Hiring An Audio Engineer As An Independent Artist
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Hiring an Audio Engineer as an Independent Artist

As an independent artist you are constantly relying on other people to back you up and give you the support that you need in terms of taking on the stuff that you can’t handle yourself.

You might be brilliant at writing lyrics and putting songs together but are you any good at marketing yourself? Are you any good at taking promo photos, creating album covers, booking interviews, getting positive PR, mixing and mastering your music?

Most likely not right? This is why you need people alongside you who can take on all of this. More importantly, though, you need a quality audio engineer.

You can have the top promo and marketing team in the world working for you but if your music is of terrible quality they won’t be able to push it as effectively as possible. In addition to dope rhymes and beats, a quality sounding song is one of the most important aspects of a strong product.   

Take the time that you need to find a quality audio engineer as they can help transform your sound and make you sound the way that you intended. To do this, you need to be looking for a guru with audio who carries the following traits to work.

What do look for in a good audio engineer

A good audio engineer is one who always has stuff you’ve never seen before. Make sure that you are hiring someone with a good grasp of tech and who is always out there looking at the latest stuff to hit the market; if they aren’t blowing you away and you can kind of see the routine then it might best to go to another engineer instead

The engineer should be into hip-hop and understand the nuances surrounding the genre. They need to realize the goal of the music you are making so they can feel the kind of response and the sound that you want to come out.

They should be the guys optimizing your work and making you sound like a genuinely professional piece of work. You can put in your shift and make it sound the best that you can but they are then expected to come in and tune it up a fair bit to take it from average to good to great.

If you work with an audio engineer they should be able to connect with you personally, too. A good partnership in this kind of environment is one that sees you both get on well and understand one another on more than just music. 

If you can build a good rapport with your audio engineer you are more likely to be able to get the point across The best trait, though, is the people that are able to listen to your advice. Creating quality music is, after all, a very collaborative process. Giving feedback and taking in feedback is a constant thing in the studio.

They might the professional but if you are giving thoughtful and honest feedback that you really believe in, they need to take it on board and perhaps make adjustments. 

An audio engineer who isn’t willing to listen to your feedback and your ideas isn’t worth having on the team. By the same token, though, you should be able to listen to them as well The best part about all of this, then, is the fact that you can quite easily start working with someone who is an audio engineer who has these traits. 

They are not like gold dust or hidden diamonds; lots of quality audio engineers are out there who are affordable and provide you with the help that you need in taking things that extra step further.

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