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Meaning of the song ‘2 Phones’ by ‘Kevin Gates’

Released: 2016

“2 Phones” by Kevin Gates is basically an account of the hustling life, brimming with street lingo and insider references that encapsulate the daily grind of a hustler’s life. This track is steeped in the cultural milieu of the street, blending aspects of wealth, underground economy, and personal relationships, all underscored with the language and ethos of hip-hop and street culture.

The repeated phrase “I got two phones” carries weight in the song, symbolizing Gates’ dual life. One phone “for the plug” and one “for the load” refers to the two distinct areas of his life – one for his street business and one for his personal affairs. “The plug” is slang for a supplier in illegal transactions, while “the load” signifies the quantity of goods (usually illicit) someone can supply or transport. The additional phones, suggested in “Think I need two more,” further intensify the his complex and demanding hustle.

The line “Button start the foreign, oh my God I’m gorgeous” is a reference to his wealth, where Gates speaks about his luxurious foreign car that starts with a button, a subtle nod to his financial status. “I just put the key inside my pocket park / It might not get to see, this a new Ferrari” further underlines his affluence earned from hustling.

As the song progresses, Gates brings up aspects of his past and operational mode in “Man in the mirror, how you choose to bother / Someone said they callin’, I don’t feel like talkin'”. This line confesses to a troubled past, and mirrors the stress of his current lifestyle where he’s constantly needed on the phone, either by associates or by women. Yet, his dismissive attitude “Phone be making women feel they unimportant” suggests he prioritizes business over personal relationships.

The lyrics are scattered with references to his underground activities: “Brick comin’ in somewhere on the rim” alludes to drug transportation, “Section doin’ numbers, nowhere by gym” and “Everything on sale, goin’ out of biz” imply illicit transactions. These lines collectively paint a vivid picture of Gate’s life and the high-stakes world he’s deeply invested in.

“Ready”:In the verse “Come from grinding hard / Getting calling cards from your Barbie doll,” Gates portrays himself as a hustler who has earned his wealth. “Grinding” is a common slang in hip-hop, referring to consistent hard work, while “Barbie doll” is a colloquialism for an attractive woman. The succeeding line, “When she ’round me she knows I’m her bodyguard,” conveys his protective nature.

Overall, “2 Phones” is a raw manifestation of Gates’ gritty life as a hustler. His words encapsulate a world defined by the hustle, where business dealings frequently cross legal boundaries, and relationships are secondary to the relentless pursuit of wealth. And beneath it all, it’s a testimony of Gates’ struggles, triumphs, and his steadfast dedication to the grind.

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