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Meaning of the song ‘Die Young’ by ‘Roddy Ricch’

Released: 2018

In “Die Young,” Roddy Ricch spills his fears, hopes, and dreams on wax. He narrates tales of survival in a hostile world, unpacking his reality and aspirations while questioning the unnerving trend of talented lives cut short.

‘London On Da Track’ at the start is a shoutout to the producer of the track, who’s from London. Then Roddy lays his cards on the table – ‘I ain’t tryna die young, so I gotta ride with one’. He’s saying he doesn’t want to fall victim to a premature death like many in his situation, so he feels compelled to carry a gun for protection. ‘Stood ten toes down in my Balenciaga’ is a reference to his commitment and resilience, standing his ground while enjoying the fruits of his fame, underlined by the luxury footwear reference. The ‘shotta’ line signifies a shooter, portraying a grim reality of lethal altercations.

‘I’d rather be judged by twelve, than carried by six’ is a classic saying in the streets. It means Roddy would prefer facing a jury of twelve in court than be carried by six pallbearers to his grave. ‘Tell me, why the legends always gotta die quick?’ is a poignant question, highlighting the tragic trend of talented individuals from the hip-hop community dying young.

The hook talks about his caution towards betrayal ‘If I ever get caught lackin’, they gon’ slide’, and his newfound opulence ‘Ever since I got the Rollie, I ain’t got the time’ followed by ‘Flawless diamonds, niggas can’t never block the shine’. He’s basking in his success while being cautious of envious peers.

The raw reality of his past life surfaces again in the second verse, describing trapping out the basement, mental health struggles, and overcoming hardship. All the while, he reiterates his will to break the cycle – ‘I don’t wanna die young’.

‘Die Young’ serves as an evocative reflection of Roddy Ricch’s past, filled with trials and tribulations, juxtaposed against his present life of success and opulence. Yet, the fear of a premature death and a desire to avoid such a fate underline the motif of this track. A poignant message wrapped in clever wordplay and street-slang, effectively bridging the gap between the gritty realities of the streets and the sparkling heights of stardom.

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