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The Best Female R&B Singers Today as Ranked by Fans

In the vast, ever-evolving universe of music, R&B holds a special place, similar to what Mary J Blige has in this genre, especially when it comes to the profound impact of female artists. Gone are the days when the R&B charts were dominated by male artists, as the 2020s have ushered in an era where female R&B singers are not just participating but taking over, dominating the landscape with their unique voices, compelling stories, and unparalleled talent.

From the foundational voices of Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson in the 1980s to the explosive rise of female R&B artists in the 1990s and the continued evolution through the 2000s with icons like Beyoncé and Rihanna, the genre has been richly defined and redefined by women. Today, a new generation of female R&B artists is pushing the boundaries further, ensuring the genre’s vibrant future and its deep-rooted connection to the cultural and emotional tapestry of its listeners.

Let’s dive into the crème de la crème of female R&B artists, celebrating their contributions and dissecting their unique places in the pantheon of music greatness, from the promising newcomers to the established legends.



Topping our list, SZA’s Ctrl, her hit studio album that earned her a best new artist nomination. was a defining moment for contemporary R&B, blending soulful melodies with candidly personal lyrics. Her subsequent work, including the best new artist title-winning 2022 album SOS, has solidified her status as an R&B icon, pushing the boundaries of the genre and influencing a new generation of artists. It was the hit song Kill Bill that solidifies her position as the top female r&b artist right now.



Kehlani’s journey from America’s Got Talent to R&B stardom is a story of resilience and talent. Her albums, including SweetSexySavage, highlight her growth as an artist and her ability to connect with listeners on a deep level.

Kali Uchis


Kali Uchis has carved out a niche with her distinctive blend of R&B and Latin influences. Her breakthrough hit “After the Storm” showcased her unique voice and artistic vision, making her a standout artist in the genre.

Summer Walker


Atlanta’s Summer Walker has risen from relative obscurity to become a leading voice in R&B. Her albums, including Still Over It, have captivated listeners with their raw emotion and relatable narratives.



The 2023 Best New Artist, is making waves in the industry. H.E.R. has been a revelation in R&B, blending soulful melodies with insightful lyrics. Her accolades and widespread recognition are a testament to her talent and impact on the genre.



From Fifth Harmony to solo success, Normani has quickly made her mark with hits like “Motivation.” She rose with the girl group Fifth Harmony, but has carved a successful solo artist career with her dynamic presence and vocal prowess that continues to signal a bright future in R&B.

Victoria Monét


As a gifted songwriter turned artist, Victoria Monét has penned hits for the likes of Ariana Grande and Chloe x Halle before stepping into the spotlight with her own music and winning a grammy award along the way. Jaguar, her most acclaimed EP, highlights her silky vocals and songwriting prowess, making her a standout artist in the R&B scene.

Jhene Aiko


A veteran in the music industry, Jhene Aiko’s Sail Out marked a turning point in her career, establishing her as a key voice in contemporary R&B with her ethereal sound and introspective lyrics. Often with comparisons with veterans like Mariah Carey, Aiko is carving our her own spot amongst the best r&b singers of all time.

Justine Skye


Brooklyn’s Justine Skye has been on a steady rise since her debut, showcasing her versatility and depth with each release. Her persistence and talent have earned her a spot among R&B’s notable voices.

Queen Naija


From YouTube sensation to R&B star, Queen Naija’s journey is a modern tale of talent and perseverance. Her self-titled EP showcases her emotive vocal range and storytelling prowess.

Jorja Smith


British talent Jorja Smith has been making waves with her soulful voice and introspective music. Her ability to transcend geographical and genre boundaries makes her a global R&B ambassador.



From child actress to music sensation, Tinashe’s journey is marked by her hit “2 On” and the critically acclaimed album Aquarius. Her versatility and dedication have made her a constant figure in modern R&B.



Endorsed by Prince, DaniLeigh has proven herself with hits like “Lil Bebe.” Despite controversies, her talent and charisma keep her at the forefront of the R&B conversation.

Kiana Ledé


Like many before her like Mariah Carey, Kiana Ledé has seamlessly transitioned from acting to music, showcasing her talents across various platforms including releasing several hit singles. Known for her heartfelt singles like “Ex,” Ledé’s music resonates with those navigating the complexities of love and life.

Ari Lennox


Ari Lennox, the soulful siren from the DMV area, has been captivating audiences with her neo-soul and R&B blend since signing with J.Cole’s Dreamville. Shea Butter Baby is a testament to her rich vocal texture and her ability to convey deep emotion through music.



With a career that spans pop and R&B, JOJO made a significant impact with her debut album featuring hits like “Leave (Get Out)” and “Baby It’s You.” Her voice and resilience have made her a beloved figure in the music industry.

Chloe x Halle


The dynamic duo Chloe x Halle have proven their mettle in both acting and music. Their album The Kids Are Alright showcased their harmonious vocals and artistic versatility, marking them as future legends in the making.

Ella Mai


British singer Ella Mai took the world by storm with “Boo’d Up” and “Trip,” blending classic R&B sensibilities with modern flair. Her debut album is a testament to her talent and potential for longevity in the industry.



Hailing from the UK, Mahalia brings a unique blend of neo-soul and mainstream R&B that has caught the attention of listeners worldwide like what Lauryn Hill did back in the day. Mahalia’s 2016 project, Diary of Me, marked her as a rising star, showcasing her ability to weave intricate stories with a soulful touch.

Ann Marie


Kicking off our list is Chicago’s very own solo artist Ann Marie. Since her emergence on YouTube in 2014, Ann Marie has carved out a niche with her emotionally charged lyrics and undeniable talent. Tracks like “Different” and “Secret” showcase her ability to blend heartfelt narratives with the smooth rhythms of R&B, making her a voice to watch in the genre.

In the realm of R&B, these women have not only left an indelible mark on the genre but have also paved the way for future generations of female singers to express their truths through music. Their stories, talents, and achievements reflect the dynamic evolution of R&B, showcasing the genre’s ability to adapt, grow, and resonate with audiences worldwide. As we celebrate these artists, once dominated by artists like Lauryn Hill and Mary J Blige, we’re reminded of the power of music to connect, heal, and inspire, proving once again that R&B is much more than a genre; it’s a vibrant, living history of expression.

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