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Breaking down the Lyrics on ‘SAVAGE MODE II’ by ’21 Savage’

Released: 2020

Label: Slaughter Gang, LLC/Epic/Boominati Worldwide/Republic

Featuring: Metro Boomin, Drake, Young Thug, Young Nudy

Like an emcee spittin’ fire in the cipher, ’21 Savage’ came through with ‘SAVAGE MODE II’, a sophomore project that showcased the Atlanta rapper’s progression and solidified his status in the crunk-juice drenched landscape of Southern hip-hop. Collaborating with beating heart of trap music, beatsmith Metro Boomin, the album holds a reflection of trap’s raw energy and street narrative with a cinematic touch. From the menacing soundscapes in ‘Runnin’ and ‘Glock In My Lap’ to the seductive nuances in ‘Mr. Right Now’ featuring Champagne Papi himself, Drake, and ‘Rich Nigga Shit’ which features eclectic verses from Young Thug, Savage asserts his place in the game.

This album isn’t just an auditory experience, it’s a journey into the heart of Atlanta’s Eastside, offering an unfiltered lens onto 21 Savage’s lived experiences. Touching on themes of street warfare in ‘Snitches & Rats’, loyalty in ‘My Dawg’ and the relentless pursuit of success in ‘Brand New Draco’, each track is a narrative thread in the tapestry that is ‘Savage Mode II’. The introspective reflections in ‘No Opp Left Behind’, and the raw heartache laid bare in ‘RIP Luv’ and ‘Said N Done’ reveal the depth beneath the Savage moniker, a duality of a man carved from the concrete jungle, but constantly seeking beyond it.

So let’s get into it. From the hard-hitting beats to the poignant wordplay, here’s the breakdown of the lyrics on ‘SAVAGE MODE II’ by ’21 Savage.


Nah, it hits you hard in the ears from the get-go, setting up the vibe for the whole album. We got Morgan Freeman dropping gems about the definition of savage, paralleling the streets and the animal kingdom. The intro serves as a thesis statement for the whole record. 21 ain’t playin’, he’s about to take us into the depths of his reality, the underbelly of Atlanta, a place where survival is the main game. It’s a gripping start that pulls you in with its hard-hitting narrative and signals the artist’s intent to keep it raw, real, and ruthless, reflecting his personal journey in the trap.


His lyrics shed light on the raw realities of his world, from the carnage of gangland warfare to the intoxicating allure of wealth and the hedonistic trappings of success. The track is a hard-hitting battle cry, laced with defiance and an unapologetic celebration of his rise from the trenches to the top of the rap game. Savage is at his most brutal, his bars underlining once again why he’s earned his reputation as one of the most unflinching voices in contemporary hip-hop.

Glock In My Lap

The lyrics lay bare his struggle to escape from the gritty life and the gravitational pull of his past. Savage’s lyrical prowess takes center stage as he weaves tales of dangerous encounters and violence, toeing the line between the world he had and the world he’s built himself into. The track’s ominous beat and his deadpan delivery augment the chilling realism in his rhymes. He displays his unequivocal faith in survival of the fittest, as he portrays the harsh ‘eat or be eaten’ nature of the streets. This song doesn’t merely entertain but educates, giving us a raw perspective on the mental toll of living outside the law.

Mr. Right Now (feat. Drake)

Right Now,” 21 Savage lays claim to his status as not the lover you settle down with, but the one that’s right for the moment. He’s lacing his girl in Chanel, evoking images of high-end fashion and extravagance. At the same time, he’s dexterously sliding between flexes about his trappings of wealth and emotional vulnerability, revealing discarded feelings and a musical proclivity for slow jams. Collaborator Drake boldy hops on the track, flirting with controversies through his confession of past relations with R&B sensation SZA. The two mold a rhythmic arena where indulgence meets raw, unfiltered truth, leaving blinkered love behind and ushering in the era of ‘savage’ love.

Rich Nigga Shit (feat. Young Thug)

They lace their verses with references to high-end brands, echoing back to the bling era of hip-hop while also musing on their pasts and the struggles they overcame to achieve their success. Both artists blend bravado with introspection, dropping lines about luxury rides and noise-making jewelry as emblems of their journey from want to wealth. But it ain’t all ice and wheels; there’s regret, deceit and the acknowledgment of the tenuous nature of loyalty in a game where wealth rules. It’s a nod to the reality of the streets even amid the diamond-encrusted narrative.


Drenched in swagger and unapologetic narratives, 21 Savage weaves an intricate tale of life on the streets, defending his crew, and holding down his turf. The continuously repeated “21, 21, 21” is a stamp that embodies Savage’s authenticity and rawness. His depiction of growing up amidst “drugs, sex, and violence,” acknowledges the harsh reality of his formative years, shaping him into the hardened artist he’s become. The playfulness in his wording, combined with brutal honesty, is a stark reminder of the uncompromising reality 21 Savage represents. True to his style, it’s a solid banger steeped in the trap soundscape, taking you on a trip down memory lane to the bourbon-soaked back streets of East Atlanta.

Many Men

Striding over Metro Boomin’s haunting flutes and booming 808s, the rapper delves into hedonistic tales of wealth, juxtaposed with the dark undercurrents of his Atlanta roots. Savage’s refrain echoes 50 Cent’s track of the same name, paying homage while asserting his street-certified narrative. There’s a cold-blooded, raw honesty to his lyrics as he talks about the paranoia and the violence, but also about loyalty and brotherhood. It’s a vivid, hard-hitting testament to a life where enemies lurk in the shadows and where every move is a high-stakes gamble for survival.

Snitches & Rats (Interlude)

In this spoken word gem, he distinguishes with dark clarity between a snitch and a rat; both abhorred figures but uniquely despised in their own right. It’s a fierce exploration of trust, betrayal, and survival in the cold, ruthless world that Savage knows all too well. A street philosopher in full command of his narrative, Savage’s chilling truths resonate far beyond trap houses. Those who break street codes are savages of a different kind and that social commentary elevates this piece to more than just an interlude.

Snitches & Rats (feat. Young Nudy)

This track shows Savage in his rawest form, offering a no-nonsense stance on snitching, ratting, and fake gangsters. The recurrent theme of loyalty — or the lack thereof — is a deep dive into street ethics, subtly highlighting the repercussions of disloyalty. Young Nudy complements Savage’s flow, adding a layer of intensity to the narrative. Through sharp metaphors and vivid imagery, the track builds a gritty soundscape that embodies the perilous intrigue of the streets. With 21 Savage taking narrative control, we get a brutal honesty that’s as hypnotic as it is chilling.

My Dawg

He grapples with his past, recounting stories of drug dealing and lamenting friends who lost their lives to the game. 21 maintains a solid stance on loyalty and living authentically, bringing in raw references from his life. He criticizes clout chasers, throwing a punch at those who lose their lives for fame. His reflections on relationship dynamics are tinged with regret and caution. With a cold, hard narrative, “My Dawg” hits with a brutal honesty that exemplifies 21 Savage’s signature style and underpins ‘Savage Mode II’.

Steppin On Niggas

Evoking the cold hardness of the East Atlanta streets, he puts the listener right beside him cruising late at night, locked and loaded for beef. This track stands out as a fearless claim of dominance ‘steppin’ on his rivals with not only his lyrics but also his success. No line is spared in painting a raw image of Savage’s world, bringing out the relentless and brutal life on the streets. However, his storytelling skills take a backseat to his knack for shock and awe, leaving some listeners craving more narrative depth.

Brand New Draco

The lyrics ooze with braggadocious wordplay as 21 lays out his untouchable status in the game, both within and beyond his East Atlanta streets. His metallic bars come laced with fiery threats and promises, his spiritual alliance to the streets evident as he spits verses about the relentless grind, chasing millions, flashing ice, and brandishing his symbolic new Draco. Yet the savage penmanship serves a purpose greater than flexing, it’s a testament to his hard-earned glory and hood-envy, exploring themes of violent survivalism, wealth acquisition, and the inevitable betrayal in the warrens of the trap. A gritty journey through the eyes of a seasoned soldier, this joint’s got fire and frostbite, both.

No Opp Left Behind

He flexes on his financial success, underscored by his love for mathematics, an affinity he says he nurtured while ‘sleeping through science’. The artist makes no bones about his history, confessing to his past involving theft and sale, and how he’d ‘cut off’ anyone cooperating with the law. The track exhibits an apparent martial law amongst his entourage, where even the ‘killers get killed.’ His constant refrain of “No opp left behind,” hints at an unforgiving mentality, emphasizing the harsh realities of his background. Throughout, 21 Savage keeps it real, stating that there’s no ‘cap’ in his rap, underscoring the authenticity of his lyrics and life.


The track takes listeners on a roller coaster ride of a toxic love story, offering an intimate lens into the Atlanta rapper’s psyche. His reflection on love lost and the arduous journey of moving on are all too relatable, demonstrating the depth of his lyrical prowess. From whispered confessions of internal turmoil to stark admissions of infidelity, Savage’s poignant revelations reflect the struggle of grappling with failed love in an often ruthless world. Ultimately, “RIP Luv” is a testament to Savage’s raw authenticity and his ability to blend gritty narratives with introspective confessions, making it a standout cut on ‘SAVAGE MODE II’.

Said N Done

Skillfully skating over a beat from Metro Boomin’, Savage lays down reflections on betrayal, survival, and relentless grind. The lyrics expose the savagery of streets, yet reveal a heart that’s been bruised. His bars elucidate his grind game, sharing experiences from the gloomy past while embracing his attained success. Weaving narratives of his struggles, the track is also an ode to fallen homies and a promise to ride for those who’ve been there for him. This joint is about loyalty, resilience, and retribution, wrapped in the impeccable blend of Savage’s menacing flow and Metro’s chilling production.

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