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Breaking down the Lyrics on ‘a Gift & a Curse’ by ‘Gunna’

Released: 2023

Label: 300 Entertainment

Ever since Gunna stepped onto the scene with his feature on Young Thug’s “Floyd Mayweather,” he’s been dropping cadences that hinge on the tightrope of Atlanta’s trap scene. With his signature style of flowing lyrics over a simmering melodic beat, Gunna has carved out a place for himself that’s both sonically distinct and deeply rooted in the rich soil of hip-hop. His album ‘a Gift & a Curse’ takes this aesthetic and elevates it, melding his seasoned approach with a newfound penchant for storytelling.

From “back at it” to “paybach”, Gunna layers his bars with nuanced narratives, skillfully unpacking tales of gritty street life and hard-earned success. On tracks like “born rich” and “bread & butter”, he taps into the contrasting sides of wealth, revealing the tension between material affluence and the struggle it took to get there. Balancing braggadocio with introspection, Gunna draws us into his world, pairing slick punchlines with a raw understanding of life’s complexities.

With ‘a Gift & a Curse’, Gunna embraces the paradox within his journey, acknowledging the blessings that have come with his stature, while wrestling with the costs that fame and fortune often demand. Through the kaleidoscope of his rhymes, we gain a deeper look at the man behind the music, the beats and bars revealing a narrative that’s as layered as it is compelling.

So let’s get into it. From “back at it” to “alright,” here’s the breakdown of the Lyrics on ‘a Gift & a Curse’ by ‘Gunna’.

back at it

Gunna spits braggadocio rhymes about his rise to the top and his relentless grind to stay there. He compares his copious work ethic to an addiction, equating his hunger for success to the desperate cravings of a substance abuser. What’s striking, however, is the conspicuous mention of his fashion, a common trope in Gunna’s lyricism, signaling his affinity for high-end brands. Furthermore, his space and propulsion metaphors covertly align with his YSL Records affiliations, creating an intriguing wordplay. Yet, within this bombast, Gunna doesn’t shy away from addressing the duplicity and venality of those that envy his position, adding a layer of street realism to his luxurious landscape.

back to the moon

The track brims with raw defiance, as he addresses the doubters and haters with the vehemence of a street veteran. Navigating the murky waters of fame, Gunna keeps it one hundred, commenting on his past troubles and triumphs. Metaphorically, he’s been to space and back, navigating the highs and lows of the hip-hop industry. The ‘moon’ and ‘outer space’ are his creative zeniths, moments when he’s ascended beyond earthly concerns. There’s a poignant reflection on lost millions, pointing to the trials that invariably accompany success. Yet, the track is also embroidered with braggadocious lines and boasts, a testament to Gunna’s self-belief and unshakable mindset.

idk nomore

It’s a reflective track, embodying the spirit of a man grappling with fame, loyalty, and deep-rooted trust issues. From duckin’ the law to dealing with the blinding glare of stardom that others can’t handle, Gunna’s lyrics reflect a stark insight into his life. His journey from humble beginnings to ballin’ status isn’t glamourised; instead, it’s laden with betrayal and the harsh reality of burning bridges. His reference to being free of codeine paves the way for an honest conversation about addiction. And with the talk about disloyal homies acting like ‘sisters,’ Gunna lays bare the fickleness of those around him, questioning the sanctity of brotherhood in the rap game.


He illustrates the hardships he had to navigate, embodying the typical ‘rags-to-riches’ trajectory intrinsic to many a hip-hop tale, while embodying the push and pull of success. The struggle with substance abuse, the mistrust of the system, lives lost, and sacrifices made are all themes that underscore the now extravagant lifestyle he lives – cruising in Maybachs, international endeavors, and a steady rise to stardom. Yet amidst the luxury, he still yearns for genuine connections lost in the pursuit of fame. It’s a classic hip-hop paradox, a narrative of success intertwined with contemplation, delivering a poignant reflection of his reality.

ca$h $hit

This isn’t just about cash and drip; it’s a sonic experience of Gunna’s reality, his relentless grind, and the dominance he’s achieved through that hustle. Every line is a boastful testament to his triumph over adversity, from starting with zero to running them racks, and seeing water in the clarity of his diamonds. His words paint a vivid image of this life he’s earned – “stoned teeth”, Goyard briefcases, overseas yachts. All while subtly dismissing foes who can’t see him, like a young Stevie Wonder, amidst his success. Soaked in opulence and swagger, “ca$h $hit” is a quintessential testament to Gunna’s journey in the rap game.


He’s coloring outside the lines here, painting his picture with heavy strokes of audacity, rendering a stark perspective on his elevated lifestyle. Gunna’s braggadocious lyricism serves as a firm declaration of dominance, reminding listeners of his steadfast journey from humble beginnings to the top of the rap game. There’s a rawness to the track, perfectly underscoring Gunna’s unwavering confidence. The defiance in the repeated phrase “fuck you mean?” reverberates, essentially challenging anyone questioning his position in hip-hop’s upper echelons. From the fearless swerve in his Bentley Spur to the nonchalance disturbance in the norms, Gunna solidifies his unassailable presence in the industry.

rodeo dr

It’s a rhythmic reflection of his meteoric rise in the rap game, openly flaunting his wealth while reminding listeners of his hard-knock beginnings. The backdrop of Rodeo Drive underscores his narrative, sharply contrasting his present success with reminders of his past struggles. He’s got boys on payroll, he’s dining at Maggiano’s, yet he’s still got the hustle of the streets within him, represented by the repeating line about pulling up in a Bronco. By the end of the track, you understand the duality of Gunna’s experience – he’s a symbol of success, yet deeply grounded in his past.


The track is layered with references to his days of scraping by, dining on bread crusts, and now lounging in a lavish lifestyle symbolized by the orange Lamborghini. There’s a distinct swagger in his voice, an air of invincibility as he talks of being the talk of the town and dismisses copycats driven by profit. A major motive behind the track seems to be igniting inspiration, showing how he’s emerged from the bottom to a place where fans spot him. His mention of “preparing for a reason” suggests a readiness to carry the weight of his success, and further assert his voice in the hip-hop game.

p angels

From his allusions to Bruce Wayne (Batman’s alter-ego and billionaire playboy), yachting for weeks, jetting off to Spain, and even a reference to taking his talents, echoing LeBron James’s infamous 2010 decision, Gunna encapsulates the opulent life that’s par for the course in his line of work. His mention of P Angels—likely pretty angels or women—is a nod to the hedonistic culture often associated with hip-hop. However, Gunna doesn’t shy from the underlying vulnerability either, subtly acknowledging the losses he’s faced and the need to continuously navigate through life’s obstacles.

born rich

Gunna spews out aspirational lines of baby’s first Rolls-Royce and splurging on designer pieces like Panamera and Hermes, articulating a vision of affluence that extends beyond his own lifetime. He plays with the reality of materialistic pleasures, making it clear that achieving this level of prosperity isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. The track’s lyrics, repeated like a mantra, reflect this relentless pursuit; the artist isn’t content with just having made it, he’s determined to ensure his descendants enjoy the fruits of his labor too. This is Gunna’s bold prediction: a legacy of riches that will be enjoyed by his future generations.

go crazy

He talks of hitting the jackpot, from buying a Porsche to scooping millions, then immediately feeling the impacts; life gets insane, he insinuates. Gunna’s not just flexing his riches; he’s diving into the high-pressure lifestyle that accompanies wealth, making the track a profound commentary on the toll fame takes. It’s about Gunna’s ascent from the trenches to his current status, while also addressing the struggles and ennui that stem from the lifestyle he’s earned. All said, “go crazy” is a nuanced dissection of Gunna’s life since he found stardom – a narrative mirrored in its beats that rise like a phoenix, reflecting Gunna’s triumphant rise in the rap game.

bread & butter

No stranger to adversity, Gunna recounts his journey from the trenches, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to authenticity and independence. He bemoans those who betray their circles for notoriety, a shocking indictment of the misplaced values that run rampant within the industry. With clear-eyed pragmatism, he separates the real from the fake, taking shots at those who only affiliate themselves with him for monetary gain. The Atlanta native’s lyrics bear witness to his profound understanding of survival and self-reliance, reinforcing his standpoint that he’s not merely a participant in the game, but a discerning player who knows how to keep score.

turned your back

This joint uncovers his raw emotions, as he delves into the disappointment of those he cared for switching up on him after he provided them with everything they needed. The street-born artist reflects on his rise from the gutter, yet still yearns for inner peace, a quiet battle with fame often left untold. He acknowledges the slip-ups of trusting too easily, the lie-ridden journey, and the consistent grind in the face of adversity. Gunna uses this banging track to take fans on a journey through his psyche, proving that even with success, some battles are fought offstage.

i was just thinking

He acknowledges his battles, his methods to rise, and his relentless focus despite pressures to back down. The song is a poignant statement on his fervor to make it on top, his rejection of returning to his old life, and his approach to navigating the obstacles thrown at him. Gunna represents this life transition lucidly, balancing the harsh reality of street life with the hopes and dreams pushing him forward.


His rhymes present a chiaroscuro of pain and perseverance, unfurling the raw duality of his experience – the struggle of slander and insomnia, juxtaposed with an undying hope for better days. The lyrical narrative sees Gunna wrestling with remorse, loss, and internal chaos, underscored by the torment that fame has inflicted. Yet amidst these tribulations, Gunna rallies, voicing an unyielding affirmation that despite the changes and challenges, he will weather them, constantly voicing his mantra – “it’s gon’ be alright”. It’s not just a song, it’s a phoenix rising from Gunna’s personal ashes, a testament to his resilience.

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