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Meaning of the song ‘Down Below’ by ‘Roddy Ricch’

Released: 2018

“Down Below” by Roddy Ricch is an ode to his rise from the bottom to the top, weaving a tale of struggles and eventual success, reminding us that the journey to the top is seldom smooth. The track is a vivid portrayal of his humble beginnings, his determination, and his triumphant rise to fame and fortune.

The opening verse sets the scene, with Ricch reminiscing about tough times when he was “sleepin’ on the floor”. He candidly shares his dreams of high-end luxury rims, “the Forgiatto feet”, symbolizing success and wealth. The difference in his financial status is apparent as he boasts about having wealth unimaginable to his past self.

The next lines delve into the reality of his past. He establishes that when he was struggling, he had few allies, but now that he’s successful, those who’d turned their backs are now looking for favors. Towards the end of the verse, he expresses disdain for those who lead a life of pretense. He stresses his authenticity by stating he doesn’t just talk about the life he lives – he actually lives it.

In the subsequent verses, Ricch continues his triumphant narrative. He alludes to his past involvement with illicit activities and how he had to drastically change his life direction. His new-found fortune allows him to alleviate his mother’s stress with generous gifts. He highlights his transformation further by bragging about his upcoming ride in a Porsche 911, a status symbol.

The refrain “Down below, down below” is both a humble reminder of his roots and a boast of the wealth and success he’s gained.

The lyrics then switch to Ricch’s experiences with the dangers of street life. He references federal raids on abandoned houses and surveillance trucks playing the neighbourhood – laying plain the precarious situations he had to navigate. He counters this with the luxury and safety of his new life, where his primary concerns shift from survival to deciding how his steak should be cooked. Here, “Wraith” is a reference to the luxury car Rolls Royce Wraith which is another symbol of his change in status.

Ricch raps about past misdeeds, “pourin’ up the liters, swipin’ them Visas” likely referring to drug use and credit card fraud. The line “They think a nigga Rondo ’cause I always kept a Nina” is a clever double entendre. Rondo is a reference to NBA player Rajon Rondo who wore the jersey number 9 (“nina” is street slang for a 9mm pistol) and Rondo Numba Nine, a drill rapper known for aggressive lyrics.

The closing verse reinforces the immense change in Ricch’s lifestyle. From long nights spent in risky endeavours to a life where his primary concern is protecting his wealth and success. He comments on his current status with the visuals of shining like the stars on the Wraith’s roof – symbolizing his elevated stature.

The track ends with the repeated refrain, both a proud proclamation of his success and an acknowledgement of his struggles. “Down Below” is a sonic rags-to-riches tale, reminding listeners about Ricch’s journey and where he comes from, the challenges he faced, and the heights he’s achieved. It’s both a celebration of his success and a sober commentary on the tough realities from which he emerged.

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