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Meaning behind the Lyrics in ‘Vegas’ by ‘Doja Cat’

The lyrics in “Vegas” by Doja Cat conveys a fiery song that addresses deceit and disappointment in a relationship. Doja Cat uses the metaphor of a “hound dog” to describe someone who’s been unfaithful or not living up to expectations. This term harkens back to Elvis Presley’s famous “Hound Dog,” and she plays with that association to make her point.

In the song, Doja Cat recounts the privileges and experiences she shared with her partner, such as being courtside at games or flying first class, suggesting a level of intimacy and luxury that has been tainted by the partner’s actions. The reference to “Abu Dhabi” adds a layer of opulence to the life they shared.

She also speaks to a loss of potential in the relationship with the line “Could’ve been what we should’ve been, but you lost a bet, now you gotta find me,” indicating a turning point where the partner’s gamble led to a missed opportunity for something more meaningful.

Vegas (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ELVIS)

Doja Cat exhibits a strong sense of self-awareness and self-worth throughout the track, recognizing the other person’s true colors and asserting herself. She’s not just passively acknowledging the situation; she’s actively calling it out and distancing herself from the deceitful behavior.

The repetitive lines “Dog, player, I get it / Fraud, player, I get it” suggest a weary understanding of the situation. She’s not fooled by the facade, and her repeated “I get it” implies that she’s seen through the lies and is confronting the person with their true nature.

“Vegas” is a track that showcases Doja Cat’s signature blend of catchy hooks, rhythmic delivery, and sharp lyrics. It’s an empowerment anthem for anyone who’s felt played or underestimated, and a declaration that she won’t be taken for a fool.

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