Meek Mill - Too Good To Be True
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Breaking down the Album ‘Too Good To Be True’ by ‘Meek Mill’

Released: 2023

Label: Maybach Music Group under exclusive license to gamma.

Featuring: Rick Ross, Cool & Dre, BEAM, Vory, Fabolous, Teyana Taylor, DJ Khaled, Wale, The-Dream, Jeremih, French Montana, Future, “Shaquille ONeal”, Dame D.O.L.L.A

In 2023, Meek Mill unleashed the studio album “Too Good To Be True” under the Maybach Music Group, an album that wove tales of ambition, resilience, loyalty, and the intricate dance between success and survival. The album’s tracks, enriched by an impressive line-up of features such as Rick Ross, Cool & Dre, BEAM, Vory, Fabolous, Teyana Taylor, DJ Khaled, Wale, The-Dream, Jeremih, French Montana, Future,Shaquille O’Neal, and Dame D.O.L.L.A, explored the highs and lows of the gritty yet glamorous world of hip-hop, each song contributing its unique story to the overarching narrative.

From tracks like “SHAW & KOBE” that spoke of the bitternessweet symphony of success, to “Star Island,” a testament to unapologetic wealth and power, and “In Luv With The Money,” revealing the deep bond between hustle and success, the album was a narrative of ascension, legacy, and the paradoxes that accompany the rise to greatness. The song “Iconic” dared to declare dominance amidst flashing lights, while “Lyrical Eazy” unapologetically asserted supremacy and “Pillow Talk” navigated the perilous emotional terrain of trust and betrayal in the industry. With “Millionaire Row,” Meek Mill painted a picture of hustling to the top and staying there, a narrative that was echoed and intensified throughout the album.

So let’s get into it. From “SHAW & KOBE” to “SHAQ & KOBE (Remix)” ft. Shaquille O’Neal & Dame D.O.L.L.A, here we are breaking down the album “Too Good To Be True” by Meek Mill.


Features: Rick Ross

Within this track, Rozay lays down his narrative – a journey from the streets to the penthouse, all while never losing that touch of the gritty hustle that got him there. He navigates through tales of loyalty, betrayal, and the relentless pursuit of success. The standout line, “I never thought I’d make the Forbes before I make the news,” hits hard, encapsulating the essence of ambition and the unexpected paths to prominence. It’s a declaration that underscores the entire song’s theme – ambition, resilience, and the bitter-sweet symphony of gaining “Too much money and power.”

2 Star Island

Features: Rick Ross

This joint is a testament to their unapologetic celebration of wealth, a nod to the relentless pursuit of success that’s been a trademark of their careers. The emblematic line, “Spent 35 million on my jet, nigga, week later, spent another 35 million on a palace on motherfuckin’ Star Island,” encapsulates the extravagant lifestyle and bold financial moves that both Rick Ross and Meek Mill have become known for. Amidst flaunting lavish expenditures and asserting dominance, there’s a deeper narrative of overcoming hurdles and asserting one’s place at the zenith of success. It’s a reminder that in their world, limitations are merely illusions, and true power comes from the relentless pursuit of greatness, all while keeping one foot firmly grounded in the streets that raised them.

3 Go To Hell

Features: Rick Ross, Cool & Dre, BEAM

Through a barrage of hard-hitting lines and reflective musings on his journey, Ross encapsulates the duality of his existence—between the raw hustle of his past and the opulence of his present. A standout line, “I ain’t make it to the NFL, but shit, I’m Meek Mill / And every time they see me fail, shit, I prevail,” not only showcases Ross’s resilience but also pays homage to Meek Mill, likening their grit and determination to rise above adversity. This track, layered with Rick Ross’s signature opulent imagery and the gritty realities of his rise, is a reminder that success demands sacrifice, acknowledging the turbulent path trodden by those who dare to dream big.

4 800 Karats

Features: Rick Ross

A standout line from the song, “They cannot figure how I built this shit up like the pyramids,” encapsulates the essence of their message—highlighting both their mystique and the monumental work that has gone into their success. Through their lyrics, they weave a narrative of triumph over adversity, luxury beyond compare, and a lifestyle that’s aspirational for their listeners. The track is rife with references to extravagant spending, loyalty to their roots, and the isolation that often accompanies fame. Both artists flex their lyrical prowess, navigating through complex themes with a laid-back confidence that only veterans of their caliber can exhibit. “800 Karats” stands as a testament to their enduring relevance in the hip-hop sphere, embodying the grit and glamour that define their careers.

5 Dead Last

Features: Rick Ross, Vory, Fabolous

With a hardened exterior born from experiences of deceit and manipulation, they lay bare the emotional toll of being in an industry rife with backstabbers and opportunists. The lyrics oscillate between declarations of self-preservation and moments of vulnerability— a complex dance of guarding one’s heart while acknowledging the pain such betrayals inflict. One line that particularly encapsulates this tension is, “Niggas talk behind my back, I feel a way about it / It hurt me worse when I act like I don’t care about it.” It’s a raw admission of the hurt that lies beneath the surface, a hurt that fuels their ambition and resilience. Through a mix of gritty narratives and introspective moments, “Dead Last” reflects not just on personal grievances but on a universal human experience of navigating trust and treachery.

6 They Don’t Really Love You

Features: Rick Ross

Amidst a lush backdrop of beats, the track reveals the harsh reality of navigating relationships where envy and betrayal lurk beneath surface-level adulations. Ross’s words, “Look at they body language, they nervous,” serve as a hard-hitting reminder to maintain vigilance and discernment, as those who claim to support you often harbor ulterior motives. The song delves into the complexities of loyalty and deceit, pushing the listener to question the authenticity of the affection they receive. Ross’s portrayal of a world where genuine love is scarce, and survival depends on one’s ability to see through façades, resonates with anyone who’s ever found themselves questioning the intentions of those around them.

7 Million Dollar Trap

Features: Rick Ross

8 Grandiose

Features: Rick Ross, Vory

The track boasts of wealth, influence, and the opulence that comes with fame, painting pictures of lavish lifestyles and the lure of materialism. The boastful confidence and swagger permeate through lines flaunting exclusive clubs, luxury watches, and the power dynamic in romantic entanglements. A standout line, “Unannounced, we pop up, count six mill like three time,” captures the essence of their unapologetic flaunting of wealth and the grandiosity that defines their life – always ready to showcase their success without a moment’s notice. This lyric encapsulates not just the financial aspect but also the attitude and lifestyle that being at the top of the game entails — grandiose in every sense.

9 Above The Law

Features: Rick Ross, Teyana Taylor, DJ Khaled

With a defiant tone, they proclaim their place above societal constraints, likening themselves to untouchables amidst a world of flashing lights seeking their downfall. The standout line, “Cops yellin’ ‘Freeze’, I held my wrist up / All this ice, he probably freeze tryna frisk us,” encapsulates their unapologetic flaunting of wealth and the invincibility they feel, despite the ever-present gaze of law enforcement. It’s a celebration of triumph over adversity, a testament to their resilience and cunning in navigating the streets and the industry. By claiming their status ‘Above the Law’, they assert a narrative of overcoming and dominating, albeit with the implicit acknowledgment of the dangers that such a mentality invites.

10 Fine Lines

Features: Rick Ross, Wale, The-Dream

It’s a testament to navigating the highs and lows, with each artist bringing their own narrative to the fore. Wale, in particular, delivers a line that resonates deeply, highlighting the paradox at the heart of high life: “It’s scary at the top, but at the top, we fear the bottom.” This line encapsulates the duality of success – the perpetual fear of losing it all, despite reaching the pinnacle. The collaboration weaves together tales of ambition, legacy, and the fine lines that intersect love and hate, capturing the essence of their journey through the industry with a raw authenticity that’s hard to ignore.

11 Gold Medals

Features: Rick Ross, Jeremih

The track is draped in luxury, from references to Richard Mille watches with floating dials to jet-setting lifestyles that defy economic classes, encapsulating the triumphs of Ross’s journey and the assertion of self-worth. Amidst this lavish imagery, a line stands tall, “Don’t ever let no man try to tell you what your place is,” a powerful proclamation encouraging listeners to own their power and resist being pigeonholed by anyone’s expectations. The song isn’t just a celebration of success; it’s an anthem for self-assertion in the face of doubters.

12 Iconic

Features: Rick Ross

Dripping with luxury from Luc Belaire sips to Balenciaga fragrances, and underscored by a gritty narrative of survival and dominance, the song is a narrative of elevation against odds. With lines like “LV luggage, shorty so rugged (biggest) / Concealed weapon permit, ’cause she know I’m thuggin’ (yes),” Ross paints a vivid picture of the merger between high life and street smarts, showing that success doesn’t erase the past but rather incorporates it into a new identity. A standout line, “Mansion with the pool, I ain’t never swim,” poignantly underscores the paradox of acquiring symbols of success yet being so embroiled in the grind that one barely enjoys them. This juxtaposition highlights the complex reality of those who ascend from the bottom to the zenith of success.

13 Lyrical Eazy

Features: Rick Ross

Flexing on his adversaries with an effortless cool, Rozay’s verses are a masterclass in the art of braggadocio, underscored by a palpable disdain for those who doubt his credentials. A standout line, “Young Jimmy Iovine of the crime scene,” not only showcases Ross’s lyrical prowess but cements his status as a mogul maneuvering with the same visionary instinct that propelled music industry giants, hinting at a legacy that’s both towering and enduring. This track, through Ross’s unapologetic declaration of supremacy, serves as a reminder of his indomitable spirit and the unyielding ambition that’s propelled him from the streets of Carol City to the opulent corridors of Star Island.

14 Pillow Talk

Features: Rick Ross

Amidst the chest-thumping bravado and luxury name-drops, Ross draws a line in the sand against snitches and implies the omnipresence of danger even in wealth, as highlighted in the line, “Got the pistols with switches but gave my hitters permission.” This verse encapsulates the blend of opulence and peril that defines much of Ross’s narrative, asserting that even amidst the splendor of success, one must always remain guarded and ready. The relentless repetition of “Let’s eat” serves as a mantra for ambition, while subtly reminding us of the competitive nature of the game, where staying fed means staying on top.

15 Millionaire Row

Features: Rick Ross, French Montana

Their verses oscillate between flaunting wealth in extravagant ways and an almost casual, yet cunning approach to maintaining and expanding their fortunes. With lines that vividly paint pictures of lavish spending and the high life, the song embodies the essence of hustling to the top and staying there. A standout line that captures the essence of their relentless pursuit of wealth is, “I been poppin’ them Teslas ‘fore I knew Elon Musk.” This not only highlights their ahead-of-the-curve lifestyle but also ties it to influential figures in technology and business, showcasing the blend of street smart and savvy investment that defines their success.

16 In Luv With The Money

Features: Rick Ross, Future

Strutting through their verses, both Ross and Future lay down a testament to their unbreakable bond with the green – a love affair that’s as deep as it is flashy. The track is a braggadocio-laden journey through luxury, loyalty, and the hustler’s ethos, punctuated by hard-hitting beats and an infectious hook. Among the luxe laden verses, Ross delivers a line that not only reflects his dominion over the genre but also his cunning resilience, “Killin’ witnesses while out on bond, and we beat the cases.” This line stands out not just for its boldness but for encapsulating the untouchable aura Ross has built around himself – a mix of sheer ambition, street smarts, and that iconic boss attitude.

17 SHAQ & KOBE ft. Shaquille O’Neal & Dame D.O.L.L.A.

Features: Rick Ross, “Shaquille ONeal”, Dame D.O.L.L.A

O’Neal’s verse, in particular, showcases his transition from the court to the mic, reminding us of his dual legacy with lines that echo his storied NBA career and his forays into music. Dame D.O.L.L.A, on the other hand, spits with the precision of his on-court play, delivering bars that cut deep about the grind and the reality of reaching for greatness against all odds. The standout line, “I felt a switch flick, noticed the power of being a misfit,” encapsulates the essence of striving for success from the margins, making this track a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence and the power dynamics at play in the worlds of both sports and music. Shaq’s reminder, “Foreign car at armor like I got it from Wakanda,” cleverly intertwines pop culture and personal prowess, highlighting how far they’ve come and the legacy they’re building, one verse at a time.

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