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Meaning of ‘Perfect Pint’ by ‘Mike WiLL Made-It’ feat. Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane, Rae Sremmurd

Released: 2017 • Features: Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane, Rae Sremmurd

In “Perfect Pint,” Mike WiLL Made-It orchestrates a reflective and vivid narrative with heavy-hitters Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane, and Rae Sremmurd. The song navigates through themes of success, excess, and nostalgia, all wrapped up in the culture of ‘sippin’ lean,’ a popular drug reference in the hip-hop community. This ain’t just about being on cloud nine after a few sips of syrup; it’s a deep-seated story that tiles together triumphant comebacks, ego trips, and even societal conflicts.

We kick off with Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee crooning about drowning in ‘drank’ and money changing his mental state. “This money doin’ somethin’ to my brain (my brain),” he belts out, confessing how success can be intoxicating and overwhelming. Him talking ‘like Z-Ro’ is a nod to the Houston rapper famed for his raw representation of the Southern street life; ‘feeling like Neo’ refers to the surreal, out-of-this-world feeling from the prescription pills.

Lee also throws around the pimp persona, “I’ll turn your crib to a ho house,” reinforcing the hyper-masculine trope often seen in rap. The hook comes in, adding a touch of nostalgia, reminiscing when they “poured our first perfect pints.” Lean wasn’t always a sign of recklessness; it used to be a symbol of camaraderie, a reflection of their humble beginnings.

Mike WiLL Made-It Perfect Pint (feat. Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane & Rae Sremmurd)

Next up, Gucci Mane walks us through his trap lifestyle, not shy to mention his penchant for ‘lean’ and success since his prison release. He boasts about his transformation, “Now I’m back on top like I’m ‘posed to be.” He subtly critiques the culture that once celebrated his incarceration with shouts of “Free Gucci” but now finds him back in his rightful place.

Kendrick Lamar, a.k.a. Kung Fu Kenny, brings the track home, painting a picture of respect, success, and the toll of gang violence. Kendrick emphasizes that his respect comes not just from his instrumental skills but from his realness, his genuine connection to his hood. He pays tribute to Shawty Lo and throws shade at bandwagon gang members, “Everybody a Crip ’til they black and blue / Everybody a Blood ’til they hemorrhaging,” turning the track serious, reminding us of the tragic reality behind the bravado.

“Perfect Pint” takes us on a journey through the highs and lows, the evolution and the reality of being a figure in the hip-hop community. This ain’t just a track; it’s a narrative capturing the complex interplay of success, addiction and the lingering ties to the street life in the world of hip-hop.

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