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Meaning of ‘Whatsapp’ by ‘Gunna’

Released: 2024

Alright, let’s get into this. “Whatsapp” is a slick testament to the success and power of Atlanta’s own, Gunna. A grand display of the ‘rags to riches’ narrative, Gunna is flexing his rise to celebrity life, from his roots on the streets to his current high-rolling lifestyle.

Yeah, wassam? They sent the wire through the WhatsApp (WhatsApp)“, Gunna’s opening line sets the tone…it’s all about the bread (money). He’s establishing that he’s so up in the game that people send him his money via WhatsApp. Transferring cash via apps is a modern symbol of having the kind of money that doesn’t need to be physical anymore.

Gunna then mentions “I drop, make these lil’ nigga push back (push)“. Here, the Atlanta rapper is emphasising the power and influence on his peers in the rap game. When he comes out with new music, others are forced to adjust their plans accordingly.

The keyword “contract” keeps coming up. Gunna wants to make it clear that he’s getting paid, and not in small amounts either. He is essentially inviting us to marvel at the financial success that his music career has brought him.

One interesting line is, “I still gotta ride with the compact, I’m ridin’ in the Cullinan, I used to want a Cutlass“. He’s giving us a glimpse into his mindset – even as he enjoys the spoils of his success (riding in a Rolls Royce Cullinan, a far cry from the old-school Cutlass he used to dream of), he keeps the tenets of his street upbringing close (riding with a compact refers to having a compact firearm for protection).

A poignant part is, “I might beat the dope where a village at, I hop out that Maybach, jump on a jet“. Gunna’s not shy about discussing his past life, where he may have sold dope to make ends meet. The stark contrast between his old world and the one where he can afford to hop out of a Maybach to get on his jet is a clear portrayal of how far he has come.

Further on, Gunna’s insightful depiction of his journey isn’t short of detractors and perceived competition. “I heard the blogs comparin’ my number, I guess they think it’s a contest“. Gunna is aware of the perceptions and expectations levied upon him, but he doesn’t stress it. He’s building an empire and other’s opinions don’t phase him.

Finally, the track winds down with a verse about women and wealth – two themes Gunna reiterates on throughout. “She look like she wanna inherit me“, is a nod to the gold-digger archetype; women wanting him for his money and success.

In summary, Gunna’s “Whatsapp” is a crisp narrative of his rise to the top and his relentless focus on his craft, even in the face of competition and criticism. It’s a story that celebrates survival and triumph in the face of adversity.

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