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Meaning of ‘If We Being Rëal’ by ‘Yeat’

Released: 2024

“If We Being Rëal” by Yeat, drills deep into the raw psyche of someone juggling their rise to fame, dealing with emotions, and maintaining authenticity in a world full of pretenders. The track is packed with introspective bars questioning genuine feelings and the nature of reality, all while flexing a high-energy, self-assured vibe.

Yeat kicks off the song by addressing his emotional numbness: “I had to let a little off, yeah / I had to cut the pill off, yeah / But if we bein’ real though, yeah / Nah, I don’t never feel nothin’ (yeah, yeah).” He’s trying to let go of substances but admits he feels nothing regardless, highlighting an underlying sense of emptiness.

He continues with, “I’m steady jumpin’ the gun, yeah, I do it for fun / You act like you do it for real, but, no, you is not one of us.” Here, Yeat separates himself from the fakes in the music game. He’s saying he’s authentic and does what he loves for fun, unlike others who are merely posing. His tone is dismissive towards these pretenders: “No, we don’t fuck with one of them at all, at all / We don’t fuck with you at all.”

Among the most revealing lines is, “I keep on chasin’ the highs, I know I could never get back / So I’m always on low.” This speaks to the endless pursuit of previous highs, whether emotional or substance-driven, admitting he’s perpetually left in a state of lows.

“I take the money to another level / I take the plane to another level / I take the heights to a newer level” signifies his relentless ambition. Yeat proudly states he’s pushing boundaries on every front, from wealth to experiences, emphasizing his journey is unparalleled.

The hook further delves into his disconnection and confusion: “If we bein’ real, I don’t know how to feel / I been overseas (I been overseas), you been on your knees.” This juxtaposition shows his sense of being lost even amidst success, while others are desperate and pleading.

Lastly, “It’s a couple things that I can feel, but I can’t feel my face / It’s a couple things that I wish I could, but I can’t replace” underscores his struggle with numbness despite being aware of his desires. He acknowledges the sickness in his selfishness but continues chasing an unreplaceable feeling.

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