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Meaning of ‘P power’ by ‘Gunna’ feat. Drake

Released: 2022Features: Drake”P power” by Gunna, featuring Drake, is a celebration of the hedonistic lifestyle that the world of hip-hop often symbolizes. This track delves deep into themes of lust, power, and the allure of the fast life while boasting about their status and sexual prowess. The central metaphor, the “P” power, refers to the influence a woman’s sexuality can have on men.

The song starts off with some iconic tag words, “If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you”, a nod to hip-hop producer Metro Boomin. This sets the tone for the power play that unfolds in the lyrics. Gunna’s verse is an outright testament to his sexual exploits and flamboyant lifestyle, including extensive references to high-end brands, drugs, and living on the edge.

He mentions phrases like “crocodile Birkin”, referring to the expensive Hermès Birkin bags made from crocodile leather – a symbol of lavish living. He also name drops “CC” and “Mercedes”, further showcasing his wealthy lifestyle. The woman he’s involved with “sniffin’ that flour”, a euphemism for cocaine use. He lays out the game, asserting that they “get play as a player”.

Drake steps in with a verse that starts off soft and introspective, focusing on the emotional aspect of relationships. This is a familiar narrative in Drake’s craft, often touching on personal and emotional subjects in his verses. But Drake then flips the script as he transitions into the problems of his fame, dismissing those who take shots at him or want to be him. He’s questioning the authenticity of his detractors looking to profit off his name and status.

The song ends with a repeated chorus, tying back to the central theme of the song – the irresistible and potent power, symbolized as the “P power”. Throughout, both artists exude a certain bravado and charisma reflective of their place in the hip-hop world, while also exploring the complexities of relationships, fame, and the allure of the fast life.

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