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Meaning of ‘Country Sh*t’ by ‘Big K.R.I.T.’ feat. Ludacris, Bun B

Released: 2011

Features: Ludacris, Bun B

“Country Sh*t (Remix)” by Big K.R.I.T., featuring Ludacris, and Bun B is an anthem heralding the distinctive culture, lifestyle and values of the Southern United States, particularly where it intersects with hip-hop. Each of the artists shares a piece of their own personal experiences and perspectives of Southern life, expertly blending braggadocious lyrics with reflections on their success and roots.

Ludacris starts off with the first verse, paying homage to the South’s love for vintage American muscle cars, comparing his wealth to the sack-carrying prowess of NFL star Troy Polamalu. He flexes with outdated tags on his whip, signaling he’s nonchalant about potential legal trouble, and finishes his verse with a self-deprecating jab about his tendency to drink Conjure, a brown liquor, and how his women perceive it as a racial preference.

The chorus, performed by Big K.R.I.T., proudly lays out the pillars of Southern culture – lean (prescription-strength cough syrup often mixed with soda), soul food like candied yams and collard greens, and keeping pockets full of money while maintaining a clean appearance, the essence of country life.

Big K.R.I.T.’s verse then serves as an unapologetic embrace of Southern identity, boasting his clever wordplay and accomplished lyricism with lines such as ‘this altitude, ’cause when you’re riding this high, makes it hard to breathe.’ He pays tribute to Texas legend Pimp C and Houston’s Chopped and Screwed music tradition, cementing his respect for the pioneers of the Southern sound.

Bun B brings in the third verse with his authoritative presence, speaking on his decades-long experience in the rap game. The line ‘I’m certified like USDA’, suggests his stamp of authenticity, and he rep his Texan roots straight from Port Arthur (PA), where he hails from.

Overall, “Country Sh*t (Remix)” serves as a manifesto of the Southern way of life, from its local lingo to its distinctive music styles, its challenging realities to its unique spirit and resilience. It’s a grand homage to the South, where country isn’t just a location or a lifestyle, but a state of mind.

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