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Meaning of ‘High Fashion’ by ‘Roddy Ricch’ feat. Mustard

Released: 2019

Features: Mustard

“High Fashion (feat. Mustard)” by Roddy Ricch, is a slick, luxurious anthem that showcases a blend of opulence, romance, and street savvy. Drenched in high-end brand mentions, the track is a testament to Roddy’s life of luxury and his relationship dynamics with a special someone, emphasizing grand gestures and material expressions of affection. At its core, the song is an ode to Roddy’s partner, distinguishing her from the rest while flaunting the lifestyle his success has afforded them.

Right out the gate, we’re hit with “Mustard on the beat, hoe,” a signature shout-out to DJ Mustard, the mastermind producer known for his Midas touch on the boards. This prelude sets the stage for a track that’s both catchy and deeply rooted in hip-hop’s love for the finer things. When Roddy talks about his shawty making that “ass clap” without needing applause, it’s a creative play on words; her physical appeal and skills are undeniable and need no validation. “High fashion, like Goyard” introduces the theme of luxury fashion as a symbol of their elevated lifestyle, the status symbol brands like Goyard, Prada, and the red-bottomed Christian Louboutins serve as markers of success and exclusivity in their world.

The choices between a “G-Wagon or the Rover?” aren’t just about cars; they signify choices of luxury and the ability to select from the best. Putting “ice” (jewelry) on his girl because she has a “cold heart” is both a literal and figurative gesture, showcasing his willingness to warm her heart with lavish gifts while also highlighting her strong, maybe guarded, demeanor. The repetitious “go, go, go” emphasizes the fast-paced, always-on-the-move nature of their lives, powered by fame and fortune.

When Roddy calls his girl “Prada bae,” he’s elevating her status, not only in his life but in the realm of fashion and luxury. Each mention of wanting to start “at the top and the bottom, bae” can be seen as Roddy’s desire to know her entirely and to share experiences from the zenith of success to the foundational aspects of their relationship. Every high-end brand name-drop serves to build this image of a life splashed with exclusivity and privilege, from wearing Kenzo attire to driving luxury vehicles, and partying until “five in the morning.”

The term “stallion” refers to Megan Thee Stallion’s coined term for a strong, tall, beautiful woman, highlighting his partner’s allure and strength. References to “keep my hoes divided” and taking her “back to my loft” touch on Roddy’s navigation through fame, interpersonal relationships, and intimacy, illustrating the complexities and temptations that come with his lifestyle.

In essence, “High Fashion” is more than just an ode to luxury and romance; it’s a narrative thread in the tapestry of hip-hop’s long-standing relationship with material success, brand loyalty, and the nuances of modern relationships. Roddy Ricch, through his smooth flows and Mustard’s infectious beat, paints a vivid picture of his life at the intersection of love and luxury, encapsulating a moment in time for both him and his audience to bask in.

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