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Meaning of ‘pushin P’ by ‘Gunna’ feat. Future, Young Thug

Released: 2022

Features: Future, Young Thug

“Pushin’ P” by Gunna featuring Future and Young Thug is a flashy, energetic ode to the luxe lifestyle these artists lead, while also signifying their dedication to protecting their status and reputation, or what’s often referred to in hip-hop as “pushing the power.” The song is filled with references to wealth, dominance, and the constant need for security in an often chaotic world.

Starting off with the line, “Pointers in the Patek and my piece, I’m pushin’ P”, Gunna is communicating that he’s not only well-off (a Patek is a high-end watch brand), but he’s also ready to defend himself (“my piece” referring to a firearm). These lines tie together to form the song’s recurrent theme: the navigation of power, wealth, and security. The phrase “pushin’ P” is used as a slang term meaning various things in different contexts, such as “pushing power”, “pushing peace”, “pushing product” or “pushing panache”. It’s a complex play on words that adds layers to the song’s narrative.

In the chorus, when Gunna says “pushing P, I’m pushing P”, he’s expressing his consistent dedication to maintaining his status and wealth. He also mentions being paranoid and deep pockets, indicating the fear and anxiety that can come with having immense wealth. It’s a commentary on how the glamorous life often comes with invisible burdens.

The verse by Young Thug is a continuation of these themes, but with a slight twist. When he says, “Bought her a P, not a pill, a Porsche”, he’s saying that rather than buying a woman drugs, he’s gotten her a luxury car–an emblem of wealth and status. It’s also worth mentioning “Three Ps, pop, pourin’, Porsches” – this line clearly indicates abundance and excess, whether it is in wealth, in drinks or luxury cars.

The line, “Pushin’ P, red bandana, Cardinals” could likely be a reference to the Bloods gang, known for their trademark red bandanas. This line suggests Young Thug’s connection or affiliation with the gang, illustrating the trace of street life that remains even amidst their current affluence. This interpretation is further cemented in the line, “I’ma peel you out yo’ whole endorsement,” which implies a readiness for conflict and a show of power, essentially saying he can cause someone to lose their sponsor or endorsement deals.

In the end, “Pushin’ P” is a hip-hop anthem to the high and heavy life led by Gunna, Future, and Young Thug. The lyrics underscore their wealth, power and the need for self-protection in a life filled with opulence and risk.

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