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Meaning of the song ‘Ocean Spray’ by ‘Moneybagg Yo’

Released: 2023

“Ocean Spray” by Moneybagg Yo delves into the artist’s complicated relationship with life on the streets, his rise to fame, and his struggle to escape the pull of the streets while appreciating the luxuries his success has brought. He vividly paints the picture of his reality, showcasing the deep-seated struggles accompanying the glitzy façade that is often associated with hip-hop culture. The recurring theme of “Ocean Spray” – a coded reference to syrup, a popular drug in the hip-hop community, adds another layer to the narrative.

The first stanza sees Moneybagg Yo detailing his new luxurious lifestyle brought about by his success in the music industry, mentioning “the coupe” that comes with a masseuse, a clear example of his newfound wealth. However, he also admits that he’s “deep in the streets” and can’t just “leave the streets” because of this deep-rooted association and past.

The following lines portray a vivid picture of the mind of an individual who is deeply entangled in the world of street culture. Expressions like “If they try me in here, I’ma shoot” and “Flyin’ then you out here landin’”, are representative of the tough, survivalist mentality that is a residue of his past.

The hook speaks of an insidious coping mechanism common in the hip-hop world: “I’m juiced up (I’m juiced up)/ Ocean Spray (Ocean Spray)/I’m poured up (I’m poured up)/ Let’s drink some more today”. This is a coded reference to codeine syrup addiction, often mixed with beverages, referred here as ‘Lean’ or ‘Ocean Spray’, and this addiction serves as a dark undercurrent to the seemingly glamorous lifestyle.

The final verse is quite telling as it scratches beneath the surface and gives viewers a chance to see the person behind the fame. Moneybagg Yo speaks of humble beginnings and hardships, allowing listeners to understand the duality of his persona. The lines, “Do you know how it feel to come from nothin’?” and “Starvin’, your stomach and back touchin'”, contrast starkly with his braggadocio, showing the transformation from struggling beginnings to a life of bling.

There’s a certain raw honesty to Moneybagg Yo’s lyrics, where he’s candid about the highs and lows of his life, and the struggle of leaving the streets behind despite the fame and wealth. Essentially, “Ocean Spray” is not just a track about partying and living the good life, it’s a testament to Yo’s journey and provides a real look into the complexities of street life and stardom.

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