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Meaning of the song ‘Dior’ by ‘Pop Smoke’

Released: 2019

“Dior” by Pop Smoke is a brash and assertive exploration of the artist’s survival instincts, expensive tastes, and prodigious talents. Glimmers of gleeful ostentation blend with gritty street narratives, making it a hype anthem that embodies Pop Smoke’s life experiences and deep connection with hip-hop culture.

The song commences with Pop Smoke warning adversaries he’s always prepared for conflict, employing the term “pistol packing.” This is coupled with threats of “sending someone to heaven,” a euphemistic hint about the potential violence he’s ready to confront. The subsequent verses are interspersed with exclamations like “wooo” and “aw shit,” reinforcing the buoyant energy of the track.

Pop Smoke then shifts focus to a woman who’s attracted to his rawness and charisma, illuminated through the repeated verses “She like the way I dance,” and “She like the way I rock.” The phrases “clapping” and “throwing it back” refer to her dancing provocatively, an explicit nod to the sexual tension between them.

The repeated mentions of “Mike Amiri,” “Billie Jean,” and “Christian Dior” underscore Pop Smoke’s affinity for high-end fashion and luxury, portraying his transformation from his humble beginnings to a prosperous artist. “When it rains, it pours,” suggests that his success has brought abundance, but also vices and challenges.

As the track progresses, Pop Smoke comments on an array of topics including his wealth, sexual prowess, resilience, and street toughness. The verse, “I can’t fuck with these niggas ’cause niggas is gay” reflects his disdain for fake friends and people who don’t maintain the street codes he respects. This isn’t an LGBTQ+ slur, but a criticism of those he perceives as being unauthentic or disloyal.

He pays homage to his incarcerated homies “D-Nice” and “Brody” and promises to “raise hell” until they’re free. The line “Remember when I came home from corrections” alludes to Pop Smoke’s own stint in jail, an experience that devoured a part of his youth, but undoubtedly cultivated his resilient mindset.

The track ends with Pop Smoke reiterating his enthralling qualities and the magnetic impact he has on women. “Dior” is not just a song; it’s a hard-hitting testament to Pop Smoke’s charisma, vibrancy, survival instincts, and his unwavering commitment to living the life he desired.

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