Independent Artists Can Engage With Their Spotify Audience
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How Independent Artists Can Engage with their Spotify Audience

For most artists, one of the most common problems that you might come across stems from audience engagement. Most people hear that term and think of it as some kind of whacky marketing gimmick. While it can be, for an artist audience engagement is so much more.

If you want to engage with your audience, though, it’s easy to mistake engagement for what is essentially just promoting yourself shamelessly.

For example, if you use Spotify to get yourself heard and to build awareness of your talents, do you use it for engaging with your fans?

If not, you are really missing out on one of the most lucrative solutions that you have. Engaging with your audience on Spotify is one of the best ways to help build a brand and make people more aware of who you are.

In a culture where so many people want to interact with the music they listen to, showing your more human side can have immense positive benefits moving forward. If you want to do that, then what is the best way to make this happen?

How can you better engage your audience on Spotify?

The best place to start with for audience engagement on Spotify is to use the tremendous Artist’s Pick solution. This lets you build up your own little notice of the kind of music that you are into, and it sits proudly at the top of your profile.

Not only does this show other artists what kind of music that you are into, it shows that you are not self-absorbed and only recommend your own stuff.

Not only will other artists appreciate the nod, your fans will appreciate the background insight into who you are. It’s a wonderful solution that makes it easy for you to start building a more cohesive relationship with your fans.

From adding a quick caption to showing tour dates to promote your new single, this is so powerful for engagement, interaction and marketing.

It’s a good way to promote videos, tour dates, whatever. It’s a wonderful tool to help show the world that you are into other kinds of music, too, and that you don’t mind sharing the love.

The same can be said of Artist Playlist; a tool that lets you make up your own playlist to share with the world.

It shows fans what you are into, and it will help you to really capture audience activity. You can’t release music all the time, but you can show fans what you like and it also shows the extensive nature of your own musical taste.

From engaging with fans on social media with ideas for the playlist to simply letting them see your more human side on Spotify on a weekly basis, this is such a fine marketing tool.

Whatever the reason you wish to engage with your audience, Spotify makes it easier to do just that.

The end result? A wonderful level of fan engagement that makes it so much easier to build your independent artistry into a brand that’s instantly recognizable.

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