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Meaning of ‘Stay Schemin’ by ‘Rick Ross’ feat. French Montana, Drake

Released: 2012 • Features: French Montana, Drake

“Stay Schemin” by Rick Ross, featuring French Montana and Drake, is a poignant anthem of loyalty and inner-city struggles. Its verses deliver a raw exploration of their tumultuous environment while remaining unflinchingly committed to their crew, underlining the survivalist theme prevalent in the hip-hop culture.

The song starts heavy, with Ross stating “R.I.P. to all the real niggas worldwide.” He’s paying respects to the many lives cut short by the streets, followed by a fierce declaration of loyalty to his crew; he’s willing to “ride” or “slide” (engage in fights or illegal activities) for them. The recurring “Stay schemin” is a nod to their continuous hustle, always plotting the next move for survival or prosperity in the harsh environment.

Ross continues, painting the picture of his daily life; court dates, paranoia, and the race for money are common. The line “Double M I got G’s out in California” refers to his label, Maybach Music Group, having a significant presence on the West Coast. This isn’t just a boast; it’s a demonstration of his influence in the rap game.

Drake’s verse provides a shift, discussing loyalty and authenticity in the rap industry. His line, “It bothers me when the gods get to acting like the broads”, is a critique of other rappers who he feels have abandoned their principles to chase success. Drake is cognizant of how rap has changed, becoming less rugged and more commercial. Still, he remains committed to his original style and his crew – a principle central to the song. His reference to “Kobe ’bout to lose a hundred fifty M’s” is another critique, this time on disloyalty in relationships, using Kobe Bryant’s costly divorce as an example. Drake implies that many are quick to abandon in tough times, those who stick around, however, hold true value.

Rick Ross closes out with stories of lavish lifestyles and tribulations, from the transition “From the hoopty coupe to the Ghost, dawg” (upgrading from an old car to a Rolls-Royce Ghost) to lamenting friends locked up by law enforcement. His verse reflects the duality of their world; success is juxtaposed with severe consequences and the ever-present risk of downfall.

“Stay Schemin” serves as an unabashed representation of three influential figures in hip-hop, delivering a raw depiction of their reality. Amid struggles and success, one theme remains: they ride for their niggas – signaling a deep-seated loyalty that binds them in their intricate world.

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