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Meaning of ‘Alive’ by ‘Kid Cudi’ feat. Ratatat

Released: 2009 • Features: Ratatat

Alright fam, let’s dive into the depth of Kid Cudi’s “Alive (Nightmare)” featuring Ratatat. Connecting with the cosmos, Cudi becomes his true self under the moonlight, traversing through his inner complexities and struggles, shedding light on his journey of self-discovery. The nocturnal vibes run deep as Cudi embraces his beastly, primal nature while simultaneously yearning for a salvation that only love can offer.

The chorus, a recurrent melody where Cudi proclaims “Every time the moon shines, I become alive”, acts as a confession of the artist’s transformation during the night hours. Here, he acknowledges an alter ego born under the luminescence of the moon, more energetic, alert and stronger – his nightlife persona.

The first verse “I’m feeling strange in the night… I am changing rapidly…”, Cudi expresses experiencing disorientation and a forced confrontation with his inner demons, nodding towards his known struggles with depression and anxiety. The sensual scent of a woman suggests the hope of being rescued from this inner turmoil, reminding us of the healing power of intimate connections within the gritty reality Cudi occupies.

Moving on to the second verse, “I’m a beast in the night… Ain’t nothing wrong, I’ll be feasting on something brave… I hope she saves me from the curse I have to beat”, we see him embrace his nocturnal instincts, infusing a mythical twist. The ‘beast’ is on the lookout for a virtuous woman — his potential savior from the ‘curse’ he’s forced to battle. It’s an artful introspection on the insecurities of the artist, seeking salvation through love.

The third verse “I watch the sun collapse… Your fate will be whatever it shall be… I let these things just be”, brings home an acceptance of destiny. Cudi deliberates his solitary journey against a backdrop of societal conformity. The moonlight serves as a symbol of guidance, even when he deviates from his path. The verse concludes on a note of surrender to his fate, provoking thought on the importance of finding individuality amongst societal pressures.

Intermixed with Ratatat’s electrifying guitar riffs and Cudi’s harmonious hums, “Alive” isn’t just a song, it’s an introspective journey unveiled under the moonlit sky. Cudi invites us to witness his conflict of navigating through the beast within, and his pursuit of love as a cure — all happening under the night’s cover, making him feel truly alive.

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