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Meaning of ‘Drinks On Us’ by ‘Mike WiLL Made-It’ feat. The Weeknd, Swae Lee, Future

Released: 2015 • Features: The Weeknd, Swae Lee, Future

“Drinks On Us” by Mike WiLL Made-It featuring The Weeknd, Swae Lee, and Future is an anthem of dominance and indulgence in the hip-hop industry. The song exudes a sense of power, self-confidence, and the high life in the face of challenges, criticisms, and the carefree lifestyle in the club scene. Interwoven with narrative about personal growth, wealth, relationships, and the pitfalls of fame, the track reflects the artists’ experiences in the glitzy yet perilous world of hip-hop.

Diving into the verses, the repeated line “If you wanna go to the bar, drinks on us” underscores the artists’ financial success, hinting at their current affluence and influence in the industry. It’s a bold boast of being able to cover the night’s tab for everyone at the club, a nonchalant flex of the hip-hop high life.

However, beneath the gloss, the lyrics also reveal the grittier aspects of this glamour. Swae Lee references his struggles to get to his current status, saying, “I lost a couple friends, I’m tryna get these bands dog” signifying the cost of pursuing success. The lines “I keep a pedicured lawn so them snakes, they will be dead” suggest how the artists have had to deal with dishonest people (snakes) in their journey. The phrase “pedicured lawn” here represents their vigilant upkeep of their personal and professional circles.

Mike WiLL Made-It Drinks On Us

When The Weeknd steps in, with his verse, “Went from hipsters, now it’s models and these singers”, he’s underscoring his rise in status and the changes in his social circle. The line “I popped a couple pills, I think that I’m Devante” could be interpreted as dealing with the pressures of fame through self-medication; Devante is a nod to Devante Swing, a notable figure in the ’90s R&B scene known for his substance use.

Future’s verse, riddled with bravado and power, reflects his self-satisfaction with his success. His lines “I just realized that I am a star; Cruisin’ my coupe up the boulevard” represent a realization of his own status and power. Still, with the line “I just walk ’round like a zombie, daddy” Future hints at the numbing effects of fame, possibly due to the lifestyle or the substances referenced.

Overall, “Drinks On Us” is a hard-hitting track that vividly portrays the extravagance and pitfalls of the hip-hop lifestyle. It is a balance of boasts and confessions, demonstrating the complex relationship between success and personal cost in the world of high-stakes hip-hop.

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