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Meaning of ‘Automatic’ by ‘Jack Harlow’

Released: 2020

“Automatic,” by Jack Harlow is a head-bopping track that’s all about ignoring the hate, focussing on his rise to stardom and taking control of his narrative. In this track, the crux of Harlow’s discourse revolves around his refusal to be affected by negativity while he’s busy grinding and enjoying his journey.

When Harlow says, “Automatic, it’s a habit, you should know it’s automatic, I been gettin’ to it, I ain’t notice y’all was hatin’“, he’s articulating that his success and hustle have become second nature to him. He’s so consumed with his climb to the top that he doesn’t have the time, nor the energy, to pay attention to his detractors.

His line, “Brand new chick, she don’t know the occupation, I just wanna know that I can hold the conversation,” unpacks Harlow’s desire for his personal relationships, particularly romantic ones, to be grounded in genuine connection, rather than being influenced by his emerging fame as an artist.

Runnin’ up a check, tryna run the operation, Went broke in the checking, pulled a hundred out of savings“, underlines Harlow’s entrepreneurial spirit. He’s making money, spending it on his music career (or the ‘operation’), and even when his checking account empties, his savings comes to the rescue. The language here speaks to his ambition and resilience.

In the repeated chorus lines, “I’ma need somethin’ I can calm down from, I’m gon’ pull up with the broad, down one, Six months in, I ain’t d- her down once“, Harlow openly talks about his relationships. He mentions leading a fast-paced life and needing a woman who can be a calming presence. He also pinpoints not rushing into intimacy, a stark contrast to the often hyper-sexualized narratives seen in some hip-hop music.

You don’t know nothin’, keep it real with me, She said she ain’t tryna deal with me, Okay, cool, you could sell that seat“, Here, Harlow showcases an unbothered attitude towards a woman who doesn’t want to be involved with him. He expresses assertively that if someone doesn’t want to be a part of his life, he’s okay with that – an empowered stance in maintaining his self-respect.

Lines such as, “I’ve been movin’, I’ve been shakin’, go and hit me on the celly, Tryna sell me on somethin’, well, I hope that sh- compellin’,” underline the rapper’s busy lifestyle and how others try to sell him ideas. The use of ‘celly’ for cell phone, and ‘sh-‘ for a stuff, are examples of colloquial language common in hip-hop culture.

Overall, “Automatic” is about Harlow’s journey—grinding hard, dealing with hate, hustling for his career, and maintaining authentic connections, all while reaping the benefits of his burgeoning success.

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