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Meaning of ‘The Woo’ by ‘Pop Smoke’ feat. 50 Cent, Roddy Ricch

Released: 2020 • Features: 50 Cent, Roddy Ricch

Aight, we about to break down “The Woo” by Pop Smoke, featuring the legendary 50 Cent and the rising star Roddy Ricch. This track is all about how women are attracted to the gangsta lifestyle led by these successful artists, dripping in money, designer clothes, and flashy rides.

“Woo” here is a term used in the Brooklyn drill scene, referring to a certain lifestyle and mindset often associated with street associations. When the chorus repeats “She wanna fuck with the Woo,” it’s a nod to a woman’s attraction to the luxurious and charismatic lifestyle these artists represent.

Pop Smoke’s verse starts out with him serenading about his playboy lifestyle, showing off his Versace robes and his Bentley, which with its wings, he compares to a number nine. When he says “I like you ’cause you cut how I’m cut too,” he’s saying he appreciates a woman who’s real, who understands his lifestyle.

50 Cent comes in next, expressing the same sentiment but in a rawer, more explicit manner. His verse is filled with imagery of opulence and sexual conquests. The woman he talks about is independent; she has her own money and doesn’t get fooled easily. “Got that big Birkin bag worth five, six figures” emphasizes that she’s high-maintenance and expensive, but she handles her own.

Lastly, Roddy Ricch steps up to the mic. He uses wordplay to reference 50 Cent’s hit song “Candy Shop” and claims his own seat in the luxurious lifestyle. His verse illustrates the cycle these artists often find themselves in – attracting women with their fame and wealth, enjoying their company, and eventually leaving because the thrill is gone and there’s always another one around the corner.

Peep this, “The Woo” is a celebration of the artists’ prowess, both in the music game and their interactions with women. It highlights the allure of their affluent and dangerous lifestyle that seems to captivate women, making them want to “fuck with the Woo.”

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