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Meaning of ‘Tell The Vision’ by ‘Pop Smoke’ feat. Kanye West, Pusha T

Released: 2021

“Tell The Vision” is an ode to triumph and resilience, underscored by tragedy and loss. Pop Smoke, Kanye West, and Pusha T all offer narratives of making it against the odds, providing a nuanced exploration of their paths to success.

“Trippin’ Wildin’ on television You could Still see a nigga tell the vision Pimpin’ Pimpin’, boy, these boys pimpin’

This opening verse reflects on the success and fame that comes with making it in the music industry, a platform that often twists reality (‘trippin’, ‘wildin’ on television’). But even amidst the chaos, Pop Smoke’s original ‘vision’ remains clear. The repetition of ‘pimpin’ creates a bravado tone, an essential component of hip-hop lyricism.

“Look, nigga, we made it (grrr, woo, bow) Nigga, we made it, we made it (woo) Nigga, we made it (woo) Thank God that I made it (grrr, bow) Nigga, we made it, we made it (woo) Look, momma, I made it (grrt)”

This chorus resonates deeply, epitomizing the artists’ climb from hardship to achieving their dreams. The repetition of ‘we made it’ reinforces this sense of accomplishment and validation, a common theme in hip-hop that speaks to overcoming systemic obstacles.

“He was tryna (all I need), pull people up with him He wasn’t even into where he was about to be He just was trying to, he was trying to get there He was on his, he was well on his way (all I need)”

This could be seen as a tribute to Pop Smoke’s intent to uplift those around him before his untimely death. It demonstrates the communal aspect of success often found in hip-hop, where individual accomplishment is viewed as a collective triumph.

“Same ‘fit for a week straight I used to eat 50 Cent cake Now, it’s Philippe’s It’s Philippe’s for the steak And hella thots up in the Wraith”

Here, Pop Smoke paints a vivid picture of his rags-to-riches journey. ‘Same ‘fit for a week straight’ indicates his humble beginnings, while ‘Philippe’s for the steak’ represents his current affluence. ‘Thots up in the Wraith’ underlines his sexual success as well as increased material wealth(travelling in a Rolls-Royce Wraith).

“Tyler got the album of the year, for now But Pop about to drop, I see the platinum in the clouds Now Push about to drop, so real trappers stick around The crown is only for the king, they tryna place it on a clown”

Here, Pusha T drops a confident prediction regarding Pop Smoke’s posthumous success while asserting his own musical stature. He takes a jab at the superficiality of fame (‘they tryna place it on a clown’) while hinting at future releases to keep ‘real trappers’ engaged. The line about Tyler getting ‘album of the year’ reflects competitive spirit present in hip-hop circles.

In summary, “Tell The Vision” presents an unfiltered examination of the trials and tribulations, as well as the subsequent revel in success, emblematic of hip-hop journeys. It’s a reflection of resilience, survival, and aspiration, all while acknowledging the tragedy of Pop Smoke’s unresolved ambition.

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