How To Build Your Independent Artist Profile On Spotify
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How to Build Your Independent Artist Profile on Spotify

For any artist today, one of the most important features that you can have is a quality Spotify profile. Spotify for Artists makes it very easy for you to set this all up, but you then need to fill in that profile.

The more detail, the better. That, though, does mean taking the time to enjoy building up a vision and message of yourself that should immediately translate into creating hype about what you stand for.

Filling in those details, though, can feel a touch taxing. If you want to avoid this, we’ve got some decent ideas that you can easily enough follow along with. They should, in theory, leave you with a much niftier looking Spotify profile!

Building Your Artist Profile

Since you are now able to show people not just a good image of yourself but a quick bio of what you stand for, it’s vital you make a good first impression.

Listeners who know nothing of you will be very interested to know what makes you an artist worth listening to; this is your chance to impress them!

To do that, you need to start working on that profile and adding as much as you can to it. Basically, take a look at the kind of content you produce.

From the message in the music to where you host your gigs through to the kind of merchandise that you sell, what does it say about you to the reader?

Start with the image that you choose for your artist profile. It should immediately tell people about what you stand for. Every popular artist stands for something, and your image should be a reflection of what you stand for.

The mood of the image, the colour scheme, any typography chosen and even the angle of the shot should all reflect who you are and what you stand for.

You also need a cool background image, so choose something that maybe mimics an album cover or perhaps a shot of you killing it in a live event.

Fill in that gallery too with promo shots and shots of you doing your thing in the studio and on the stage.

Write your bio, too, with a 1,500-character limit you should find it easy to give a bit about yourself and what you stand for. Just avoid the whole life story thing; nobody needs to know your blood type or what you do in your spare time.

Be creative; use it as a chance to let the wider world know what you stand for!

Make sure that you link up all tour dates, too. So long as they are listed on major concert sites, it should automatically fill it out for you.

If you use Merchbar, you can add in some of your most popular products, usually your top three selling solutions.

Using the above, you should be left with a Spotify artist’ profile that looks tremendous and really taps into the right look and feel. It’s hard to get right, but so worthwhile in terms of brand building and general recognition.

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