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Meaning of ‘Aston Martin Music’ by ‘Rick Ross’ feat. Drake, Chrisette Michele

Released: 2010 • Features: Drake, Chrisette Michele

“Aston Martin Music” by Rick Ross featuring Drake and Chrisette Michele is a classic tale of navigating the obsessive pursuit of wealth with the reality of maintaining a love relationship. The title itself refers to the music playing in an Aston Martin, a metaphor highlighting Ross’s love for luxury cars as a symbol of his success. The entire piece paints a contrast between a fast lifestyle fuelled by hustle and opulence, and the yearning for a simpler life with one’s love.

Rick Ross’s opening verse paints a vivid picture of his lavish lifestyle, with references to “exotic red bottoms” (Christian Louboutin shoes), “pink bottles of Rosé” (a type of champagne), and “automatic weapons on the floor” which is indicative of his previous life as a street hustler. The lyrics evoke an image of wealth and power, coupled with Ross’s struggle to balance this reality with his genuine desire for love and companionship.

Chrisette Michele and Drake deliver the hook, reinforcing the song’s theme of the tension between a fast life and romantic love. The lyrics “Would have come back for you / I just needed time to what I had to do / Caught in the life, I can’t let it go…” encapsulates this dichotomy, reflecting the internal conflict Ross wrestles with – choosing between the allure of the fast life and the desire for a stable, committed love relationship.

In his second verse, Ross talks about pulling up “in the drop-top chicken box” a slang term referencing the luxury car (likely the Aston Martin of the song’s title) and its resemblance to a container. He refers to himself as “Mr. KFC,” epitomizing his wealth through association with the franchise’s founder, Colonel Sanders. He closes the verse revealing how his love interest’s hold on him is similar to the addiction Pookie from the movie “New Jack City” had for crack, highlighting the intensity of his love.

The closing lines of “Aston Martin Music, Music” sung by Chrisette Michele act as a refrain, cementing the song’s theme. These lines reinforce the impression of an opulent fast-life set to the backdrop of music played in an Aston Martin, emblematic of Ross’s lifestyle.

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