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Meaning of ‘Mood Swings’ by ‘Pop Smoke’ feat. Lil Tjay

Released: 2020

Features: Lil Tjay

Mood Swings by Pop Smoke, featuring Lil Tjay, is an intimate rollercoaster ride into the deep and sometimes tumultuous dynamics of a romantic relationship. The lyrics encapsulate passionate physical encounters juxtaposed with emotional ups-and-downs, hence the term ‘mood swings’. This narrative is laced with street cred, swagger, and a dollop of braggadocio commonly found in hip-hop tracks.

“Shorty a lil’ baddie (she a lil’ baddie) / Shorty my lil’ boo thing (boo thing)” – here, Pop Smoke is saying his girl is attractive (‘baddie’) and that she’s his girlfriend or significant other (‘boo thing’). When he says, “And shorty got the fatty / Shorty be catching mood swings,” he’s referring to her having a shapely figure (‘fatty’) and her emotional volatility (‘mood swings’).

He talks about their intimate encounters, hinting at the raw passion and vulnerability by saying, “Every time I fuck without a rubber / I nutted on the covers,” referring to their unprotected sexual activities. “And I kept it undercover / ‘Cause I don’t kiss and tell,” shows Pop’s discretion and respect for the privacy of their relationship.

He also declares his commitment and adoration for her: “She taste like candy / She a queen, like Nefertiti.” But it’s not all sweet talks; he is not afraid to flex his wealth, with lines like “I gave her keys to the Bentley / Get off your knees, you don’t gotta cry to me.” It’s Pop Smoke’s way of saying, ‘I got you covered, you don’t need to stress’.

Lil Tjay’s verse focuses on the emotional aspect of their bond, confessing his vulnerability: “You, the only bitch could make me spin off on the guys / And the only bitch that make me wanna nut when I’m inside.” It’s a clear testament of his deep attraction towards her. He acknowledges her strength, “She a tsunami, I ain’t never felt it dry” and voices out his fears about losing her, “Close my eyes while I sleep, hope you be there while I wake.”

The song maintains its explicitness with lines like “She said she’s a virgin (it’s hurtin’)” suggesting their intimate relations. Yet there’s also this promise of public acknowledgment of their relationship, “So I’ma bring her out when I get my Grammy.” Through it all, the refrain echoes, reminding us of the undeniable attraction and the resulting ‘mood swings’.

In sum, “Mood Swings” is a tribute to romantic relationships in the reality of street life, painted with broad strokes of raw passion, emotional turmoil, and the high of a luxurious lifestyle. It’s a snapshot of Pop Smoke’s universe, where love, lust, and street cred seamlessly merge.

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