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Meaning of ‘SRT’ by ‘Moneybagg Yo’ feat. BIG30, Pooh Shiesty

Released: 2020 • Features: BIG30, Pooh Shiesty

Alright, let’s dive deep into “SRT” by Moneybagg Yo featuring BIG30 and Pooh Shiesty, a track that’s definitely more than just a banger—it’s a street symphony drenched in luxury, loyalty, and the hustle. At first listen, you might get caught up in the beat, but the lyrics are where the real story unfolds, painting a vivid picture of the life and ambition of these artists.

The song kicks off with Moneybagg asserting his untouchable status in the game, emphasizing that despite the haters, he remains unaffected and prosperous (“Might get talked about, but I don’t get touched”). The reference to “keep it in they face” speaks to his strategy of flaunting success as both a form of revenge against doubters and a motivational tool. The verse navigates through themes of wealth, with lavish purchases like Cristal for haircuts, asserting his dominance and taste for the finer things, including luxury cars like a Lamborghini (referred to as ‘Ghini) and exotic weed strains.

Moneybagg’s lyrics are also peppered with mentions of his personal relationships, hinting at his interaction with women and his unapologetic lifestyle. The use of “Statue of Liberty, standing there tall” metaphorically represents his resilience and prominence. Through his lines, there’s an air of self-assuredness and a glimpse into the trappings that come with success, from material wealth to complex relationships.

BIG30 and Pooh Shiesty add their own flavors to the mix, echoing themes of loyalty, street justice, and the relentless pursuit of success. BIG30 talks about the high stakes of their lifestyle (“20 thousand in these pockets, these Amiris, hoe done ate it”) and touches on the consequences of betrayal, especially in the streets (“Did a favor and let you live after you went and wrote a statement”). The mention of “Amiris” refers to a high-end denim brand, indicating both wealth and the weight of money they’re literally carrying.

Pooh Shiesty continues in this vein, reinforcing the idea of retribution and the code of the streets (“Pussy, play, you gon’ get fucked, we sucker free, so ain’t shit sweet”). His verse delves into loyalty among his crew, the reality of incarceration (“Cost my young nigga his freedom, got him scuffling in them cages”), and the unforgiving nature of their environment. The reference to “running through weed by the acres” and taking care of their own (“take care of the block, pay the neighbors”) speaks to their empire-building mindset and community ties, albeit in a context filled with danger and high stakes.

In essence, “SRT” isn’t just about flaunting wealth or the allure of fast cars (SRT refers to high-performance vehicles by Dodge); it’s a narrative about survival, ambition, and the complexities of life at the top. Moneybagg Yo, BIG30, and Pooh Shiesty weave together their experiences, struggles, and victories, using the backdrop of Memphis’ gritty reality and their meteoric rise in the hip-hop world. Each bar is a testament to their journey, coded in street wisdom and unfiltered reality. It’s a track that demands respect, not just for the craft, but for the life lived in each verse.

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