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Meaning of ‘Start Wit Me’ by ‘Roddy Ricch’ feat. Gunna

Released: 2019 • Features: Gunna

“Start Wit Me” by Roddy Ricch featuring Gunna is a full-throttle lyrical journey that embodies the essence of the hustler’s ambition, boasting opulence while acknowledging the gritty roots of their success. It brims with swaggering confidence, memorable one-liners, and a keen eye for detail that paints a vivid picture of the artists’ lifestyles.

Opening with the repeated line, “I been done ride through another nigga city,” Roddy Ricch establishes the idea that his fame and success have transcended regional boundaries. When he says “Clip got 33, Scottie Pippen,” he’s referring to his ammunition holding 33 bullets, likening it to basketball player Scottie Pippen who wore the number 33. He flexes his wealth with mentions of Richard Mille watches and Givenchy, indicating his rise from a humble background to elite status.

The chorus is loaded with warnings, “You don’t wanna start with me,” suggesting that the duo is not to be messed with. Moving into the next verse, Ricch talks about hanging out “with the gangbangers,” contrasting his image from those who affiliate with law enforcement indicating his affiliation with street culture. This theme continues as Ricch makes a statement about retribution in the lines, “If my young nigga pull up with the bullets / I’ma pull up with the strap, we gon’ get him on sight” – an audible nod to the street code of loyalty and recompense.

Gunna’s verse, starting with “Made a lot of plays, hood got J’s,” sees him reminiscing on his past life in the streets and how he rose to fame through rap, reflected in the line, “Rappin’, made a name / Now I get paid for a stage, I keep a guitar with me.” The phrase “get it out the mud business” is a colloquialism for starting from nothing and working hard to get to where they are now. References to making money, from “Andrew Jackson” to making “a million dollars on a weekday,” reinforces the narrative of financial success derived from his talents and hustle.

The song concludes with the artists highlighting their global reach and the extent of their fame. When Gunna says “Plug in Columbia, my diamonds in Africa,” he’s implying that he has connections all over the world. As for Ricch, he muses, “Hot girl like Arizona,” showing his universal appeal. All this underscores the overarching theme of the track: their hard-earned success and the wins they’ve enjoyed worldwide.

To sum up, “Start Wit Me” serves as a lyrical testament to the artists’ successful movement from the streets to the rap industry’s summit, underscored by its vivid imagery and relentless flow. The track is a testament to their hustle, a warning to their adversaries, and a celebration of the lavish lifestyle they now enjoy.

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