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Meaning of ‘Forgot We Were Seeds’ by ‘TOBi’ feat. Mick Jenkins

Released: 2024

In “Forgot We Were Seeds,” TOBi and Mick Jenkins spit bars about resilience, persistence, and defying the odds stacked against them. The recurring line, “They tried to bury us and forgot we were seeds,” symbolizes their unbreakable spirit and inevitable growth despite adversities. Both artists illuminate their personal struggles while underscoring a broader message of endurance and triumph.

The opening lines, “Forgot we were seeds / They tried to bury us and forgot we were seeds,” set the tone for the entire track. It’s a declaration of resilience, where attempts to silence or suppress them only lead to their growth and emergence stronger than before. “My eyes seen scenes only God would believe” signifies the harsh realities they’ve witnessed, implying that these sights are beyond ordinary human comprehension.

TOBi dives into his verse with “Feeling like Zab Judah,” referencing a boxer known for both his triumphs and downfalls. “Drunk off life, but I’m past lucid” speaks to feeling an overwhelming intensity of life while maintaining clarity. When he says, “them boys ain’t real to me, they translucent,” he addresses fake people who are easily seen through. Lines like “Dapper down to hoodied up, I’m looking good as fuck clean” showcase his duality and versatility, night out ready no matter the attire.

When TOBi raps, “You slither with them serpents while they camouflage with you,” he’s talking about individuals who associate with deceitful and manipulative people, reminiscent of snakes. “Hot girl summer ’cause we had ’em all winter” underscores a reversal of seasons, turning hardships to wins. The conflict over “crumbs” and “a whole loaf outside you both can’t touch” criticizes futile struggles for minor rewards while overlooking larger opportunities.

In the hook, “They tried to bury us and forgot we were seeds,” repeated, reinforces the theme of resilience—every attempt to suppress them only aids their growth. “Peloton how I run it in the comfort of my own home, do it with ease,” hints at mastering his own space and pace much like a Peloton rider. The line “Top shelf, what I write, like poem, I reach six-seven wingspan on my Jeep” elevates his lyrical prowess and confidence, stretching far and wide in influence.

Mick Jenkins adds depth with his verse, “Stay down through the lowest / For right now, in the moment,” which emphasizes perseverance during challenging times. “Sky-high when they floatin’ / The Chi-Town is gettin’ homey,” connects his rise with the familiar vibes of Chicago. “It ain’t no pressure” repeats several times, stressing their relaxed yet determined state of mind despite external pressures.

Combined, TOBi and Mick Jenkins deliver a compelling narrative through “Forgot We Were Seeds.” It’s a powerful anthem of persistence and overcoming obstacles, rising above whatever’s thrown at them to thrive and prosper. Their verses blend personal insights with universal messages, creating a relatable yet profound piece for anyone familiar with struggle and growth.

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