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Meaning of ‘Rolls Royce Break Lights’ by ‘Stove God Cooks’ feat. Roc Marciano

Released: 2020 • Features: Roc Marciano

“Rolls Royce Break Lights” by Stove God Cooks with Roc Marciano is a vivid portrayal of the complex emotions tied up with the hustle and grind of the game. The central theme oscillates between the dark late nights waiting for the plug (a drug supplier) and the joy that comes with success, the morning light after the struggle has paid off.

The track kicks off with “Rolls-Royce brake lights, Joy come in the morning, but the plug come late night.” This sets the stage for the narrative – the luxurious lifestyle represented by Rolls Royce, juxtaposed with the late-night hustling still required to maintain it. Joy and success might arrive, but the grind ain’t ending anytime soon, homie.

Stove God Cooks raps about his grind in the drug dealing business, mentioning “shooters in a 92 Intrepid,” illustrating the tough environment. He also makes a reference to his drug quality being high up there, pure like the “Cinderella slipper”.

In his verse, Cooks continues with imagery showcasing his street credibility, painting a picture of a high-stakes game complete with grit, crime, and even spiritual undertones. The line “God bless a homicide, God bless a shooter” infuses the harsh realities of the streets with a dose of religious imagery, transforming the narrative into a prayer of survival.

He refers to his craft in distributing drugs with the verse “I scale fish, boy, I move units.” He’s likening selling drugs to scaling (cutting & cleaning) fish. It’s all just business. And that business involves “twice-stepped-on” product – diluted drugs that maximize his profits.

“Planets revolve, my niggas shoot pistols.” The world keeps turning amidst the violence, and the hustle continues. Cooks isn’t shy about the reality of the situation, nor about his role in it. He’s up close and personal with death but keeps pushing on, marking his territory and making his moves.

The chorus continues to echo the theme of late night hustling for success. The repetition of the line “We on, we on” serves as an affirmation of their resilience and determination, despite the obstacles.

Throughout the track, there’s a continuous play of juxtaposition, illuminating the rough realities of the streets against the backdrop of luxury and success. This contrast is further illustrated in the line, “Floor seats at The Garden again (woo), He ballin’ again.” Here, Cooks highlights his elevated status while not forgetting where it all started.

In conclusion, “Rolls Royce Break Lights” is a gritty reflection of the trials faced on the road to success. It’s a tale told from the streets’ perspective, mixed with aspiration and a nod to the finer things in life. But most importantly, it emphasizes the mindset: the hustle don’t stop.

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