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Meaning of the Lyrics in ‘Agora Hills’ by ‘Doja Cat’

Released: 2023

“Agora Hills” by Doja Cat is a brash, bold expression of love and desire, combined with a tit-for-tat display of boundary-pushing sexuality and an unapologetic show of power. The track centers on Doja’s attraction to her partner and the thrill she gets from showing him off to the world, despite societal norms and expectations. It also doubles as a chilling counter-culture anthem, in which Doja defies traditional values and challenges the stereotypical female role in relationships.

In the opening lines, Doja Cat sets the tone with the words “Kissin’ and hope they caught us (ah), whether they like or not (not)” implying that she’s not afraid of public displays of affection (PDA), and in fact, revels in the attention. She is open about her affections and doesn’t shy away from expressing her feelings. “I wanna show you off,” she repeats, a testament to her confidence and willingness to disrupt societal norms that often frown upon such displays. At the same time, she’s declaring her intent to take the relationship to the next level with “I wanna tie the knot (knot)”.

The line “That’s true that I like PDA, take you to a seedy place, Suck a little dick in the bathroom”, definitely has Doja pushing the envelope with explicitly sexual lyrics. The explicit nature doesn’t stop there, as she also denotes her rejection of incels, a community of men who feel entitled to sexual attention from women, and acknowledges the inevitable backlash she’ll receive from haters in the industry.


She presents herself as a strong, independent woman, who’s not only in control of her sexual agency but also of her financial power: “I’ll split a big bill.” In other words, she’s saying she’s not afraid to pay her way. She’s willing go all out for her partner, and she’s not concerned about what anyone else thinks.

Following this, Doja’s parting shot to her critics is a clever play on words, “Let ’em feel how they feel and be Philistines. ‘Cause this type of love’s the epitome,” – ‘Philistine’ being a derogatory term referring to someone hostile or indifferent to culture and the arts. She is defining her own love story, a modern tale of female empowerment and liberty, and setting it as the pinnacle of love experiences.

The song as a whole is a testament to Doja Cat’s refusal to be silenced or shamed for expressing her sexuality. It’s a bold, in-your-face defiance of traditional norms and a testimony of owning one’s narrative in a world that often dictates how women should behave, particularly in relationships. Its provocative lines, confident delivery, and unabashed declarations make it a standout piece in Doja Cat’s music arsenal, marking her as a true disruptor in the Hip Hop scene.

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