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Ranking Every Song on on ‘For All The Dogs’ by ‘Drake’

Released: 2023

Label: OVO/Republic

Featuring: Teezo Touchdown, 21 Savage, J. Cole, Yeat, SZA, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Chief Keef, Bad Bunny, Sexyy Red, Lil Yachty

Drake, the revered 6 God, deemed for his innate ability to craft catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics, has given us another sonic memoir titled “For All The Dogs”. It’s a testament to his growth as an emcee, unleashing his introspective lyricism across a landscape of beats that’s as vast as the Toronto skyline. Drake’s introspective prowess, as seen in “Fear Of Heights”, and “Bahamas Promises”, is matched only by his propensity for catchy, radio-friendly anthems like “Rich Baby Daddy”.

Teaming up with Teezo Touchdown on “Amen,” 21 Savage on “Calling For You,” and Chief Keef on “All The Parties,” Drake shows his knack for genre-hopping, fusing his mellow tones with their distinctive sounds. And let’s not forget the J. Cole featured banger, “First Person Shooter,” a Peter Parker-In-A-Sweatshirt hard-hitting tune that screams bars-on-bars. From the sultry echoes of SZA on “Slime You Out,” to the high energy of Yeat on “IDGAF,” to the Latin rhythms of Bad Bunny on “Gently,” Drake reinforces his musical chameleon status, seamlessly blending into their sonic territories.

Then there’s the wealth of content beneath the surface – under his polished hooks and laidback delivery, every verse is a kaleidoscope of his experiences, emotions and perspectives. As we delve into the intricacies of “For All The Dogs” we will embrace an understanding of Drake’s lyrical content – his triumphs, trials, and reflections that have shaped this milestone in his career.

So let’s get into it. From “Virginia Beach” to “Polar Opposites”, here are the fan voted rankings of every song on ‘For All The Dogs’ by ‘Drake’.

Rich Baby Daddy (feat. Sexyy Red & SZA)

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The 6 God asserts his charisma, fame, and wealth, flipping the script on the typical power dynamic with affluent men and their “sugar babies.” As always, his bars bubble with the usual Drizzy bravado, slick punchlines, and introspection. Clever sports references like “I’m with Red like I’m at a Cincinnati game” and money metaphors demonstrate Drake’s pen game, while Sexyy Red delivers bold and empowering verses. Drake’s infamous vulnerability seeps into his bars as he deals with emotional ties, especially when his love language morphs into material gifts, proving that even at the top, Drake’s emotional exploration remains his most potent weapon.

IDGAF (feat. Yeat)

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This right here is an unapologetic testament of Drake’s self-made success and a dismissal of his detractors. The 6 God’s anthemic cut paints a vivid picture of his disregard for the naysayers and those looking to ride his coattails. The lyrics display his storytelling prowess, chronicling his independent rise to success, his relentless pursuit of wealth, and his unwavering confidence. From the streets of Toronto to the skylines of Seattle, he throws lyrical jabs at impostors in the game and makes it clear that he’s not one for fake love. The track seals Drake’s place on hip-hop’s Mount Rushmore as an artist who lives by his own creed, indifferent to the opinions of others, and continues to thrive amidst the critics and the competition.

First Person Shooter (feat. J. Cole)

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Cole that emphasizes their undeniable impact on the hip-hop game. A deep lyrical dive shows them touting their supremacy, likening their union to the esteemed stature of the Super Bowl. From asserting their positions as the ‘G.O.A.T’ to J. Cole’s cheeky nod towards the famous Spider-Man meme, the track is rife with braggadocio and clever wordplay. Drake’s verse explores his complicated relation with fame, touching on the deceptiveness of social media and the hollowness of materialistic pursuits. Paired with J. Cole’s assertive stance on his influence in the game, “First Person Shooter” is an introspective and powerful statement from two of hip-hop’s current titans.

Slime You Out (feat. SZA)

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The lyrics present a striking portrayal of romantic lapses and failed expectations, wrapped in a feudal narrative of possessiveness. Drake navigates the emotional maze with his typically pensive reflections, pinpointing the minute details of the faulty relationship. SZA adds her flavor, addressing the disappointments with an assertive stance. Despite its laid-back rhythm, the song is far from a casual listen. It’s a stark dissection of toxic relationships, a tug-of-war between regret and retaliation. “Slime You Out” is the embodiment of the old adage – “the personal is political”

Virginia Beach


He’s both reflective and confrontational, as he questions if he could’ve treated past lovers better, even while flexing his own evolution since those relationships. The raw emotion is balanced by sharp lyricism, exploring personal and professional conflicts with references to social climbing and the “major league.” The track’s title, “Virginia Beach,” becomes a metaphor for a woman who is both beautiful and hardened. The track establishes a complex narrative that sets the tone for the rest of the ‘For All The Dogs’ album, establishing themes of introspection, relationships, and the constant struggles that come with success.

Gently (feat. Bad Bunny)

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The song is a certified banger, blending Aubrey’s smooth style with Bad Bunny’s reggaeton vibes. The lyrics show Drake stepping out of his comfort zone, diving into Spanish lyrics, and even throwing references to personalities like Richie Akiva and Tití, resonating with Latin listeners. It’s a cross-cultural celebration, a testament to Drake’s versatility and his willingness to mesh styles. The track goes hard, but it maintains that signature Drake sensibility, a testament to his lyrical prowess and artistry — Drizzy isn’t just rapping, he’s crafting a narrative that transcends language barriers.

8am in Charlotte

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It’s as though Drake invites us into the secret chambers of his mind, dissecting his psyche through his lyrics. His struggles and victories are laid bare, particularly his Tarantino-like take on how he perceives the world – a mix of bold confidence and barely concealed vulnerability. Drake masterfully weaves references to his own upbringing, his relationship to wealth and luxury, and even geopolitics, painting a vivid portrait of his life in the spotlight. Foremost, this track serves as Drake’s confessional, his pulpit, his staging ground for communicating his internal conflicts, his triumphs, and his place in the larger narrative of hip-hop culture.


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Drizzy continues his trend of fending off his critics and standing tall in the face of adversity. He showcases his dogged determination to remain grounded in his beliefs, irrespective of public opinion. He comes off as the “bad guy,” in a refrain that echoes the infamous Scarface monologue, emphasizing his willingness to embrace this role if it means staying true to self. There’s a clear disregard for conformity as he draws on his experiences, success, love interests, and interactions with the law. Ultimately, “Daylight” is a testament to Drake’s resilience; he’s here to do his thing, and he couldn’t care less about the fallout.

Tried Our Best

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His lyrics journey through the trenches of romance, where home and peace no longer coincide. The boy from the 6 got deep into his feelings, emitting raw emotions of frustration, resentment, and self-realization. Lyrics like “Leave you at home if I wanna have a good night” are more than just rhymes, they’re the heartache translated into music. This track ain’t for the faint-hearted but for those who understand the allure of vulnerability. In a nutshell, it’s quintessential Drake, a portrait of the artist as a troubled lover.

Amen (feat. Teezo Touchdown)


Layered with Drizzy’s signature emo-rap vibes, he explores the complexities of relationships and fame. This potent collaboration with Teezo Touchdown finds Champagne Papi taking us to church, positioning himself as a savior figure in romance, suggesting he offers blessings that no other man can deliver. Yet, he’s clear about the soulful penance he pays, forever cradled by his sins. The difference between promises and prayers blurs in Drake’s signature style, deftly mixing braggadocio with vulnerability. You can hear the echoes of his confessional booth in every line, reminding us that even Toronto’s hip-hop messiah must keep the faith.

Calling For You (feat. 21 Savage)

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The lyrics take us through a labyrinth of love, luxury, and lamentation. The verses connect with classic Drake themes—balancing fame, wealth, and the gritty reality of navigating relationships while being a superstar. With a fluid blend of bravado and vulnerability, the lyrics radiate Drake’s trademark introspection. On the other side, 21 Savage operates in his usual cold-blooded territory—exploring life’s harsh realities with a raw, brutal honesty. The song is packed with clever wordplay, punchlines, and vivid imagery symbolising their unique experiences. Together, they serve up a compelling narrative, allowing listeners to explore farther corners of their personas, painting an intriguing picture of the lives they lead behind the glitz and glamour.

Fear Of Heights


Drizzy wrestles with themes of heartbreak and resilience, which he often does in his poetic narratives, while also throwing around his classic one-liners. He adroitly addresses his past relationships, allegations of being hung up on old flames, and his defensive ‘anti’ stance. The track also sees Drake flexing his financial muscles and sexual prowess. All in all, the song encapsulates a juxtaposition of emotions, embodying the struggle between ego and vulnerability, a testament to Drake’s versatility and raw appeal.

7969 Santa


The lyricism reflects Drake’s discomfort towards the actions of his significant other and his struggle in comprehending their intentions. Furthermore, the track introduces the audience to a Drake who is introspectively wrestling with the repercussions of his past decisions and recollections, the number ‘7969’ potentially serving as an emblematic placeholder for a particular memory or place of significance. The lyrics ultimately reveal a Drake longing to disconnect, using the line ‘I just wanna get you off of my mind,’ to audibly underscore his yearning for emotional emancipation.

Bahamas Promises


An introspective Drake unpacks the toll of failed promises and half-hearted apologies, distinctively deploying the “no” in monogamy as a lyrical jab. The name ‘Hailey’ echoes throughout the track, personifying the heartache and disillusionment he experiences. Drake’s candidness about his struggle to muster energy for social gatherings amplifies the melancholy tone, revealing his emotional exhaustion. The track’s closing lines resonate as a rally cry for self-respect, ending on a note of adamant self-preservation. Essentially, it’s Drake putting on a masterclass in heartbreak hip-hop, giving voice to the silenced, “the dogs”, the forgotten players in the game of love.

Screw The World – Interlude


He’s painting with broad strokes here, telling us he’s not here to play games or follow the script others have laid out for him. His message is clear: he’s ready to ‘screw the world’. In this track, he’s planting his flag in the ground, standing tall against anyone who doubts him or his crew — a clear nod to his Toronto roots and OVO Sound team. The reference to ‘Mr. Nine-Six’ and ‘Screwed Up Click’ are likely nods to the late Houston hip-hop legend DJ Screw, adding a layer of reverence to this confident decree.

Drew A Picasso


He skillfully weaves descriptors of disloyalty and heartache with the resilience and self-awareness that defines him. Drake is playing on his strengths here – lyrical storytelling, deep emotionality mixed with a hardened perspective. The song’s title links Drake’s ability to craft unforgettable narratives with the genius of Pablo Picasso, suggesting that his artistry isn’t limited to the mic but also extends to his ability to navigate and articulate complex relationship dynamics. While it’s a nod to Picasso’s chaotic and colorful creations, it’s Drake’s raw honesty and lyrical prowess that truly make this record a masterpiece.

Members Only (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)


The lyrics depict Drake’s appreciation for the woman who stands by him, someone he considers a part of his inner circle – a ‘member’. The song delves into themes of authenticity, loyalty, and unrequited love, with Drake articulating complex emotions with his trademark vulnerability. From the intimate anxieties of an unexpected love to the harsh realities of breakups, Drake uses geographical locations to contextualize his relationships, symbolizing the depth of his connections. From September to December, the timelines serve as a map navigating through Drake’s romantic entanglements, each month coded with a new narrative twist. The emotional terrain is vast here, capturing the multifaceted, raw soul of hip-hop.

What Would Pluto Do


He throws it back to a recurring motif in the tracks, referencing the planet Pluto, an allegory for the unfamiliarity and isolation of life in the limelight. This track showcases an introspective Drake grappling with the consequences of his fame and wealth, giving a nod to the raw aspects of his lifestyle and the challenges of leading a personal life under the public eye. All the while, he lyrically paints a conflicted picture of desire, indulgence, and regret.

All The Parties (feat. Chief Keef)


They paint a vivid picture of a lifestyle dripping with opulence, while also delving into the fame’s darker pitfalls. Drake’s storytelling prowess shines as he echoes tales of high-life extravagance matched with a sorrowful sentiment of disenfranchisement, indicating the line separating the celebratory and the critical in hip-hop culture. Meanwhile, Chi-town’s drill pioneer, Chief Keef, adds a layer of raw grit and authenticity, mirroring the duality of the party scene – a space of liberation and momentary escape versus a void of superficiality and empty promises. It’s a track that resonates on multiple levels.

BBL Love – Interlude


Here our 6 God is draped in introspection, examining the authenticity of love, comparing it to a BBL—you know, a Brazilian Butt Lift. He’s questioning would that love still ride if he was an average Joe, an Ed, a Fred, or even a Sayed. Sneakily, Drizzy tells a story about a woman front row at his show, pondering if her loyalty lies with him or her man. This tune drops hints of Drake’s trademark playboy persona while showcasing his ability to weave compelling narratives with clever wordplay and cultural references. It’s ain’t just about the fame, it’s scrutiny, reality checks and the painful side of the glitz.

Another Late Night (feat. Lil Yachty)


He tears through flaunting his enviable position in the hip hop high table, called out haters and imposters, then swerved to admit his vulnerabilities in relationships. He does this without losing his signature balance – a testament to Drake’s lyrical mastery that few can contest. Lil Yachty, on the other hand, delivered his verse with an irreverent energy that complemented Drake’s polished flow. The duo wove street wisdom and personal experiences into the narrative, painting a picture of the highs and lows of hip-hop stardom and personal relationships. “Another Late Night” is an unfiltered representation of Drake’s artistic prowess, confirming once more why he continues to dominate the game.

Away From Home


It’s a raw journey that traverses through the trenches of his past, unearthing the grind, the struggle, the hustle. The 6-God takes us back, way back, to his roots in the unforgiving winter chill of Toronto, detailing his relentless pursuit of making it, giving us a glimpse into his humble beginnings. His lyrics resonate deeply, encapsulating the essence of his journey, and speaking to everyone who’s ever dared to dream bigger than their circumstances. So, we ride shotgun with Drizzy, rolling through the streets of the 6, reminiscing about the no-name brand days, going from feeling unimportant to being on top of the world. True to form, Drake stays spitting fire, and “Away From Home” is yet another testament to his lyrical prowess.

Polar Opposites


Drizzy allows his soul to bleed on this track, striking a delicate balance between vulnerability and bravado. The lyrics dance on the fine line between melancholy and introspection, exploring a chaotic love affair ravaged by misunderstandings. The icy juxtaposition of emotions suggests a yearning for connection amidst a tumultuous scenario. But Drake doesn’t shy away, he’s confronting the havoc head-on, using his art as an outlet to navigate the storm. Personal and poignant, “Polar Opposites” is a testament to relationships caught up in a volatile mix of adoration and frustration, making it a standout in Drake’s lexicon.

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