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Meaning of ‘MALA’ by ‘6ix9ine’ feat. Anuel AA

Released: 2018

Features: Anuel AA

“Mala” is a hip-hop song by 6ix9ine featuring Anuel AA, which showcases a fiery mix of reggaeton beats and rap flows. The song channels the raw energy of a tumultuous relationship, exploring themes of lust, desire, and a constant push and pull between two individuals. Its lyrics delve into the protagonist’s struggle to understand and pacify his passionate and complicated love interest.

The song kicks off with a catchy refrains, “Tú ere’ una diabla-a / Y tú ere’ mala-a”, which translates to, “You’re a devil / And you’re bad”. Here, the protagonist is charmed by the woman’s allure but recognizes her destructive potential. His desire for her is palpable, reflecting the irresistible but damaging aspects of their relationship.

The lyrics, “¿Qué tengo que hacer / Pa que tú sea mi mujer?”, translated as, “What do I have to do / For you to be my woman?” express the protagonist’s desperate efforts to secure a commitment from this elusive and intriguing woman, despite her unpredictable and possibly dangerous nature.

The lyric, “Yo voy con lo’ diablo’ pa’llá / Ven con tus amigas pa’cá”, which can be translated as, “I go with the devils over there / Come with your friends here,” further emphasizes the protagonist’s willingness to engage with risky activities or individuals for the sake of winning her over.

Lines like “Dos mil, Louboutin los tacone’ / Ella se emborracha y en cuatro se pone” reveal more about the woman. Here, luxury and excess intertwine with references to her indulging in alcohol and provocative behavior, painting a picture of a lavish lifestyle filled with thrilling highs and groundbreaking lows.

Culminating with the repeated “Real hasta la muerte, baby”, or “Real to the death, baby”, the song reaffirms its commitment to keeping things authentic and raw, very much reflecting the ethos of the artists themselves. It’s a reminder that at its core, “Mala” remains true to the unfiltered, gritty narratives that make hip-hop such a compelling genre.

Overall, “Mala” is an exploration of desire and danger, wrapped in beats that keep you hooked. It’s a testament to the thrill of the chase, the allure of the unattainable, and the rough edges of love and lust in the fast-paced world of hip-hop.

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