooth, melodic production that adds depth to Boat’s reflections. On “the ride-“, Lil Yachty proves he got the range not just to spit bars but to tell compelling stories, offering a different breed of vulnerability often overlooked in mainstream rap discourse. This joint is proof that Yachty has more to deliver than just catchy hooks and playful rhymes.

32. running out of time – Lil Yachty

This ain’t the bubblegum trap Boat we once knew—nah, homie is showing some major maturity. On this melodic gem, he trades mumble rap for introspective bars. Emotionally charged lyrics juxtapose with the shimmering synth-driven beat, speaking to the urgency of time slipping away. Yachty’s vulnerability is the truest form of hip hop, as he confesses his fears and anxieties. This ain’t just about losing an hour when the clock strikes midnight, it’s about life’s fleeting moments and the pressure to make it big. It’s the unfiltered Yachty who veers from his usual braggadocio flows—man’s got depth and ain’t afraid to show it. “Running Out Of Time” is a testament to Yachty’s growth as an artist and his ability to experiment outside his comfort zone.

31. Menace – Quality Control

Yachty’s flow on this track is pure water, free-flowing with a chilled cadence that’s more often associated with cloud rap. Lyrically, he’s a rebel without a cause, a self-proclaimed menace to the streets and the industry. He ain’t playin’ by the rules, bro, he’s setting his own. And you gotta respect that, because hip hop was born out of rebellion, right? While “Menace” might not be a charts-topper, it’s a testament to Yachty’s determination to express his individuality. It’s braggadocio, it’s playful, it’s Yachty at his finest. It’s moments like these that remind you that this kid from Atlanta is more than just a mumble rapper move over.

30. No Clue (feat. Lil Yachty) – Young Nudy

This team-up creates an atmosphere that’s uncompromisingly grimy. Yachty’s verse here is pure menace, diving deep into the underbelly of Atlanta’s trap scene, mirroring Nudy’s rugged approach. While the Boat doesn’t entirely shed his vibrant color, the infusion of Nudy’s gritty essence elevates the song into an intriguing exploration of street realities. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that Yachty, in sidestepping his comfort zone, loses the whimsical charm that made him a standout in the saturated trap scene. A commendable experiment, but far from his best work.

29. pRETTy – Lil Yachty

It’s a track where minimalism meets hype, stripped back beats providing a bare stage for Yachty to demonstrate his vocal versatility. He moves into trap-soul territory here, the lyrics all reflective introspection. Mortality, fame, and trust issues are all tackled with a sincerity that can take you by surprise. The magic, though, is how it all fits into the party vibe without killing the buzz. A testament to Lil Yachty’s ability to diversify without losing his identity. “pRETTy” is a track that defies categorization, just like Lil Boat himself. It’s a joint that’s unapologetically Yachty, while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of what that even means. So don’t sleep on it.

28. Oprah’s Bank Account (Lil Yachty & DaBaby feat. Drake) – Lil Yachty

It’s a testament to Yachty’s chameleon-like ability to adapt his flow to suit those he spits alongside. Drake brings his signature groovy, laid-back style, interspersing his verse with witty one-liners, while DaBaby flips the script with his rapid-fire delivery, giving the track that extra edge. Yachty steers the ship with his off-beat creativity, his bars dripping with the ambition that’s a cornerstone of his artistry. This track is a throwdown, a show of clout, demonstrating the far reach of Yachty’s influence in the hip hop community—you gotta respect it.

27. Get Dripped (feat. Playboi Carti) – Lil Yachty

Recorded for Boat’s 2018 album “Nuthin’ 2 Prove”, this joint is all about the drip. Yachty spits a catchy, autotuned chorus that’s all about stuntin’ on those who once slept on him, while Carti contributes a verse that’s as stylishly nonchalant as his fashion choices. But the real star might be the slappin’ production, cooked up with a heavy trap beat that takes no prisoners. While some might dismiss this as shallow mumble rap, I’d argue it’s a vital chronicle of hip hop’s current bling era. Just don’t sleep on the lyrical nuances beneath the icy veneer of the drip.

26. Gucci Flip Flops (feat. Lil Yachty) – Bhad Bhabie

Certainly, we can appreciate a good party tune, and Yachty knows how to throw down and get crowds moving. However, the joint effort appeared more like a case of riding trends, rather than carving new paths within the hip-hop landscape. For one, Bhad Bhabie’s career inception via her meme-able debut already casts a shadow on her artistic output. Then, Yachty’s verse, while delivered with his trademark buoyant enthusiasm, teeters around the same subject matter he tends to tread in other tracks. They throw down about designer gear and living grand, which ain’t exactly groundbreaking. Bottom line, “Gucci Flip Flops” showcased entertaining hip-hop artists, yet didn’t elevate their outpourings into something unique or memorable.

25. the BLACK seminole. – Lil Yachty

This Lil Yachty joint showcases the rapper’s sublime ability to weave intricate stories with wordplay and metaphors that hit different. Distinguished by its ethereal, cloudy rap instrumental that flirts with lo-fi elements, Yachty’s flow is melodic and hypnotic. His lyrics are reflective, a journey into the depths of his mind showcasing the struggle and resilience of the Black experience – a nod to the Seminole people, a Native American tribe known for their resistance against colonial forces. It’s a less traversed territory for Lil Boat, but he navigates it with impressive candor. A standout cut that proves Yachty’s versatility and his quiet, underappreciated ability to observe and articulate the life around him with poetic flair.

24. Greed (feat. Lil Yachty) – LUCKI

Now, I ain’t gonna front, Yachty’s verse on this joint took it to another level. This ain’t your mainstream, radio jiggy jam, nah, this is that underground, lo-fi hip hop that takes you back to the basement parties when True School was still a seedling. Yachty came in slinging that confessional style of rhyming that keeps it 100, crafting a narrative focused on the allure of money and the struggle against temptation, letting his bars play out like a confession booth monologue. LUCKI and Yachty’s chemistry on this track is undeniable, their styles blending like a late night cipher on the corner. This ain’t the Lil Boat show y’all might be used to, but it proves he can hang with the best of ’em.

23. Half Doin Dope (with BabyTron feat. Lil Yachty) – JID

Roguishly playful and mirrors an interesting partnership between these artists that we didn’t know we needed! Yachty flips his flow and matches BabyTron’s relentless energy with a swagger of his own. Yachty’s verse drips with drug-talk references, which are delivered with a youthful and carefree aura that’s magnetic. Yes, it’s still Yachty, the king of the teens, but he’s leveled up, showing he can tussle with unabashed lyricists without losing his cool. Overall, “Half Doin Dope” is evidence that when Yachty goes hard, he goes really hard, no half stepping.

22. Pretty Boy (feat. Lil Yachty) – Joji

This track is a gem, no cap. Trust, it’s not your typical Yachty flow, it’s more low-key and introspective. The beat might remind you of old school hip hop, but the lyrics got that modern flavor that’s pure Yachty. Joji provides the perfect backdrop with his melancholic, lo-fi style, creating a moody atmosphere that draws attention to Yachty’s bars. I gotta say, this collaboration ain’t just a dope track, it’s a masterclass in bridging hip hop’s sonic evolution. All in all, “Pretty Boy” lets Yachty flex his versatility, proving he ain’t just a one-trick pony in the rap game. Give it a spin, no doubt you’ll be vibin’.

21. One Night – Lil Yachty

We talkin’ “One Night,” one of Lil Yachty’s breakout hits. Now, this is the song that really blew up Yachty’s status, and it was a Flavor Flav clock moment for the rap game because this song signaled time for a change. The vibe was different. The energy was different. Lil Yachty came through with a melodic flow, something between singing and rapping, a deal seldom heard in 2016. The beat was a syrupy slow drip, minimalist and hypnotic, with a robotic nursery rhyme feel. Critics barked at its simplicity, but yo, the simplicity was the magic of it. “One Night” was a manifesto, asserting Yachty’s nonchalant attitude towards fleeting relationships, outlined with his distinctive raw, teenage emotion. This joint was a curveball that Hip Hop wasn’t expecting, but the game has been better for it.

20. Taylor Port Junkie (feat. Lil Yachty) – Rylo Rodriguez

Yachty’s verse drops like a squad of B-boys, breakdancing on a cardboard mat laid out on the tough, gritty streets of hip hop. But it’s not all twisty-turny razzle-dazzle. Nah, Yachty’s got this skill for laying down bars that both stun with their vocabulary and resonate with raw emotion. This feature stands as another testament to the Boat’s versatility, straddling the divide between mainstream acceptance and street authenticity. Rylo’s own verses compliment Yachty’s, supplementing the track with a rousing narrative that feels right at home amidst Yachty’s poetic resonance. “Taylor Port Junkie” ain’t just a song; it’s a head nod to the streets, a salute to the struggle, and a celebration of the hustle.

19. Slide – Lil Yachty

A track that’s all about vibin’ and livin’ free. The beat? Oozing with summer feels. Yachty’s flow – light, yet hard-hitting. This joint be having you dreaming of sunshine and palm trees real quick. Yachty spits game, flexing his racks and swag. He ain’t shy about his wins. This track’s got Yachty’s signature playful wordplay, but don’t sleep on the depth either. “Slide” is unapologetic – it’s about enjoying the moments and the moolah. In the pantheon of Yachty’s hits, this one won’t top the list, but it’s a feel-good joint that’ll have you swaying. It’s smooth sailing with this track, no cap.

18. Broccoli – DRAM

This wasn’t some salad bar filler; it was a main course. The two artists vibe together seamlessly, delivering playful bars over a piano-driven beat that’s as infectious as it is unexpected. D.R.A.M.’s sing-song delivery meshed perfectly with Lil Boat’s mellow hooks but let’s keep it a buck; it was Yachty’s verse that stole the show. With lines about his nonexistent baby mama drama and paper chasin’, Yachty added that extra bit of flavor that turned “Broccoli” into a hip hop head’s favorite side dish. A catchy and carefree anthem that still slaps to this day.

17. Van Gogh (feat. Lil Yachty) – JID

Showcasing JID’s lyrical prowess spiced up by our main man Lil Yachty’s blend of mumble and trap rap. This collab paints a canvas where East Coast and Dirty South hip-hop meet, makin’ a sonic masterpiece worthy of its name. Yachty’s flow channels ‘Van Gogh’, not merely to play with the idea of being an artist but also to dish out clever lines about his position in the rap game. While the track may not have the complexity of a Van Gogh painting, it definitely has the vibrancy. Lil Boat’s verse ain’t his deepest but his off-kilter delivery and charisma offer an interesting contrast to JID’s intricate wordplay. This joint ain’t just a song, it’s an artistic statement. No doubt.

16. Pardon Me (Lil Yachty feat. Future & Mike WiLL Made-It) – Lil Yachty

Yachty treads over Mike WiLL’s bouncing beat with an ease that reveals his growing comfort on the mic. His lyrics hit harder, a testament to the evolution of his pen game since the “Lil Boat” days. And when Future slides in, he adds an extra layer of gravitas, his deeper tone a perfect counter to Yachty’s light-hearted delivery. It’s a standout joint that showcases Yachty’s ability to navigate the more street-oriented style of hip hop without losing his unique boat boy charm. Is it Yachty’s best work? Nah, but it underscores his willingness to step out of his comfort zone, always a commendable trait in an artist.

15. The Secret Recipe – Lil Yachty

The track showcases Boat’s underrated ability to weave a narrative, painting vivid imagery of his come-up story. Yet, it’s Yachty’s ability to balance his gratitude for success with a sharp critique of the fast life that resonates. A standout moment? That chorus, with Yachty’s promise to never reveal his “secret recipe” for success. It’s a clever nod towards the secretive nature of hip hop, where styles are fiercely protected. The track is a fine showing of Lil Yachty’s lyrical skills beyond the braggadocious bravado, underscoring his versatility in a genre that’s always evolving.

14. TESLA – Lil Yachty

Ain’t no need for a chorus when Yachty’s delivering bars so wild that Teslas crash into space, man. The beat’s this menacing thump, it walks up on you like a debt collector. Guest verses from 9lokknine provide a sharp edge, no doubt. But it’s Yachty’s punchy, playfully arrogant flow that steals the show. Despite some criticism, this track proves Lil Yachty ain’t no one trick pony; he’s got depth, style, and enough energy to charge a whole fleet of electric cars.

13. Yacht Club (feat. Juice WRLD) – Lil Yachty

The two young guns playing off each other’s energy like Harden and Westbrook during an all-star face-off. Now, peep this – Juice out here flexin’ his rapid-fire flow, throwing down bars about fame, fortune, and flexin’ in typical Juice fashion. Yachty, on the other hand, bouncing back with a laid-back verse, letting that lazy, melodic flow of his do all the talking. What you got here is a heady mix of styles, both rappers going hand in hand like a pair of Aces on a poker table. It’s tragic we won’t see this dynamic duo anymore, but at least we got this banger to remember Juice by.

12. Poland – Lil Yachty

While some heads might’ve wanted him to keep spitting over that bubblegum trap, this track stood as a testament to Yachty’s versatility. On “Poland,” Yachty traded the bouncing beats of Atlanta for the more somber, atmospheric vibes often associated with Europe’s underground scene. But don’t get it twisted, the boy kept his bars tight, delivering a raw, unfiltered look into his life and mindset. The result was one of the realest tracks in his discography, and a bold reminder that Lil Yachty ain’t just about that mumble rap game. Always remember: hip hop is about pushing boundaries, and Yachty does just that with “Poland.”

11. NBAYOUNGBOAT – Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty went hard on this cut, dropping off a bass-thumping track that calls you back to the roots of Atlanta trap music. Teaming up with NBA YoungBoy, the Boat brought his A-game, weaving in his signature melodic hooks amidst gritty trap beats. YoungBoy’s gritty verses blend cohesively with Yachty’s playful flow, reinforcing the track’s assertion of their undeniable hustle and loyalty to the streets. Sure, it ain’t conscious rap, but it ain’t trying to be either. It’s heavy-hitting, ground-shaking hip hop that don’t need no cosign. This joint is pure hot sauce, leaving you grooving and asking for more. No cap, this collab was a match made in hip hop heaven.

10. From The D To The A (feat. Lil Yachty) – Tee Grizzley

Tee Grizzley and Lil Yachty come together like the Avengers of hip hop, each flexing their unique styles in this motor city-dirty south alliance. Yachty’s verse is a masterclass in offbeat flow, his delivery casually commanding and hypnotic. Grizzley’s verse is aspirational, energetic, and maintains the gritty authenticity he’s known for. However, it ain’t all bombast and braggadocio – there’s depth beneath the surface. The song’s essence lies in the unity of two distinctly different hip hop scenes, Detroit and Atlanta, a testament to hip hop’s enduring ability to bring folks together like no other genre. ‘From The D To The A’ is the embodiment of hip hop’s regional diversity and shared spirit.

9. iSpy

It’s one of Lil Boat’s most streamed features, showcasing his wavy, unhurried flow against a summery beat that’s pure sunshine vibes. KYLE brings his own quirky charm, but we all know it’s Yachty’s verse that makes the track bounce – that man didn’t pull any punches with his whimsical wordplay that caught everybody’s ears. This ain’t about rap warlords or the streets, it’s a feel-good anthem that unabashedly celebrates youthful exuberance and innocence. This isn’t just a song, fam, it’s a time capsule back to 2017 – a testament to simpler times, where the game was fun and players played. Yachty wasn’t just featured, he was instrumental, and for that, “iSpy” holds a special place in the Lil Boat discography.

8. Coffin

Lil Boat’s lyrical prowess here is like a maestro conducting an aggressive symphony. His flow? Cold as ice, punctuated with raw emotions that resonate even in the deepest recesses of one’s subconscious. His bars are as sharp as a street hustler’s switchblade. Yachty’s signature playful cadence is laced with a certain dark undertone in this one, making “Coffin” a hauntingly beautiful piece of art. It’s not your everyday Yachty song, but when the beat drops and his voice pierces through, you’re reminded why the kid from Atlanta managed to flip the hip-hop game on its head.

7. E-ER

This track showcases Yachty’s ability to flip styles like a seasoned veteran, maneuvering through the beat with an electrifying flow. You can feel the energy surge as he bobs and weaves with his lyrics — a testament to his improvisational prowess. This joint is a reminder of why Lil Boat is one of the most intriguing figures in the hip hop game. The beat, supplied by DJ Scheme, only amplifies Yachty’s vocal finesse, creating a soundscape that’s both audacious and alluring. While it might not be Yachty’s biggest chart topper, “E-ER” is an essential addition to any hip hop aficionado’s playlist.


Now, this joint right here isn’t necessarily Yachty’s most mainstream hit, but it’s a track that emphasizes his versatility. The beat hits different, filled with that low-fi vibe it takes you back to those early days of hip hop, kind of a liquid swords type energy. Yachty’s delivery is relaxed, yet assertive. This is one of those tracks where you can feel the essence of Yachty’s individuality. It’s not without its shortcomings, though. The production could’ve used a little extra polish, and the song doesn’t quite stick the landing. But it speaks volumes about Yachty’s ability to adapt and flow with different styles. It’s a testament to his talent that he can go from bubblegum trap to a bare-bones hip hop groove without skipping a beat.

5. Magic In The Hamptons

Social House snatched Lil Yachty up for this joint and ain’t no denying, the Boat took it to another level. He bodies that beat with his off-the-cuff bars that give life to that joyous backdrop. The track, with its fun-loving lyrics and catchy melody, pulls you into a world filled with beach house parties and cool breezes. It’s a departure from Yachty’s usual trap-heavy sound, but that’s his genius – dude can switch lanes and still out-race the pack. Don’t sleep on this one though, the magic ain’t just in the Hamptons, it’s in every verse dropped by Yachty. Our good kid, m.A.A.d respect for trying something different, and nailing it.

4. drive ME crazy!

Don’t get it twisted: this ain’t just about the hooks. Yachty’s lyricism on this track be sliding through like a diligent student of the rap game. Peep the playful braggadocio as he flexes on his haters, showcasing a youthful swagger that’s become a staple in his discography. In talking up the best of Lil Yachty, “drive ME crazy!” is a straight up necessity. It’s that special mix of eccentricity and earworm rap that embodies the Boat persona.

3. Strike (Holster)

This track is a testament to Yachty’s commitment to pushing boundaries and experimenting with sound, and it’s nothing short of poignant. The playful, off-beat melody is a little like dipping into an audio fun-house, twisted with Yachty’s signature carefree, yet assertive, rhymes. Every beat is an opportunity for Yachty to flex his lyrical prowess, and he makes full use of it. It’s where the Boat meets the road, where creativity meets control, an intoxicating fusion that is unmistakably Yachty. This ain’t your grandpa’s hip hop, but it’s proof that Yachty embodies the future-forward thinking that drives the genre. “Strike (Holster)” is Yachty staking his claim, loud and clear. Pure ethos in eargasm form, Yachty devotees know what’s up.

2. Flex Up

Released in 2020, it’s an absolute flex anthem where every verse is a testament to the wealth and status of its performers. But, let’s keep it a buck, Yachty ain’t just riding coattails here. Nah, he consistently holds his own amidst his superstar collaborators, and his flow is as smooth as butter on the beat. However, this track ain’t about complex lyricism or introspective lines; it’s about commanding a vibe and Yachty does this with utmost finesse. If it’s a hyped-up atmosphere you’re after, you just can’t skip “Flex Up.” In the spectrum of Yachty’s discography, this one’s an undeniable standout.

1. Another Late Night

An intriguing display of stylistic contrast and alignment with Drake’s introspective lyricism and subdued delivery to form a fascinating counterpoint to Lil Yachty’s trademark energy and charisma. Packed with emo-trap sentimentality, this cut juggles between Drake’s dark Toronto vibes and Yachty’s ATL bravado, creating a unique hip hop blend that leaves the listener wanting more. Its commercial success not surprising; two powerhouse artists from different hip hop regions, bridging the gap. Not the most groundbreaking joint for either artist, it’s a cool reminder of the genre’s vast spectrum, y’know what I’m saying? However, one can’t shake off the feeling that Yachty could’ve tapped deeper into his playful, experimental style, and graced us with that Boat energy we love. In summary, solid track, but not peak Yachty or Drizzy.

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