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Meaning of ‘In Luv With The Money’ by ‘Rick Ross’ feat. Meek Mill, Future

Released: 2023

Features: Meek Mill, Future

Y’all ready for this? We’re about to dive into the rich labyrinth of “In Luv With The Money,” by heavyweights Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and Future. This joint is a love letter to the lavish life, an ode to the opulence that comes with success in the rap game, a testament to the addictive allure of bread, of guap, of dinero.

When Ross declares, “I’m in love with my money” in the chorus, it’s more than an admission of his affection for financial prosperity. It’s a statement of his unshakeable commitment to the game, the hustle that brought him his wealth. The repetition here is critical, it drills home Ross’s infatuation with his stacks, emphasizing the deep and visceral relationship between the rapper and his bread.

Peep the line, “Killin’ witnesses while out on bond, and we beat the cases.” Ross isn’t just bragging about his wealth. He’s talking about the gritty reality of his journey. His life wasn’t always about condos on Collins. Look past the luxury and you’ll see a narrative that underscores the survival and resilience it took to make it.

Future and Meek Mill complement Ross’s raw narrative with their verses. When Meek spits, “Cauliflower the smoke, livin’ like I was Sosa”, he’s not just talking about an extravagant lifestyle, he’s economically equating his own rise with that of notorious drug lord, Sosa. This isn’t just a clever line, it’s the embodiment of the hustler’s mentality shining through.

And let’s not overlook Future’s verse. “Double M is expensive (ooh), every brick is expensive (ooh)”, he echoes the sentiment. ‘Double M’ here stands for Maybach Music, Ross’s own label. This ain’t no hobby, it’s a business, an empire. And it’s a game where every move, every choice, is a heavy investment.

So “In Luv With The Money” is more than just a track about wealth; it’s a tale about the grind, the hustle, the unyielding love for the game that defines the lives of these three kings. It’s about overcoming a system stacked against you, to claim a throne built on resilience and hard work. It’s about those long nights and early mornings hustling on the streets or in the studio, to savor that feeling of holding cash in your hands you worked hard for. It’s a love story, in the rawest of forms.

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