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Meaning of ‘one of wun’ by ‘Gunna’

Released: 2024

Gunna’s “one of wun” is all about showing off his unique status, success, and lifestyle. The track combines braggadocio with vivid depictions of opulence, sexual exploits, and determination to stay on top despite haters. The lyrics flex his one-of-a-kind nature and the wealth he’s accumulated through his hustle.

Right from the start, Gunna sets the tone with “*one-of-wun bitches they ten, one of wun, never again*,” proclaiming that he’s surrounded by top-tier women who are unique, just like him. The phrase “*getting the cake and the butter*” symbolizes making money and living lavishly. Riding around in a drop-top coupe with the engine in the trunk adds to the image of extravagance.

He acknowledges the haters with “*Heard all about how they want me to lose, but I’m W, due for a win*,” emphasizing that despite the negativity, he’s destined for success. Gunna’s not shy about his sexual escapades either, with lines like “*Fuckin’ this bitch in an orgy, I’m havin’ a snow bunny, hold up her legs*,” which illustrates his decadent lifestyle. “*Far from a dummy, I see how I’m comin’, don’t tempt me, I’m right on the edge*,” stresses his awareness and readiness to defend his position.

Lines like “*Gettin’ it since a youngin, I been had the shoebox of money all under my bed*” show that he’s been grinding from an early age. By 2018, he turned that grind into a million. The mention of his heart getting cold and taking X (ecstasy) likely hints at the toll of fame and his methods of coping.

Gunna moves on to talk about his luxury lifestyle, from making a woman’s “*lil’ pussy stretch*” to getting head in the back of a Benz. The reflective Bentley mirror tint and being the best dressed at the Met Gala underscore his high status. He treats his flexing as an art form, turning it into “*a flex*” and still getting paid.

Midway through, Gunna cements his uniqueness with “*one-of-wun Mansory kit*,” referring to exclusive custom car parts. He also mentions his entourage of attractive women and his readiness to tip for good service, indicating his appreciation for those who provide value. He boasts about his sexual prowess and preferred lifestyle, from “*switchin’ positions and locations*” to being called “*Him*.” The stakes are high, but Gunna is always prepared, flying to Dubai and flexing his custom ride.

Finally, he repeats the chorus, reinforcing his singular status and the will to win despite opposition. His unique lifestyle, wealth, and success are constants, while haters and doubters serve only as motivation for his inevitable triumph. The song is a solid flex, combining luxury, confidence, and resilience into a seamless flow.

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