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Breaking down the Lyrics on ‘The Forever Story ‘ by ‘JID’

Released: 2022

Label: Dreamville/Interscope

Featuring: Kenny Mason, EARTHGANG, 21 Savage, Baby Tate, Lil Durk, Ari Lennox, Yasiin Bey, Lil Wayne, Johnta Austin, Ravyn Lenae, Eryn Allen Kane

When the needle drops on ‘The Forever Story’ by JID, it’s an invitation to traverse the intricate labyrinth of his lyrical world. This East Atlanta emcee, a gem in Dreamville’s crown, layers his project with complex bars and thought-provoking narratives that demand a deep dive. His lyrical prowess, combined with his knack for storytelling, takes us from the cosmic expanses of ‘Galaxy’ to the pulsating thrum of the streets in ‘Bruddanem.’

At its core, ‘The Forever Story’ is a journey – a sonic odyssey that shuffles through the ether of JID’s experiences and psyche. Whether it’s the unpretentious swagger on ‘Crack Sandwich,’ the confrontational honesty on ‘Can’t Punk Me,’ or the raw vulnerability on ‘Can’t Make U Change,’ JID lets listeners into his world, building a narrative tapestry that’s as vivid as it’s visceral.

Loaded with a roster of heavy-hitting features like 21 Savage, Lil Durk, Ari Lennox, Yasiin Bey, and even the legendary Lil Wayne, JID demonstrates his versatility, holding his own against these massive talents while maintaining his distinct artistic identity. It’s a testament to his lyrical calibration that he can switch from introspective bars to hard-hitting verses and still retain a coherent thematic thread throughout the album.

So let’s get into it. From ‘Galaxy’ to ‘2007’, here are the breaking down the lyrics on ‘The Forever Story’ by ‘JID’


He poetically philosophizes the fragile balance between “forever” and “never,” underlining life’s impermanence while elevating the common individual to stardom. His lines navigate through realities of isolation and social expectations, encapsulating a deeply introspective perspective. The lyric, “You plastic, nigga, that means you motherfuckin’ fake,” is a forceful expression of disillusionment with pretenders—a running theme within the broader contemporary hip-hop culture. By juxtaposing lofty ideals and harsh reality in his lyrics, JID masterfully stitches together a galaxy of hip-hop sentiments.


JID utilizes intricate wordplay and vivid metaphors, painting a picture of the struggles faced in his neighborhood in Decatur, Georgia – the drugs, violence, and systemic oppression. The lyrics reveal the artist’s deep introspection, as he explores the paradox of success in a ruthless industry. JID doesn’t shy away from addressing the harsh realities of the rap game, calling out sell-out artists who trade their souls for fame. The track is a powerful testament to JID’s lyrical prowess and social consciousness, embodying his unfiltered perspective on the harsh realities of his environment.

Dance Now (feat. Kenny Mason)

Their lyrics are laced with allusions to their Atlanta roots, referencing local geography like DeKalb County, Memorial Drive, and Campbellton. Straddling between cautionary tales and assertive posturing, the track confronts their experiences with law enforcement and street life, all the while expressing their refusal to succumb to the industry’s pressures. In their lyricism, the struggle to survive and thrive in the world of hip-hop is personified as a dance with the devil, a dance you can’t stop once you start.

Crack Sandwich

JID weaves a gritty, yet deeply personal tableau of his reality growing up in Zone 6 Atlanta, pivoting around themes like poverty, violence, and the struggle of the black community. He colors his lyrics with vivid imagery, letting us ride shotgun through his life’s turbulent journey. What’s gripping is JID’s embodiment of resiliency – standing up after each downfall, a lesson imparted by his parents. Simply put, JID uses “Crack Sandwich” to translate his street wisdom into compelling rap verses, delivering a masterstroke in storytelling that reverberates across the hip-hop community.

Can’t Punk Me (feat. EARTHGANG)

It’s a record that asserts JID’s refusal to bend or break, incorporating his Southern drawl and razor-sharp lyricism to highlight the struggles he faces while staying true to his beliefs and roots. This gritty narrative is expertly woven into the fabric of the TrapSoul influenced instrumental, creating a deeply authentic sonic landscape. The lyrical content underscores JID’s fortitude, resilience, and determination, illustrating a picture of his upbringing in Atlanta’s Zone-4 and his journey to global success. Ultimately, “Can’t Punk Me” stands as a powerful testament to JID’s unflinching resolve and commanding presence in the hip-hop stratosphere.

Surround Sound (feat. 21 Savage & Baby Tate)

He teams up with 21 Savage and Baby Tate, crafting a provocative narrative underscored by the harsh realities of the streets, secure in his identity amidst the chaos. The verses from JID exhibit his versatile style while he juggles a multitude of themes: the struggle, triumph, crime and the competitive world of hip-hop. Along with 21 Savage’s streetwise reflections and Baby Tate’s sassy verse, JID masterfully displays his potent lyrical prowess, cementing his place as a significant voice within the industry. His lyrical audacity is on full display, able to stir emotions and provoke thought in equal measure.

Kody Blu 31

This joint showcases JID’s lyrical prowess as he uses clever wordplay to tell stories about his upbringing, community conflict, and the systemic oppression faced by Black communities. The recurring refrain “Swang on” illustrates the relentless struggle and determination needed to thrive amongst adversity – it’s a simple phrase packed with powerful intention. JID also pays homage to the women in his life, acknowledging their strength and resilience. Symbolically, this track underscores an important theme in JID’s catalogue: it’s not just about surviving, it’s about swinging back at the challenges life throws at you.

Bruddanem (feat. Lil Durk)

Set against a backdrop of struggle and adversity, the track is soaked in the rawness of real-life experiences. JID’s lyrical prowess shines as he paints vivid pictures of his upbringing, lifelong friendships, and the shared trauma that shaped him. Meanwhile, Lil Durk adds an authentic street perspective, reflecting his own experiences in Chicago’s trenches. The repeated phrase “for my bruddanem” ties the narrative threads together, emphasizing their relentless fight to protect and uplift each other. It’s a deep-cut, showing the steadfast loyalty and shared struggles that define their brotherhood.


His bars paint a picture of a man torn between the relentless pursuit of success and the desire for deep and meaningful connections, caught in the crossfire of his own ambition. JID’s lyrical wizardry unravels themes of alienation, questioning his identity and integrity in the face of fame. The song is raw, emotional, embodying JID’s struggle to keep his essence intact amidst the glitz and glamor of the hip-hop scene. It’s a vivid exposition of the dichotomy between the artist’s public persona and his private self, a poignant reflection on the cost of chasing dreams.

Can’t Make U Change (feat. Ari Lennox)

The song delves into the universal struggle of trying to change someone in a relationship, ultimately realizing the futility of such efforts. JID’s deft lyricism shines through, painting a vivid picture of past relationships, bouts with personal demons, and a keen acknowledgement of his own stubbornness. References to Musiq Soulchild and Lil Wayne underscore the track’s emotional complexity, offering a nod to these iconic figures who’ve famously explored themes of love and relationships. Ari Lennox’s passionate and poignant vocals, set against JID’s introspective bars, elevate the track, making it a standout in JID’s discography.

Stars (feat. Yasiin Bey)

Yasiin Bey)” is a profound and introspective track by JID that delves deeply into the struggle for fame and recognition in the cutthroat world of hip-hop, while still striving to remain authentic. JID’s lyrics paint a vivid journey of ambition and grind, candidly addressing the challenges, sacrifices, and the dream of reaching the ‘stars’. The feature from Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def), adds another layer of critical commentary, tackling issues of materialism, the illusion of freedom, and the transactional nature of the industry. This track serves as a thoughtful critique and a personal introspection, reflecting JID’s commitment to his craft and the paradoxical quest for success in the hip-hop industry.

Just In Time (feat. Lil Wayne & Kenny Mason)

JID uses time as a symbol of perseverance, progress, and the cyclical nature of life in marginalized communities. Signifying his rise from hardship, the opening verse tells a story of survival, and the weight carried by those constantly outrunning systemic issues. Meanwhile, Lil Wayne explores time as a journey of personal evolution, reflecting on recklessness, resilience, and redemption. The song culminates with a triumphant declaration: they’ve got time today, a metaphor for readiness and resilience. As usual, JID delivers a master class in lyricism, interweaving storytelling, wordplay, and cultural references, painting a vivid picture with his lines.


JID isn’t just rap-slinging; he unveils a life seeped in poverty, shedding light on how money, or the lack thereof, has shaped his journey — from munching on bologna sandwiches to hustling for every dime. The track fuses raw storytelling with layered metaphors, exposing the grim reality of socioeconomic disparity. This ain’t just about dollar bills y’all, it’s about the relentless grind, the necessity of survival, and ultimately, the determination to rise above it all. JID’s wordplay “masterminds” a narrative that’s as real as it gets.

Better Days (feat. Johnta Austin)

The lyrics weave an emotively raw narrative of his upbringings, dealing with the hard knocks of life, and stayin’ solid in the face of adversity. JID’s wordplay is on full display as he lyrically balances the highs and lows, painting vivid pictures of his reality. This joint is about reminiscing on the past, confronting the present, and praying for better days – a true testament to JID’s introspective genius and his ability to spin street-wise tales with deep personal undercurrents. The touch of Johnta Austin’s soulful chorus only amplifies the track’s emotional resonance, making “Better Days” a standout in JID’s ‘The Forever Story’.

Lauder Too (feat. Ravyn Lenae & Eryn Allen Kane)

Ravyn Lenae & Eryn Allen Kane)” is a heavyweight masterpiece packed with verses that are as thought-provoking as they are well-constructed. Our man JID lays down his truth, confronting the conflicts within and outside. The lyrics push and pull between self-awareness and societal pressures, revealing his journey from the street corners to stardom. He’s not just rapping for applause; he’s givin’ his heart, his art, his artery. More than that, the song pays homage to the struggle of black communities, weaving a tapestry of hardship, resilience, and survival. It’s JID at his best – raw, real, and ready to break the silence with his words. “Lauder Too” is not just a rap song; it’s a social commentary set to a beat.


This seven-minute lyrical exercise charters his years of struggle, ambitions shelved, and opportunities seized, effectively transforming adversity into artistic gold. Referring to the significant moments in his life against the backdrop of J. Cole’s discography, he highlights his personal struggles – from abandoning a promising athletic career to grappling with familial discord, even his falling out of college. By the end of this odyssey, JID embraces his destiny, acknowledging the fruits of his hard work and tenacity. “2007” is a heartfelt testament to JID’s journeyman-like approach to his craft, making it a standout track on ‘The Forever Story’.

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