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Meaning of ‘DISRESPECTFUL’ by ‘Doja Cat’

Released: 2024

“DISRESPECTFUL” by Doja Cat delves into the complexities of admiration and envy, highlighting how her relationship sparks jealousy and awe among others. The song celebrates the protective and caring nature of a partner while emphasizing the disdain and envy from onlookers. The lyrics present a confident, assertive take on how her partner’s allure and their bond feel almost offensive to those who wish them to falter.

The opening lines, “The way you know what I want / The way they wish I wouldn’t fall,” paint a picture of a partner so attuned to her needs that it stirs jealousy in others. Doja feels saved by her partner from the chaos and disrespect that life throws at her, a theme underscored by the repetitive line, “Baby, it’s disrespectful,” emphasizing the almost brazen way their relationship stands strong amidst envy.

In the second part, “Woah there, boy, don’t go there, boy,” she warns her partner about their effect on others, likening it to breathlessness, “Tell me how they ‘posed to breathe without no air, boy.” She acknowledges how others crave the success and poise her partner embodies, “They all wanna get a piece of them coattails, boy.” Her imagery of “even in economy, I’m giving him the biscuit” speaks to always providing quality, regardless of the situation, highlighting their unwavering support.

Doja further notes that people are willing to risk it all for her, yet she sees through their superficial attempts. “For me, they ain’t cuffin’, that’s imaginative figment,” dismisses their efforts as mere fantasies. She enjoys the way their union causes discomfort in others, “I like it when they mad and we making they wood soft,” elevating her partner’s allure. Despite his perfection, she acknowledges potential flaws, showing a grounded view of her relationship.

The lines, “He got experience and generously kind and soft / Sexy the way that he sensitive,” describe her partner’s balanced nature, combining strength with sensitivity. The repetition of “disrespectful” underscores how their bond offends onlookers who can’t understand or replicate their depth.

The chorus shifts to a more playful tone, calling out various types of boys to “get rowdy.” This inclusive call reflects hip-hop’s celebratory nature, encouraging everyone, regardless of status or appearance, to join in the energy and embrace their unique qualities. The irony here is that while the world is divided by ego and jealousy, Doja’s call to unity through rowdiness brings everyone into the fold of their shared human experience.

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