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Meaning of ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ by ‘Roddy Ricch’

Released: 2024

Roddy Ricch’s “Survivor’s Remorse” dives deep into his journey from the streets to stardom, grappling with the guilt and pressures that come with success. He reflects on past struggles, broken relationships, and the harsh realities of his rise in the music industry.

The opening lines, “When I got me”, echo throughout as a reminder of self-reliance. Roddy’s reflecting on the times before his fame and wealth, “Way before the Grammys, Billboard charts, when I was ridin’ ’round a local”. He’s emphasizing how far he’s come and the resistance he faced, especially from those who doubted him.

Roddy’s dealing with personal issues, including “goin’ through child support” and falling out with his homies due to pride. He further addresses the idea of failure and how critics often have a lot to say, but “Imagine if I had a dollar for every time you say I fell off, I’d be a billionaire”, showcasing his resilience despite negative opinions.

Maintaining authenticity, he takes pride in being clean from drugs, “pride myself off the progress of bein’ off codeine”, which isn’t easy in his environment. He calls out the fake sentiments behind closed doors, expressing frustration with fake love and expectations.

He emphasizes his ties to the streets with lines like, “Bitch, I’m the heart of the trenches”. The references to firearms and his loyalty to his incarcerated friends, “I still talk shit with my dogs in the penitentiary”, ground his narrative in the reality of his roots.

The hook, repeating “When I got me”, underscores the importance of self-dependence amidst adversity. Roddy Ricch uses his platform to offer a raw glimpse into the struggles and triumphs that have defined his path.

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