Released: 2014

Features: Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Future

“Buy The World” is a bold proclamation of ambition and success from some of hip-hop’s heavy hitters. This track is about overcoming obstacles, the quest for financial capability, and the desire to literally ‘buy the world’— a metaphor for achieving ultimate victory and power in their respective lives.

The song kicks off with a refrain that sets the tone, with the sentiment of working hard to ‘buy the world’ and ‘do the impossible’. This desire creates a driving force behind the hustle and grind, resonating with listeners undergoing their own struggles. The mention of ‘Bought a Benz for my baddest bitch’ alludes to their new found prosperity, while the phrase ‘Strength in numbers, my nigga’ implies unity and collective power amongst peers. ‘Rollie on my wrist and around my neck’ references the flashy, expensive Rolex watches often associated with success in hip-hop culture. The shoutouts to ‘my dog lookin’ at the four walls’ and ‘Candace for acceptin’ my calls’ hint at loyalty towards incarcerated friends and appreciated relationships.

Kendrick Lamar’s verse speaks on his achievements and resilience, with lines like ‘Nigga do that shit, nigga done that shit/ Nigga any problem, bet I overcome that shit’ reinforcing his defiant perseverance. ‘Put your hands on a Bible stealing candy at a store/ To a black homicidal, it’s the same damn sin’ highlights the harsh judgment and societal inequality African Americans face, marking minor infractions as grave sins. ‘I’ma pull up in a ‘Rari at your grandmama’s house’ indicates Kendrick’s audacity to flaunt his success. His line ‘this dick ain’t for free’ makes a bold statement of refusing to be used or disrespected, reasserting control over his own worth and value.

Mike WiLL Made-It Buy The World

Future’s hook, ‘I just wanna ball like them grown ups’, express the ambition to live life large, likening adult success to playing a game. Verses like ‘I switch gears then switch lanes’ suggest adaptability and strategic movements towards achieving goals. This overall representation of wealth, aspiration and determination in “Buy The World” reminds us that hip-hop not only narrates struggle and hardship, but also dreams of triumph and the climb to success.